What Goes With Tan Shorts?

what goes with tan shorts?

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How to style your tan shorts?

If we had to categorize the color, we'd say it's a lighter shade of brown color. Its name comes from Tannum (oak bark), which is used in leather tanning. 

Tan is one of the most popular colors in men's bottoms, but still, most men find it a little difficult to pair, especially when we talk about tan shorts.

Lots of men struggle to pair tan shorts with the right top as it is pretty easy to mess up an outfit if you don't pair them with the right pieces.

But worry not, today we are going to understand what goes with tan shorts and how we can style them.   

What Goes with tan shorts?

Tan shorts are quite versatile and can be paired with almost any color. They work especially well with colors like white and black colors.

You should be careful when pairing them with brown, as it can be a bit tricky to pull off this combination.

Tan shorts work best with light colors, so you can pair them with light shades of almost all colors.

Here is a list of styles and outfits for your reference.

1. Tan Shorts with White T-Shirt 

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Tan and white are a great color combination. So one of the ways these colors can be used for styling is by pairing a solid white t-shirt with a pair of tan shorts. Complete the look with ankle-length white casual shoes and regular-length white socks. Add on black square-framed sunglasses along with a black baseball cap for a cool ensemble. 

2. Tan Shorts with a Black T-Shirt 

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Another safe yet casual look that you can create is with a combination of black and tan. Go for a solid black t-shirt and pair it with tan shorts that end right above the knee. Keep these shorts on the side of a regular fit and add on a pair of low-ankle casual shoes in faded red that has white soles and laces for contrast. This is one of the minimalist looks you can create without adding any accessories to it. 

3. Tan Shorts with a White & Grey Shirt

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This is an option that depends on you. Start by pairing a white and grey color block shirt with a pair of tan shorts. And yes, tan doesn't sit well with darker shades of grey, so don't go for charcoal grey or any other hue in close proximity to it. Rather go for lighter grey hues. Complete the look with a pair of white low-ankle casual shoes. Now, what I meant by the look depends on you is that you don't have to restrict yourself with a color block shirt; you could also try out other patterns.

4. Tan Shorts with Pink T-Shirt 

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Now, I understand that a regular pink may not be the best option to combine with a tan article. So what you could do here is go for a shade of pink that is a little on the red side, such as ruby pink. Pair your tan shorts with a ruby pink polo. The collar can sometimes do wonders for you when it comes to styling. And for the shorts, go with one that has a folded rim. Put on a pair of ankle-length black casual shoes and a black watch to complete the look.

5. Tan Shorts with Cream T-Shirt 

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Not everyone is a fan of the cream color due to it being so faded. However, you would not believe how well it goes with the color tan. So I want you to try it out for yourself. For an indoor look, go for a cream color baggy t-shirt whose sleeves end around the elbows and pair it with tan shorts that end mid-thigh. Complete the look with a pair of slide-on slippers in white along with regular-length brown socks. You can instantly change it into an errand look if you switch your slipper for a low-ankle pair of canvas shoes in off-white.

6. Tan Shorts with White Sweatshirt 

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For a cool laid back look, go for a pair of tan jersey shorts with white color block and minimal print that end right below the knee. Pair it with a loose white printed sweatshirt. Add on a pair of high-ankle white sports shoes with a chunky sole along with a pair of regular-length white socks. Accessorize with a sports watch only if you feel the need for it, as sweatshirts already have long sleeves, and you could also add on a printed black baseball cap with it.

7. Tan Shirt with a Printed Shirt

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When you hear the term printed, it doesn't always have to be blocks of prints. There is a lot of room, and that's what we are going to use for this vacation look. Start by pairing your tan shorts with a printed shirt in beige and coffee brown. Go for a print that has patches of these colors blended into one another, and this might turn into one of your favorite types of prints. And I understand that picking the right printed shirt can be a little complicated color that goes into it. But with a color like tan, shades of brown and white sit well enough to complement each other. 

8. Tan Shorts with Navy Blue Shirt

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For a minimalistic look created with a shirt, go for a navy blue full-sleeve shirt paired with a pair of tan shorts. Pick a small print in a light color such as white over the navy shirt, and for the shorts, pick one that ends mid-knee with a folded rim. Fold the sleeves of your shirt up to your elbows and lose a few buttons from the top. If the weather demands, you could also add a black wayfarer or aviators with a metallic frame.

9. Tan Shirt with a Navy Blue Shirt & Off-White Cardigan 

Image source: suitsexpert.com

This right here is an extension of the color combination we just used for our previous style. Start with a pair of tan shorts that end right above the knees. This time goes with a full-sleeved solid navy blue shirt, and add on a white knitted button-down cardigan on top of it. Leave the buttons open and pull up the sleeves of the cardigan until your elbows. Now roll up your shirt sleeves to create a lock over the cardigan sleeve. This shall help you add a little sophistication to the overall look. Complete your look by putting on a brown belt and brown loafers, and that shall do it. 

10. Tan Shorts with a Grey T-Shirt & Khaki Jacket 

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Tan happens to be quite the craftsman's color so this time, let us create a cool utility look. Start by pairing a light grey t-shirt with tan Bermuda shorts that have utility pockets. Now add on a full-sleeve khaki jacket that also has utility pockets. Give the sleeve cuffs a single fold for a casual look. Complete the look with a pair of tan slide-on slippers. 

And while we are still talking about the color tan, this is what you need to consider when you want to style a look. It has a better chance to go with colors that are a hue of brown or white. However, that shall not stop you from exploring other color combinations. So go ahead and create some of your styles now that you know it all.   

A lot of men confuse tan with khaki color, which is pretty similar to tan, but it is an entirely different color, and there is some difference in terms of styling both these colors. So if you want to know what goes with khaki shorts, then you should give the above-mentioned article a read.

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