What Color Pants To Wear With A Navy Shirt?

what color pants to wear with a navy shirt?

by Dylan Baker
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The color navy blue is extremely popular whether it is in shirts or pants. And given that we understand how many options are out there. However, how do we know that what we are doing is the right thing when it comes to styling our navy blue shirts? The answer is simple; start by understanding the colors before you get into anything else.

However, did you know that the color navy blue was inspired by the dark blue (as opposed to naval white) worn by officers in the Royal Navy since 1748? It was later copied by other navies around the world. This color was originally known as marine blue when it was initially introduced in the early 1800s, but it was shortly renamed navy blue. The color of sailors' uniforms served as inspiration. But don't you think marine blue has got such a ring to it. 

Anyway, moving back to styling, yes it is important to balance out the look overall with the right accessory or footwear but even that requires a basic understanding of the color scheme. So here are a few colors for your pants that never go wrong with a navy blue shirt.  


Yes, black is the color you can surely pick when you are unsure. It will go great with a navy blue shirt as a balancing color as both fall into the dark category of colors. And you could pair up jet back for important occasions while you pick faded back for casual occasions. 


Navy blue is dark and white is light; so you need to pick brighter whites in order to help them complement each other. Do not go with an off-white bottom as it will just dull out your whole look. 


Let me start by saying here I mean light grey. I know you can pair your navy blue shirt with a charcoal grey suit and that's not bad. However, for classic lines go for light grey pants in the case of trousers. 

Light Blue 

This might be out there as jeans are a staple in your wardrobe so use them to your advantage. Experiment with printed or checked shirts in navy blue that shall create a cool look. And for the jeans, you can try out different washes of light blue jeans.

Olive Drab

For a change try out olive drab pants; unlike olive green, it will go much better with your navy blue shirt due to its greenish-brown color component. And while it may seem dull, it will surely liven up your shirt to the fullest.


Like other neutral colors, beige will help your navy blue shirt do all the talking for you. It is a great option when you are looking for colors with high contrast to a dark color like navy blue. 


The right type of styling can do wonders for you; wonders that are memorable and not in a bad way. I am going to let you in on a few styles that you can try out with your navy blue shirt. Here is a list of a few styles that will cover the basic types of pants including jeans, trousers, and chinos.

Style 1: Navy Blue shirt with a pair of grey trousers and dark brown shoes

For people who love formals and can not get enough; this look is surely going to make you popular with its chicness. Pair your solid navy blue shirt with a pair of light grey trousers and dark brown formal slide-in shoes. Also, try a mandarin collar shirt this time and add on a silver analog watch. 

Style 2: Navy Blue shirt with a pair of light blue jeans and navy blue loafers 

Light blue jeans are a good choice because it adds contrast while also complementing the outfit. It goes well with your navy blue shirt and loafers. You can also experiment with blues that fall between your trousers and your navy blue shirt. I mean, unless it's the same color as your jeans, why not?

Style 3: Navy Blue shirt with a pair of white chinos and dark brown loafers

I know chinos can be formal wear and you would rather prefer white jeans or trousers. However, trust me on this one and go for a pair of white chinos. Complete the look with a solid regular collar navy blue shirt and dark brown loafers.

Style 4: Navy Blue shirt with a pair of black jeans and black sneakers

I feel like we have covered solid shirt styles and it is time to try out some minimalistic prints. Start out with the smallest prints such as dots. A white dotted navy blue shirt paired with black jeans and sneakers is a great casual option. Accessorize with a pair of black wayfarers and a blackstrap analog watch. 

Style 5: Navy Blue shirt with a pair of beige chinos and white sneakers 

And now that you have started with minimalistic prints maybe you could size up a little. This one could be more of a vacation look. Pair your navy blue printed shirt with beige chinos with a pair of white sneakers. The neutral colors, white and beige are what is going to bring in the vacation vibe.  

Style 6: Navy Blue shirt with a pair of olive drab chinos and navy blue loafers

I know that I had said we have covered solid shirts but let us not forget that textures exist. So I am not going to take up a lot of your time but this is something you should know. You could go for a textured navy blue shirt and pair it with olive drab chinos and navy loafers. This is quite a unique look that you can try when you want to try something new as olive drab isn't a color everyone would wear. 

So here is what I want you to remember, that this dark shade of blue has great potential when used right. And now that you know it all from the colors of pants to styling with the help of these colors, it is time for you to go have fun trying them.

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