What Color Shirt To Wear With Khaki Pants?

what color shirt to wear with khaki pants?

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What color shirt to pair with your khaki pants?

When you hear the term ‘khakis’ your first thought is pants. And why shouldn’t it? Khakis were initially military-issue khaki-colored chino cotton twill, which was typically khaki in hue and became trendy following World War II. That’s pretty much the reason behind today’s reference to the style of pants based on these trousers, which are officially known as chinos, regardless of color.

Anyway, we are here to learn about colors and khaki is a light shade of brown with a yellowish undertone. This makes it a neutral color and it is sometimes referred to as a shade of green recognized as olive drab. Now khakis may be clubbed with different top wears, but we are going to stick to shirts because they can never go wrong. And here is a list of colors that are a great match for khakis. 

What color shirt go with khaki pants/ chinos

Olive Green

Olive green in itself might be a little challenging to style. However, that is the case with bottom wear and not top wear. It is a great color that happens to be significantly worn during fall as well as winter. Plus it goes really well with khaki. 


It is a color that works well with a wide range of different colors and purposes. And it does come in different shades too so here you need to pick the right one. Since khaki is a neutral color, go with a regular black or even a faded shade of black. Do not go with a jet black shirt; it does not sit well for any occasion.


It is one of those colors that you just can not miss or go wrong with; unless it is the wrong shade of white. However, it is a good thing that both white and off-white go well with khaki as they are neutral in nature. Go with bright whites for an office look and off-whites for a more casual look. 

Navy Blue  

A navy blue shirt is a fantastic choice because it contrasts with the ensemble and also complements it. Since khaki is a neutral color and navy blue is a dark color; you should only try out this combination when you are in the mood for a look with contrast. 

Light Blue

Just like navy blue, a light blue shirt goes well with khaki pants. However, in this case, it is more likely to complement than provide contrast in terms of color scheme. 

Now that we’ve figured out which colors work well together, we can move on to the next step. Here is a list of styles for your reference to pair your khakis with the right color.  

Khaki Pants outfit Ideas

Style 1: Khaki trousers with a white shirt and brown shoes

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A plain white shirt may appear simple, yet it works wonders when combined with khaki trousers. Complete the look with a pair of brown shoes and a brown strap analog watch. This design is simplistic in the sense that it can easily be a go-to for everyone yet it stands out on its own.  

Style 2: Khaki chinos with a black shirt and loafers

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Try a pair of khaki chinos with a solid black shirt and black loafers. Accessorize with a black watch with a brown strap. This one is a look that can transform from an office to a party setting; all you have to do is leave your office. 

Style 3: Khaki trousers with a navy blue shirt and dark brown shoes

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With the help of a solid navy blue shirt, you may create another workplace style. Change to your khaki trousers and pair them with a navy blue shirt and dark brown shoes this time. Your khaki chinos too would work, but it is best to go with trousers for a more formal approach.

Style 4: Khaki trousers with a light blue shirt and  brown oxfords

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This one may be a touch too simple, considering all you have to do is switch your shirt and shoes. Quickly put on a light blue shirt while you change into a pair of brown oxfords while you stay in those same khaki trousers. 

Style 5: Khaki chinos with an olive green shirt and dark brown shoes

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The previous style was easy, right? However, styling isn’t the easiest and that is why you would have to hop into your khaki chinos for one last time. Pair it with a solid olive green shirt, dark brown shoes, and the same color strapped watch. 

Now just look at what you have just created; the perfect vacation look. Every article complements each other due to the color scheme. 

Style 6: Khaki trousers with a black, grey, and white striped shirt and tan shoes

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We’ve talked a lot about the casual and formal styles that a pair of khaki pants can offer. So, now might be a great time to explore the patterns while sticking to the basics. A pair of khaki trousers and a black, grey, and white checked shirt with tan shoes are surely going to be your greatest buddy for all your after-work parties. 

Style 7: Khaki trousers with a navy blue and red checked shirt, khaki shoes, and a grey blazer

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Continuing with checks, here is another look that can be styled with the help of khaki trousers, navy blue, and red checked shirt, and khaki shoes. And I know this alone is a great look but try adding on a grey blazer for your formal settings.  

This will assist you in balancing each color despite the disparities in proportion. 

While the previous look was quite simple to build,  one may necessitate some knowledge of the color schemes we’ll be discussing. Now, though I might have picked the color red to go with khaki pants, please understand it is only because of its fadedness and the fact that it is being balanced by other colors that alone go well with khaki. Never pair a solid red shirt with khaki bottom wear. 

It is all about balancing the print or pattern with the right colors. So try out other checked shirts using the colors mentioned above and don’t forget to have fun. 

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