What Goes With Khaki Shorts?

what goes with khaki shorts?

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How to style your khaki shorts?

Shorts happen to be one of the most comfortable pieces of bottom wear that one can avail to wear not just at home but also outdoors. And yes there is a range of lengths for shorts from above the knee to sometimes extending down to the knees but not the entire length of the leg. However, the basic idea is to keep it breezy for optimum movement during summers when it is all humid and sweaty. 

They are pretty much a reduced version of pants and given that even khakis have adapted to it. So we are going to cover some of the basics of how you can style your khaki shorts. In the end, you would not just be able to tell which colors go best but also how to use them in a color scheme. 

So let us first know that some of the colors that go well with khaki are white, black, grey, blue, green, and pink. The staple element of styles includes a shirt and a t-shirt given how shorts are summer wear. We will get into the details of the shades as we learn some cool ways to style khaki shorts. 

Here is a list of styles that are going to be a perfect fit for your summer wardrobe using a pair of khaki shorts. 

Khaki Shorts with White Shirt 

A white t-shirt with shorts is way common so maybe try pairing your khaki shorts with a solid full-sleeved white shirt instead. Now you can roll up the sleeves and lose a few buttons from the top for a casual look. Add on a pair of ankle-length white sneakers to complete the look and that shall do it all. And yes don't use an off-white shirt, though if you are going for a t-shirt that can be an option. 

Khaki Shorts with a Black T-Shirt 

This is another casual look that can be achieved by pairing your khaki shorts with a solid black t-shirt. And the thing that I love the most about this look is the footwear; instead of going for any other sneakers try out ankle-length black lace-up vans with a white sole. This is pretty much the signature vans but then it has got such a charm to it that it just fits. You can even accessorize using a simple analog watch, black wayfarer sunglasses, and a black baseball cap if you are feeling it. 

Khaki Shorts with Grey & White Striped T-Shirt 

Stripes and neutral colors have got such a cool vibe about themselves that you should definitely try out this option. Start by pairing your khaki shorts with a grey and white small stripes t-shirt. Add on a pair of beige slide-in shoes and that can be a great summer errand look. And as I said neutral colors, so you need to go with light greys. 

Khaki Shorts with Dark Blue Shirt 

I know dark blue may not be the greatest summer color to pair with your khaki shorts, but here is what you need to do. You need to pick a solid half-sleeved dark blue shirt but the hue has to be faded like somber. This shall help create a balance between the two colors and make it soft on the eyes. Complete the look with a pair of ankle-length white shoes and a pair of black aviators. 

Khaki Shorts with Pink Shirt 

Yes, you read it right; a pink shirt. It is a great combination colour-wise as the sandy khaki really helps project the right amount of pink. All you need to do is pair your khaki shorts with a solid full-sleeved shirt. Roll up your sleeves for a nice casual vibe as you complete the look with a pair of tan loafers. 

Khaki Shorts with Light Blue Shirt 

And while dark blue may not be a summer color, its opposite surely is. Without a doubt, I am talking about light blue. However, pairing your solid light blue shirt with your khaki shorts should not be the only option. You can add on a white t-shirt underneath your shirt to create a different look while you still look breezy. Accessories such as a simple strap analog watch or a faded navy blue baseball cap would go well with this look. 

Khaki Shorts with Olive Green T-Shirt 

Lately, we have discussed quite the summer breezy looks but how about a safari vacation look? All you need to do is change your t-shirt and shoes. Simply pair an olive green t-shirt with your khaki shorts. And for the footwear wear a pair of light brown loafers. Add on a sandy brown hat to get the safari vibe going. 

Khaki Shorts with Blue & White Checked Shirts

Now solid colors may be great and even a safer option but so are checks. They can be that little amount of basics but with some heft. Try out a checked shirt in blue and white with your khaki shorts. Add in some contrast with a pair of faded black loafers. And yes go with checks in the medium size for a change as it is either these big checks when we say casuals or small checks for formals.

And while we are at khaki shorts do remember that it is a neutral color so it is all about pairing it with the right color top-wear. So here is a trick that will be of great help; don't pair a dark color with a lighter shade of khaki, one that may seem like a worn-out color. It will only make your overall style look shabby. 

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