What Color Jeans To Wear With A Black Shirt?

what color jeans to wear with a black shirt?

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Which colored jeans go well with a black shirt?

A black shirt is something we all undeniably love, don’t we? It is one of those staple things that almost everyone has and happens to be one that is constantly used.

And it is so versatile that it can be paired with a number of bottom wear such as chinos, trousers, shorts, and jeans. However, the fashion blunder that we often come across is styling a black shirt with the wrong color of pants; mostly jeans with the number of hues in denim present nowadays.

And that is exactly what I am going to help you with so that you are aware of the color of jeans that you should pick over others. We would also cover the part where I help you create some of the most minimalistic yet sophisticated looks with the help of those jeans paired with your black shirt.

So let us get started with our go-to bottom wear with this list of styles and colors that you are surely going to love. 


This is one color you can not go wrong with; plus it has shades that give us the opportunity to try out different looks. However, while I want you to experiment let me tell you what are the safe color combinations. These include regular black top-wear with regular black bottom wear or faded black top-wear with regular black bottom wear. 


White is another color that is quite the staple however, not many of us use white right. So with a black shirt, you should only pair a bright white. This is because black itself is so distinct that you really don’t want to look like you are wearing a dirty pair of white jeans by going for off-white jeans.


Thrown in those staple colors; some white and some black and there you have it. Grey is a neutral hue and is soft on the eyes. This can help you not just create contrast but also help you minimize the contrast. We will discuss the shades in the latter half as we talk about styling your grey jeans. 


Now let us get to the very color that defines denim; yes of course I am talking about blue.

Jeans might come in a variety of different colors but it was initially the hues of blue that were the very essence of denim jeans. So there is a lot of room to work with it.

It's hard to pick a shade of blue jeans that don't work with a black shirt. 

But as a general rule, you can say that the darker the shade the better it would work with a black shirt.

So your dark-washed blue jeans work the best with a black shirt followed by the medium wash and the light wash ones are least suited to be paired with a black shirt but it still works fairly well.


This may not be your typical denim jeans color but boy does it look great with a black shirt. This can be a great break from the regular colors that are so out there. And while some of you may not agree, it will make you stand out in a crowd that too in a good way. 


We now know what color jeans go well with a black shirt; so let us get started with the styles that you can create with it. I know there is no different way to switch the bottom wear with your top wear but that is not what I am referring to. What we would be doing is that we are going to understand the styles and fit of these colored jeans that never go wrong with a black shirt.  

Style 1: Black shirt with Grey Jeans

Image source: pinterest.ca

I know grey washed and ripped jeans are quite popular among people who like grunge styles however, today let us try a smart casual look. So pair your solid black shirt with a pair of straight-fit grey jeans. Keep the jeans as simple as possible and in a lighter shade of grey. Add on a pair of black slide-in shoes with a black strap watch to complete the look.

Style 2: Black Shirt with Light Blue ripped Jeans

Image source: quora.com

Now, this might be a classic combination; pairing your black shirt with your light blue jeans. But let us make a few tweaks to get a more rugged look. Start by getting yourself a black shirt but with a mandarin collar. You can either buy one that is already fringed on the edges of the collar and rim of the shirt or if you are crafty enough you can even make one. Pair it with light blue ripped slim-fit jeans. Complete the look with the help of a pair of ankle-length black lace-up boots and a few bohemian bracelets in dark brown and black. 

Style 3: Black Shirt with White slit Jeans

Image source: shortbitlys.com

For a casual yet impressionable look, pair your solid black shirt with a pair of white slim-fit jeans. Get one of those jeans that have a single slit in the knee area, this doesn’t only make it look clean but also allows you so much more movement. Put on a pair of dark brown loafers to keep it casual. 

Style 4: Black Shirt with Black Jeans

Image source: pinterest.com

And now a look that is not just great looking but also timeless. A solid black shirt paired with black slim-fit jeans. This is a style that can never go wrong; just remember the color scheme we learned about how to pair black bottom and top-wear. When it comes to footwear, the color has to be black but you can change the type as per the occasion such as a loafer for a casual outing, a pair of boots for a bike ride, and more.  

Style 5: Black Shirt with Washed Blue ripped Jeans

Image source: quora.com

I know we have covered blue jeans but I assure you won’t regret this. Go for highly worn-out washed blue jeans with slits around the knees. Pair it with a solid black shirt and a pair of white sneakers. Accessorize with a black strap watch or bracelets. You can even add on a round frame of black tinted polarized sunglasses if the weather demands.  

Style 6: Black Shirt with Light Blue ripped Jeans

Image source: pinterest.com

We have covered all the basic colors and styles that are there. So let us move on to the non-traditional color of jeans. Now beige may not be the most popular color in jeans but this look is going to be one of your go-to's. Pair your solid black shirt with skinny-fit beige jeans. Add on casual black shoes with a white sole. That is it, whether you accessorize or not you are good to go with just the three articles.  

Always remember, that every color has shades and it is important to use them to your advantage. The right type of styling can make things happen for you. We may have come to an end however, keep styling, and don’t forget to experiment and have fun while you discover other jeans colors that go well with your black shirt. 

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