what color shirt to wear with olive green pants

what color shirt to wear with olive green pants

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What color shirt to pair with olive green pants?

Pants with earthy tones are known for their comfort and ease of style. It is amazing how the same bottom wear when clubbed with different top wears, can create so many different looks. However, this is not the case with olive green pants as they can be challenging to style. And though green is a versatile color not everyone is open to trying it. This is where I come in to help you out with the colors that go well with olive green. 

Olive green pants are really tricky to pair and it is very easy to mess up your outfit if you pair them with the wrong color and that is why most people struggle to form outfits with it.

But there are quite a few colors that you can safely pair with olive green pants and here we will a list of colors for shirts that will go well with your olive green pants. 


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White is one of those colors that goes with everything, whether it complements or contrasts with the other hue. As a result, it is reasonable to state that it is one of the colors that can be worn with a neutral color such as olive green. And, because white comes in a variety of hues, it also leaves some scope for pairing your off-white shirt with your olive green pants. 


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Another neutral color is beige; now it may not be the brightest of colors but it will surely work with your olive green pants. Take the example of a cactus in a desert, the green works as a relief to the pool of sandy color. We may not pay much attention but at times nature is our best guide.   


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Grey is a neutral color that may or may not go with every other color. Light grey shirts, on the other hand, look great with olive green pants. Don’t try to pair it with charcoal grey; it is a dark color and you might think it will create a contrast for your look. Yes, it will definitely do so but not in the way you would want to. So it is important to balance this neutral color with another neutral color in this case.

Navy Blue 

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I know I said to balance neutral colors with other neutral colors. But since navy blue is a solid dark color and not grainy like charcoal grey it is a safe bet to pair a solid navy blue shirt with your olive green pants.  

Light Blue

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Going with the color scheme of pairing a neutral color with other neutral colors, try out a light blue shirt. In fact, feel free to try out different shades of light blue unless it is too off and looks like an old shirt. 


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Again one of the neutral colors that work with pretty much everything and it works really well with olive green too.

This combination is more of a casual to semi-formal pair and you should keep this in mind while forming this outfit.

You should pick the fabric and style of shirt that is more suitable for a casual look and avoid shiny fabrics.


Now that you are all good with colored shirts that go well with olive green pants, we could learn how to style them. The hue is what makes all the difference so it is important to pick the right shade of olive green.

Here is a list of styles for your reference when you go shopping for them. And while there is a lot of top wear that you can style your olive green pants with, we are specifically going to learn about styling our shirts. 

1: Olive Green chinos with a white shirt and tan loafers

A solid white shirt might sound basic but it sure does the job when paired with a pair of olive green chinos. Wear tan loafers for a change and yes don't forget to buckle up with a tan belt. This shall help you balance each color despite the proportion differences. This look is minimalistic in a way that it can transform from an office look to a party one; all you need to do is step out of your office. 

2: Olive green chinos with a grey shirt and brown shoes

Here is another color to pair with your olive green chinos; a light grey shirt can be that perfect soft on the eyes different look that not a lot of people see every now and then. This pairing is not only going to make you look good but also make you stand out; just add on a pair of brown shoes to complete the look.

3: Olive Green trousers with a navy blue shirt and brown shoes

Another office look that you can try out is with the help of a solid navy blue shirt. This time change your shoes from those tan loafers and put on a pair of brown casual shoes. And I know you could wear the same olive green chinos, however, try a pair of olive green trousers this time for a formal look. 

4: Olive Green trousers with a light blue shirt and brown oxfords

Now this one might be a little too easy and that’s because all you have to do is change your shirt and shoes. Pair your same olive green trousers with a light blue shirt and brown oxfords. Wasn't that the easiest different look for another day just when you thought not much goes with olive green bottom wear? Of course, it was. Guess what there is actually more to it. 

5: Olive Green chinos with a checked shirt, beige henley t-shirt, and beige shoes

While the last look was pretty easy to create, this one might need some understanding of the color schemes that we would be discussing. Firstly, pair your olive green chinos with a beige henley t-shirt and shoes. Now it is time to add on a checked shirt; pick a shirt that has a combination of a dark, light as well as neutral color. For instance, here you can see that navy blue is combined with orange and beige to balance the print. 

6: Olive Green cargo joggers with a blue and white striped shirt and beige sandals

We have discussed so much on casual and formal looks that can be created with a pair of olive green pants. So for a change of breeze, here is a cool vacation look that you are going to love; and that's not because of the way you would look but also the comfort. A pair of olive green joggers with cargo styling for utility is going to be your best friend and I am sure you are going to use this look more than you could imagine. And who doesn't love the feel of sandals? They are the perfect footwear that makes up for the hardworking day so yes, put on a faded blue and white small striped shirt with your olive green joggers and beige sandals. 

And while we are still on the topic of olive green pants; don't try out a pair of ripped jeans in this color with any shirt. Always remember, while this might be a fun color for denim, this one is a big no. However, it should not stop you from experimenting with colors. So go ahead and try to find other colors that would look good with olive green pants.

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