what color jeans to wear with brown shirt?

what color jeans to wear with brown shirt?

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Pairing a shirt with jeans can be a little difficult especially when we are talking about shirts of color other than white or black. But if you want to level up your style game then you will have to experiment with different colors.

You have decided to add a brown color shirt to your wardrobe but now you are confused about what to pair with it. worry not in this article we will tell you what color jeans work best with a brown shirt. 

Can you wear a brown shirt with jeans?

yes, you can definitely wear a brown shirt with jeans and it makes for a great casual outfit when done right.

Brown is not a difficult color to pair, it can be paired with a lot of other colors and work well with jeans too.

Brown shirts are usually meant to be worn casually and thus go well with any casual pants be it jeans or chinos.

What color jeans to wear with a brown shirt?

Now that it is clear that you can pair a brown shirt with jeans, the question arises of what color jeans work best with a brown shirt, here is all the jeans color that can be paired with a brown shirt.


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You can never go wrong with black jeans, they are extremely versatile and can be paired with anything.

Black and brown is considered a risky combination usually but in this case, this combination works really well, a brown shirt can easily be paired with black jeans and it makes for a great casual outfit.

If you want a safe option that would work well irrespective of the shade of color of your shirt then you should go with black jeans.


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When you think of jeans, blue jeans are the first thing that comes to mind. 

Although blue jeans are not as versatile as black jeans they still work in a lot of different colors and outfits and a black shirt is one of them.

Blue jeans go well with a brown shirt, you can use any blue jeans be it light washed or dark washed, and pair them with your brown shirt without any problem.

If you want a casual outfit for a day out then this is a great combination that you should definitely consider.


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White is a color that acts as a blank canvas and can make any color paired with it look even better.

Most people have never tried white jeans but they have been in trend for quite a few years now and don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

 White jeans are really easy to style and you should definitely consider getting one if you don't already have one.


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Another great option for pairing with your brown shirt is a pair of grey jeans.

Grey jeans are very similar ot black in the sense that can work with almost any color you can think of.

This is another color of jeans that most men have never tried, If you already have blue and black jeans in your wardrobe then these should be the jeans you should consider getting next.

Grey jeans look extremely stylish and they are really easy to style.

Brown shirt works really well with grey jeans and this is a great outfit that you should try out at least once.

The bottom line:

as mentioned above brown shirt can be worn with jeans and it is a great combination for a casual outfit. There are various colors of jeans that can be paired with a brown shirt like black, blue, grey, and white. All these jeans work really well with a brown shirt and you can use these combinations next time you are looking for a unique outfit that is easy to style.

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