what color jeans to wear with light blue shirt?

what color jeans to wear with light blue shirt?

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Everyone loves jeans they are stylish, comfortable, and extremely versatile but not all colors and types of jeans work in all outfits.

If you are wearing a shirt with jeans then you'll have to be careful about the colors that you pair together.

One combination that confuses a lot of people is blue shirt and jeans, in this article we will talk about the light blue shirt and jeans combination.

If you’re not sure which color jeans look good with a light blue shirt, here’s a guide to help you out.

Does light blue go with jeans?

Yes, light blue color can go with jeans but it is a tricky color to pair with jeans as not all colors or shades of jeans would work with a light blue shirt.

Light blue can be paired with black and grey jeans without any problem and it goes really well with them but when pairing light blue with blue jeans you'll have to be a bit more careful.

The simple rule is to avoid the shade of blue in jeans that match too closely with the color of the shirt.

So if you decide to wear a light blue shirt with blue jeans then you should prefer dark washed jeans.

What color jeans go with a light blue shirt?

As we have said above light blue shirts can work really well with jeans but it doesn't work with all the colors of jeans.

Here are the colors of jeans that work best with a light blue shirt:


Image source: hshops7.site

I can't think of a color that won't work with black. You can basically pair any shirt with a pair of black jeans and it would look good.

A light blue shirt or any light-colored shirt for that matter would go extremely well with black jeans.

If you want a safe pairing option that won't disappoint you then you should go for black jeans without a doubt.


Gray jeans similar to black jeans work with almost all colors and light blue again is not an exception.

It is again a safe option that you can use with basically any shade and color of the shirt and it would look great every single time.

Gray jeans are not as common as black or blue jeans which is a good thing if you want to stand out without being too over top.

Gray and light blue look great together and it is a combination that you must try out once if you haven't already.

Blue (dark washed)

Image source: suitsexpert.com

For most of us jeans mean blue jeans, these are the only color of jeans that most people have in their wardrobe but unlike black, you'll have to be careful when pairing it with vibrant colors.

Blue jeans, for the most part, are easy to style but it can be tricky to pair them with some colors and light blue is definitely one of them.

While pairing a light blue shirt with blue jeans you should make sure that the color of the shirt and jeans d not match too closely as they would look weird.

Since the color of the shirt is light, you should pair it with dark-colored pants so if you are pairing it with a pair of blue jeans then make sure it is dark washed.


Image source: stylevore.com

If you want jeans that will make your outfit stand out then white jeans should be your number one choice.

White jeans are extremely stylish and have been in trend for quite some time now and they aren't going anywhere at least for a few years.

White is also a neutral color and it goes well with almost every color and light blue is no exception.

Blue and white is a classic combination and it works great in this outfit too, light blue shirt and white jeans make for a great casual and semi-formal outfit.

The bottom line:

Light blue shirts work well with jeans and they can be paired with many different colors of jeans like black, gray, white, and blue. This is a great outfit for both casual and semi-formal events and with the help of the tips given in this article, you will be able to pull off this look without any problem.

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