What Goes With Blue Shorts?

what goes with blue shorts?

by Dylan Baker
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How to style your blue shorts?

We all love denim and the most common blue shorts we all possess is one that is made of denim. We have all pretty much at some point in our lives made our own shorts by cutting off our old denim jeans. However, not everyone styled them right.

Blue is definitely the most common color in shorts especially for men, be it denim shorts or chino shorts.

While styling your blue shorts you have to be careful about pairing them with the right piece as it is very easy to mess a blue shorts outfit.

So here is a list full of styles that you can refer to the next time you feel like going out in blue shorts. 

P.S. It works for all blue shorts be it denim or cotton/chino shorts.

1. Blue Shorts with a White T-Shirt 

Blue shorts paired with a solid white t-shirt adds up for quite the summer color. However, it is so out there that though we may not be able to change the colors in this style we could definitely change the way the fabric looks. Let us go for light blue denim shorts that have their rims folded and have small rips in patches for a casual look. Complete the look with ankle-high white sneakers and low ankle socks for a clean finish. 

2: Blue Shorts with a Black T-Shirt 

Now I know black may not be the most comfortable summer color however, it is surely a stylish color that goes with almost all the other colors. So you just need to use it right and you can do that with the help of the right fabric. Go for a solid black jersey t-shirt; pair it with denim mid-blue slightly ripped shorts. Add on a pair of casual white shoes and you may even accessorize with a pair of square frame sunglasses.

3: Blue Shorts with a Grey T-Shirt 

This time let us go for a darker hue in blue denim shorts and pair it with a solid grey t-shirt. Grey being a neutral color helps soften the look with its presence on top of a dark color. Put on a pair of white sneakers and ankle-high socks to go along with the look while you accessorize with a pair of aviators in black tint and a golden metallic frame. 

4: Blue Shorts with Navy Blue Polo 

Start by pairing your mid-blue washed denim shorts with a pair of regular-sized navy blue polo. Now, this is a look that can be used as casual wear for a formal setting. For instance, when you go out with your colleagues which it’s not an after-work party but rather an office day outing. Your shorts length may vary depending on your office policy, however; if it doesn’t apply you could go with one that ends above the knee. Add on a pair of ankle-length white casual shoes and a square framed, black polarized sunglass

5: Blue Shorts with a Maroon T-Shirt 

So maroon may not be a popular color among men, however, it sure does go well with the right shade of blue. For instance, when a maroon t-shirt with minimal print is paired with worn-out light blue ripped denim shorts. And since maroon creates a lot of contrast in this setting; you can mineralize it by wearing a pair of black sneakers with white soles and laces. The white shall provide some softness against all the contrast. 

6: Blue Shorts with an Olive Green T-Shirt 

Another summer look can be created by pairing a faded olive green t-shirt and faded mid-blue denim shorts. And yes with a color like faded olive green you would want to go for a solid pattern or something with minimal print. Maybe even color block in white so that the two neutrals can balance each other. Anyway, let us get back to finish styling this look with a pair of ankle-high white sneakers and a black baseball cap.   

7: Blue Shorts with a Blue & White Striped T-Shirt 

With all of that ahead, I guess it was high time we got into what all can be created using different patterns. This cool breezy look can be created with the help of a pastel blue and white striped t-shirt. You can pair it with light blue denim shorts that end above the knee and have fringes on the rims. Complete the look with a pair of casual white shoes and round-framed black sunglasses. 

8: Blue Shorts with a Navy Blue Printed Shirt 

This is an option that I personally love; a printed shirt with blue denim shorts. Now this one might take a little more effort as you would need to understand how to balance the colors in the print. So just remember don’t go with socking colors such as black with red. However, if you picked a shirt that has its base in navy blue, you could balance it with prints that had colors such as light blue and cream yellow. It is all about balancing the colors and prints for the occasion. 

9: Blue Shorts with a White T-Shirt & Checked Shirt

Prints are great but checked shirts are tried and tested, so it should definitely be one of the options in hand. Go for a navy blue and dark olive green checked shirt with a pair of mid-blue denim shorts. Keep the checks big for a casual vibe and add on a solid white t-shirt underneath the unbuttoned checked shirt. No all that is left to do is complete the look with a pair of off-white ankle-high canvas shoes and regular-length white socks.  

10: Blue Shorts with a White T-Shirt & Blue Denim Shirt

A navy blue shorts with a solid white shirt and a light blue denim shirt on top of it is quite a combination. This can be your perfect vacation look when you put on a pair of black gladiators for footwear over sneakers. You could also wear a tan or beige hat to accessorize in a way it complements the gladiators. It doesn’t just look comfortable but it is such a breezy style with that accessible air flow.  

Now that you know which ways to style your blue shorts it is time for you to give it a try. Feel free to experiment with different types of patterns and fabrics; however, a lighter and softer fabric would be preferable. And yes if you are fed up with your denim shorts, don’t throw them away. Let them change colors and help you create different looks with time as they fade away. 

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