What Color Pants Go With A Grey Shirt?

what color pants go with a grey shirt?

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What color pants go well with a grey shirt?

grey, black and white are the three neutral colors that are considered the easiest to pair but some pieces even in these colors are really tricky to pair and use in an outfit.

one such piece is a grey shirt. It is very easy to pair it with the wrong pant and look poorly dressed and that is why most men struggle to find the right pants to go with it.

So here is a list of colors that you should refer to when styling your grey shirt.


You can't go wrong with black pants. It just works with everythign. It is one of the colors that go well with every other color out there.

And the best part is you most probably already have one of them in your wardrobe. Grey being a neutral color in a shirt can balance the distinctness of the black pants and create a classic combo; one you can’t mess up.   

It works better with a slightly darker shade of black but even if you have a lighter grey shirt you don't have to think twice while pairing it with a black pant

You can complete the whole look with a pair of black loafers or monk straps.


So with white pants, what you need to know is that you need to wear the right shade of grey. While a charcoal grey t-shirt can provide for a grungy look that is not the case with shirts. You need to pick a light shade of charcoal grey so the neutral colors don’t blend while creating a minimalist, soft on the eyes look for you.

Again similar to black pants white pants can be paired with pretty much any color but it doesn't work the best with the darkest shades of grey( charcoal).

But you can easily pair it with light to medium shades of grey without any problem.


Of course, a grey shirt paired with grey pants is a big yes. Monochrome never goes wrong or out of style. And while you may not be sure about it grey is the color you don’t need to worry about.

Grey being one of the neutral colors works great in a monochromatic outfit, all you need to be careful about is that you don't wear the exact same shade of grey on both top and bottom.

Wear light grey pants with a slightly darker grey (like a charcoal grey) shirt or vice versa and that should be it.   

Navy Blue 

Yes I know, blue is one of the common colors when it comes to bottom wear but not every other color on top would go well with your navy blue pants. And as we have seen how well white goes with it, grey isn’t quite far from it. Both the neutral colors help provide a balanced ensemble to complete the look so yes go ahead and pair your grey shirt with your navy blue pants. 

Now we know that trousers are more difficult to keep in good shape than other clothes. The ability to modify the girth of trousers is restricted, and it is the very reason why you need to make sure you are wearing the right size and right type of pants. I am going to let you in on a few styles of pants that can never go wrong with your grey shirt. 


Style 1: Grey Shirt with Grey Trousers and Grey Blazer

If you love formal wear this could be your new favorite combination; shades of grey. All you need to do is wear the trouser and blazer from the same light grey suit, pair it with a grey shirt that is a shade little darker than that of your suit. The look is incomplete, so top it off with a tie that is darker than your shirt but not in the charcoal grey family. Wear a pair of black oxfords and a leather strap analog watch. And there you have it the perfect look for your important occasions. 

Style 2: Grey Shirt with Navy Blue Chinos 

I know chinos can be formal wear if you pair it right, but let’s go for a casual day-to-day look. Pair your light grey shirt with a pair of navy blue chinos and loafers. And while I said it is a casual look, it will also do as a formal look if you decide to transform it into one by adding a navy blue blazer. 

Style 3: Grey Shirt with White Jeans

Get a light charcoal grey shirt, avoid the grainy textured shirts; make sure it is a solid printed one. Pair it with a pair of fitted ivory white jeans and dark brown loafers. Now, this look might look easy but it’s not the easiest to carry, the key is to pick the right shade of white as well as grey. 

Style 4: Grey Shirt with Black Jeans

Now, this is one of my all-time favorite looks when it comes to a grey shirt. I know I said grey shirt and black jeans but, you don’t need to wear a solid grey linen shirt; you can also try out a washed grey denim shirt with faded black jeans to get a biker look. Wear a pair of black ankle-length boots, and that shall do it all. This is one of the looks that you can bet on which never goes wrong nor does it go out of style. 

And while a lot of you may think grey is not the color for you, try out these looks and witness the change of perception for yourself while you look great. Always remember, that every color has some scope when paired right and you now know all that you need to know about grey.

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