What Color Shirt To Wear With Light Blue Jeans

what color shirt to wear with light blue jeans

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What color shirts to pair with light blue jeans?

Shirts and jeans are one of the garments that have stayed in style for longer than we can remember. It has been revamped over time and again to keep up with the fashion trends.

we all love to pair a shirt with jeans. Why shouldn’t we? After all, it is our go-to bottom wear that pretty much is a lifesaver for every occasion. 

Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or going out for a casual day, a shirt paired with jeans can be a great outfit for any occasion. But how do you know which colors go together and which ones don’t?

The best part is, denim comes in a variety of shades, but we need to know how to pair these shades in the right manner. Because though we may wear the same worn-out jeans or we may not have a lot of them, the right pairing can do wonders. And today we are going to learn which colors go best with light blue jeans. Here is a list of the colors that never go wrong with this shade of denim. 

Shirt colors to pair with light blue jeans

1: White 

The white shirt is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in a men's wardrobe. It works with practically everything and looks good with virtually no other accessory or piece of clothing.

if you have a date or special occasion coming up that calls for something more than a t-shirt and jeans while still being casual then this could be a great option for you.

White is one of the colors that go with all other colors whether it is complimenting the other color or contrast. So it is safe to say that it is one of the colors that you can pair with light blue jeans any day.

However, since white does have shades, it is necessary to make sure you are wearing the right kind. Wear a brighter shade of white in this particular pairing. 

2: Black 

Again Black is another color that goes well with all other colors as well as occasions.

It is a great nighttime outfit that you can wear to a casual dinner or to a club on weekends.

pair your light blue jeans with a mid shade to a dead black shade of black. Always remember, jet black is for formal and special occasions.  Choosing the right material and shade for a black shirt can be tricky. But remember to avoid anything shiny and go for more casual options as they pair well with jeans especially the lighter shades.

A black color shirt is also a great option for men who are on the heavier side as it will make you look slimmer

3: Grey

Grey is another neutral color that is very easy to pair.

light blue jeans go really well with a grey shirt. It makes for a great summer outfit that you can wear for casual day-outs.

you can finish off the look with a pair of white sneakers and your outfit is ready.

It's a casual everyday look that you can wear without much thought.

4: Dark Blue 

I mean why not unless it’s the same shade as your jeans.

A dark blue or navy blue shirt is a go-to as it helps complete the look with some contrast while complementing it. You can also try other shades of blue that are in between your jeans and your dark blue shirt.

It is a monochromatic look but with some contrast to it. For this combination to work, you need to make sure that the shade of color of your jeans and shirt is different. If you wear a similar color shirt and jeans it would just look bad. 

To keep it safe go with a navy blue shirt and you can easily pair it with any light blue jeans without any problem.

It is again a great daytime casual look which you cant go wrong with.

5: Pink

All right! All right! I know it is a color that many of you don’t feel comfortable with as it is associated with girls. But that is pretty much why there are so many shades of pink out there. The beauty of this color is that there are quite the choices available when it comes to pink shirts; from nude pinks to bright pinks. Soft berry and nude pinks are a safe choice when it comes to pairing a pink shirt with light blue jeans. 

Pastel colors are the trend of the season and you just can't go wrong with a pink shirt.

Now that we know which colors go best, it’s time to learn how to style these colored shirts. let's talk about the types of patterns which would go well with light blue jeans (except for solid shirts obviously!)  


Solids are great but checked shirts are one of the cool options you have when it comes to basics. It is a great look not just for formals but casuals too. All you have to do is size up on the check and there you have a cool casual look. And while there are checks available in all sorts of colors, if you aren’t sure about which colors to pick, go with darker colors such as navy blue & white; black & grey, dark green & black that go well with light blue jeans.  

Also, avoid shirts with too many colors. as a rule of thumb avoid checked shirts with more than two colors.


Another cool look that you can try out is with the help of a striped shirt. It can help you add a summer vibe when you pick pastel colors to go with white stripes. Some of the popular ones are sea green, pastel pink, and pastel yellow with white that are quite the summer look to pair with your light blue jeans.

The fun part is there is no vertical rule for stripes; try out horizontal stripes. As long as your color game is strong you are gold.  

The great thing about stripes is that they not only add to the look but also can be used to make you appear taller and broader. Vertical stripes will make you appear taller while horizontal stripes will make you appear broader. So you can use this to your advantage.


Light blue jeans are all about casual, summer outfits. and thus works great with print and patterns.

Now this one might be a little complicated and that’s not because of the prints; but also the color schemes that go into the prints. The key to picking the right printed shirt is to know whether the print goes with the occasion. Then comes the colors; pick lighter shades of colors. For instance, a funky printed shirt in a mix of off-white, light grey, and charcoal grey will sit well with your light blue jeans.  

And while we are still talking about denim jeans, let me share a little fashion hack with you. Use your worn-out jeans as much as you like; the older it gets, the better are your chances at creating different looks in terms of the hues. You can get it to be distressed jeans or in case it rips from a few places use it to your advantage. Try out the ripped jeans look by tweaking to your liking and maybe these ripped light blue jeans with the right colored shirt may become your favorite weekend look.

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