What Color Shirt To Wear With Maroon Pants?

what color shirt to wear with maroon pants?

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What color shirt to pair with maroon pants?

Maroon is one of those colors which is very easy to pair with most other colors. It adds a little flair to your outfit while still keeping it minimalistic and classy.

If you are someone who only has like three colors in his wardrobe then marron is definitely one of the colors to start expanding your wardrobe with.

Most men are afraid to try out colors like red, green, or yellow which makes sense as these are not the easiest colors to work with. But maroon, even though most consider it just a dark version of red, is surprisingly easy to style.

Earth tones like maroon are very elegant and stylish and are extremely trendy currently and you shouldn't be missing out on them.

The simple rule to wearing earth tones like maroon is that it should be the only colorful piece in your outfit. So if you are wearing maroon pants then you should pair them with neutral-colored shirts and jackets instead of bright-colored ones.

most men find maroon daunting and don't know what to wear with it So here is a list of the colors that will go well with your maroon pants. And towards the end, I am going to let you in on the don'ts for this color once we cover up our bases on how to style those maroon pants. 


As we understand that white is one of those few colors that go with every other color, whether it complements or contrasts with those hues, it would be safe to pick a white shirt to go with maroon pants. On any given day, when you are not sure about which color to pair with maroon, white can be your safest bet. However, because white comes in a variety of shades, so go with brighter ones.  


Again, black is a color that works well with a wide range of different colors and occasions. While it is supposed to be the slimming color, not all shades of black have the same effect. However, since maroon too is a dark color it goes well with all hues of the color black. But, to stay on topic, wear your maroon pants with a regular black shirt in a mid-tone to a jet black hue. 


Grey is a neutral color that may or may not go with every other color especially something that comes of red. However, a light grey shirt on the other hand will go with maroon pants. It's also a great hue for both informal and formal situations because of its neutral character. All you need to do is pick the right shades to complement each other. 

Navy Blue 

Now navy blue alone may not be the way to go about it. But you can surely use it in small portions thereof creating one of a kind look. It can help you create something great if you know how to play with your colors. Too much of it can ruin the whole look but using the right amount and shade is what is going to be the key to achieving perfection. 


It's time to learn how to style these colored shirts now that we know which colors go well together. I get what you're thinking; after all, it's not like you don't already know that you'll need matching bottoms and an accessory like a watch or bracelets, depending on the occasion. But that isn't what I'm talking about; I'm referring to the different types of patterns available when it comes to shirt colors and how to use them to get the best styles.

Style 1: Maroon chinos with a white shirt, and dark brown shoes 

Solids as usual are the safest of options; pair your maroon chinos with a solid white shirt. Add on your dark brown shoes, and a tan belt along with a watch that has a tan strap. It's a terrific style for both formal and casual occasions. 

Style 2: Maroon jeans with a light grey shirt, and black shoes 

Another look that you can create with a solid shirt is by pairing your maroon jeans with a light grey shirt. This time try out a pair of black shoes to create some contrast all over the articles. 

Style 3: Maroon chinos with a black shirt, and black loafers 

Pair your maroon chinos with a solid black shirt and loafers. It is a great option when it comes to formals. This crisp look is definitely going to make you stand out.

Style 4: Maroon chinos with a navy blue and white striped shirt, and navy blue loafers 

Try out this look to break your monotonous routine to colors or patterns. A navy blue and white shirt paired with maroon chinos is a great vacation look. Create a crisp yet minimalist look by wearing a pair of navy blue loafers to balance out the color scheme.  

Style 5: Maroon trousers with a black shirt, maroon blazer, and black formal shoes 

This is one of my favorite styles using maroon fabric. All you need to do is move away from the traditional choices; try a maroon suit. A three-piece suit with maroon trousers, a blazer, and a vest. Pair it with a solid black shirt and black formal shoes. And if it's a special occasion feel free to add on a black tie too; one that is of a different shade than your shirt. 

And while we are still talking about maroon pants, let me share a little more about color schemes. Do not go for worn-out bottom wear when it comes to maroon, it is not like other colors that are able to create different looks with the fabric's aging. 

The same is the case with the brightest shades of maroon; that is definitely not the color for you. Stick with the regular maroon with the dark brown-reddish look and you are good to go. This dark shade is what helps to complete the look with some contrast while complementing the other colors. 

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