What Goes With Pink Shorts?

what goes with pink shorts?

by Dylan Baker
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How to style your pink shorts?

Shorts are a great comfortable piece of clothing especially worn in summers that aid movement. but how do you feel about pink shorts? Would you wear them? For most of you the answer is a big no, right? If it were a pink shirt or a t-shirt you might give it a try, but it is hard to even think about styling them when it comes to shorts.

Pink shorts are actually pretty easy to style and can be a great addition to any men's wardrobe but most men just avoid them as they find it difficult to pair.

But guess what? I am here to change the way you ever view pink shorts. So here is a list of styles that I am sure you would love to give a try. 

1. Pink Shorts with a White T-Shirt

Let us start with the most basic color combination which is pink and white. You can wear pink shorts with a solid white shirt or one that has minimal clean print on it. Now since it is the most basic combination you would want to bring in another color to add in some newness. So put on a pair of light grey sports shoes with white soles and laces. And since grey goes well with white it balances the new add-on. 

2. Pink Shorts with a Black T-Shirt

This is another color combination that can be viewed as a safe option. Pair your black printed t-shirt with a pair of pink shorts. If possible you could go for a t-shirt that has some elements of pink in the print. And for the shorts, it can be a solid pink or even one that looks like a mix of ink in pink hues. Most importantly, balance the whole look with a pair of ankle-high sneakers in grey and white along with pink laces and white soles to create a unique look.

3. Pink Shorts with a Grey T-Shirt

A solid light grey t-shirt or one that is printed paired with a pair of solid pink shorts. Put on a pair of sneakers that have the colors pink white and black along with regular-length white socks. You can accessorize with a fitness band and a baseball cap in black. 

4. Pink Shorts with a Blue Shirt

You can pair your light pink shorts with a light blue and white checked shirt. Now, this can be a great beach look, all you need to do is go for a full sleeve shirt and roll them up to your elbows and lose a few buttons from the top. Complete the look with a pair of thong sandals. This should help you in creating that beach vibe to the fullest. You could also accessorize with a bunch of bracelets.  

5. Nude Pink Shorts with a Nude Pink T-Shirt

This is one of the reasons I like pink; nude pink is so light that it just has a little essence of pink without making too much for the eyes. So I want you to try out this subtle look with solid nude pink t-shirt and jersey shorts. There is nothing that can go wrong here as it is neutral and does not overpower any element. Complete the look with a pair of black ankle-length sneakers with white soles and laces along with regular-length white socks that has a few rings of black around the rim. Accessorize with a black watch and baseball cap.   

6. Pink Shorts with a Black Striped T-Shirt & Denim Shirt 

Another cool look that you can try out is with the help of a striped t-shirt. Pair a black t-shirt with thin stripes in white or grey with pink shorts. Add on a mid-blue denim shirt on top of it to create a layer and for footwear go with casual ankle-length white shoes. And since the shirt itself adds on as an accessory you don’t need to add on anything else. However, if you feel like it, you may add on a watch or a pair of black wayfarer sunglasses.

7. Pink Shorts with a Floral Printed Shirt

Go for a floral printed shirt with a pair of light pink shorts. Now, this is an interesting one as you can either nail it or make it worst. But don’t you worry, I am going to help you nail it as we understand the colors scheme while we pick a floral shirt. Flowers are great and they come in a variety of colors and nature has gifted them with the ability to look great. However, when it comes to prints this is where it gets a little tricky as the floral print sits on top of a color.

So always make sure the background compliments the print colors rather than going for a huge contrast. For instance, you can pair a shirt that has a faded navy blue background and a print that has big faded green leaves and pink flowers with your light pink shorts. And since this is such a vacation look, you could wear slide-on shoes in off-white or even go for a pair of thong sandals.

8. Tie & Die Pink Shorts with a Pink T-Shirt

This is a trendy pattern that you can try out by going for a pink and white tie and die oversized t-shirt paired with a pair of shorts that ends at the mid of your thighs. It makes for a great comfy indoor look when you go for the jersey material used for pajamas. You could also use them as an errand look by adding on slide-on slippers in solid white and a pair of white socks with black rings around their rim.

9. Pink Shorts with a Pink Jumper

Here is a cool fall summer look for you, one that you can use in weather when it is not cold but it is windy at times despite the sun’s warmth. Go for same-colored pink shorts and a jumper with a hood attached to them. Pair solid light pink sneakers to complete the look. And yes don’t try to accessorize as you don’t want to make the look clumsy. And this right here is a cool minimalistic look. 

10. Pink Shorts with a Pink Jumper & Denim Jacket

This is another look that you can create by simply adding another article to the previous style. All you need to do is add on a pink denim jacket on top of that same colored light pink shorts and jumper. Just make sure that your denim jacket’s hue is not much different but it is just a shade darker from the rest. Let the hood of the jumper hand over the collar of your jacket and that is all you needed to get a sophisticated look. 

Now that you know some of the ways you can style a pair of pink shorts I am sure it is going to make it into your wardrobe. And while these might be some of the safest ways to style them I want you to go ahead and find out new looks for yourself. All you need to do is go with subtle shades of pink and you won’t be disappointed. 

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