What Goes With Gray Shorts?

what goes with gray shorts?

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How to style your grey shorts?

Shorts are great but not every color is something you would wear in a pair of shorts. Not that shorts aren’t comfortable but for the very reason that not every color of fabric goes with each other. And though gray might be a neutral color it could be quite difficult to style when it comes to shorts. 

And undeniably gray is a great color however, that is the case when it comes to full-length pants or long sleeves for shirts that are designed for a formal and casual look. Especially formal wear is the clothing category where gray shines best while it provides for a crisp look. 

However, I am here to change the way you are going to view your regular gray shorts. And here is a list of some cool effortless looks for you to try out. 

Gray Shorts with a White T-Shirt

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For a minimalistic look that is soft on try eyes, try pairing your gray shorts with a solid white t-shirt. Keep the gray somewhere between light gray and dark gray. Don’t forget to balance the look with the help of casual ankle-length gray shoes with white laces and bottoms. And for the shorts’ length, go with one that ends right above the knee. This shall help you create an overall casual as well as decent look. 

Gray Shorts with a Black T-Shirt

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Here is another casual yet decent look that you can try out by pairing your gray shorts with a solid black t-shirt. Pick gray shorts that end above the knee but this time try out one that has its rims folded for a different look. And add on a pair of white sneakers to complete the look. 

Gray Shorts with a Black & White Shirt

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Try pairing your gray shorts with a printed black and white shirt. Now this one might be a little complicated and that’s not because of the prints; but also the color schemes that go into the prints. The key to picking the right printed shirt is to know whether the print goes with the occasion. Then comes the colors; pick brighter and darker shades of colors white and black respectively. And this is because if you pick a printed shirt with off-white against regular black it will only make it look old and worn-out against a neutral color like light gray. 

Up until now, we had discussed the safest looks you can create with the help of a pair of gray shorts and the right colors. However, in a world full of fashion let us not ditch what is so in trend. So here are a few looks that you can refer to create these laid-back looks.    

Charcoal Gray Shorts with a Charcoal Gray T-Shirt

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Start by pairing your charcoal gray baggy t-shirt with a pair of charcoal gray shorts. Go for jersey shorts that end in the middle of the knee. And for the t-shirt when I say baggy, I don’t just mean a regular oversized t-shirt. I am referring to these trendy baggy t-shirts that have sleeves that end right after the elbows. Add on a pair of white sneakers with regular-length white socks. You can even accessorize with dog tag chains and a white baseball cap. 

Gray Shorts with a White Oversized T-Shirt

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Another baggy t-shirt look you can create is by pairing a white oversized t-shirt with a pair of light gray ties on jersey shorts. Complete the look with a pair of ankle-high sneakers with chunky soles in faded light gray with white. Add on a black sports collection watch and a baseball cap. You can also go for a black aviator if the weather demands it. 

Gray Shorts with a Light Blue T-Shirt 

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Now, this is another cool look when it comes to printed t-shirts. Try a faded blue t-shirt with a white print in the pattern of paint drops with your lightest gray shorts. This may not be a tie and die t-shirt but it helps in creating a similar yet unique style. Keep the sleeves that end right above the elbows and add on a pair of ankle-high sneakers.  

Gray Shorts with a White T-Shirt & Black Jumper

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This is one of my favorite looks; a black jumper with a hood paired with light gray shorts and a solid white shirt underneath the jumper. Complete the look with a pair of white ankle-length converse shoes and regular-length white socks. It is a super casual and comfortable style that you can create with these staples. 

By now you pretty much know which colors go best and how to style these colors with a pair of gray shorts. However, I am going to let you in on another look which is definitely going to make you the center of attention.  

Charcoal Gray Shorts with a Light Blue T-Shirt & Charcoal Gray Shirt

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This easy-breezy look can be created by pairing linen charcoal gray shorts with a solid light blue t-shirt and the same fabric charcoal gray shirt on top of the t-shirt. Now I understand that the shirt on top of a t-shirt isn’t anything new or different, however, it is the fabric and fit that is going to create a different look. Go for baggy shorts that end right below the and a shirt that is oversized with baggy sleeves that end below the elbows. Complete the look with a pair of color block casual sneakers in a combination of light gray and white with a mud brown sole. Wear it over black regular-length socks; add on a few metallic bracelets to funk up the look. 

And while we are at it; you can actually create different looks depending on the type of fabric, fit, and length of the shorts. I personally am a huge fan of these baggy t-shirts and loose-fitted shorts. There is just so much scope that has not been explored. So go ahead and experiment with new fabrics and fits. 

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