what color jeans to wear with a navy shirt

what color jeans to wear with a navy shirt?

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Are you confused about what color jeans to wear with a navy shirt?

Jeans and shirts are two very common items used by men around the world. They are considered to be a wardrobe staple that should never be overlooked. However, the color combination can be tricky sometimes. If you’re looking for some advice on how to combine a solid color such as navy with a more subtle one like denim, then read on.

Today we are going to talk about what color jeans to wear with a navy blue shirt. There are many things that you can do to create a nice look for yourself but here we are going to talk about a very important thing, the color of your jeans

can I wear a navy shirt with jeans?

yes, you can wear a navy shirt with jeans. Not all jeans would work well with a navy blue shirt but most jeans can easily be paired with a navy shirt.

Jeans or denim are not limited to blue color, you can find jeans in various different colors such as black, grey, white, beige, etc.

Navy is one of the worst colors for a monochromatic outfit that is why when you are wearing a navy shirt you should pair it with pants that are of contrasting color.

While pairing a navy shirt with jeans you have to make sure that you pair it with a pair of jeans that is of a shade of color that does not match navy blue closely.

So you can pair your navy shirt with colors other than blue without any problem, jeans in colors like black, gray, white, beige, etc can be paired with the navy shirt very easily.

The confusion arises when you are pairing it with blue jeans. The simple rule to keep in mind here is that you should not pair a navy blue shirt with jeans that have a similar color. So light-washed and medium-washed blue jeans can be paired with a navy shirt but dark-washed blue can be a little problematic and thus you should avoid pairing that with a navy shirt.

what color jeans go well with a navy shirt?

Navy is a neutral color and goes well with a lot of colors, here we will talk about all the colors of jeans that work well with a navy shirt


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Black is a color that works with anything and black jeans are not an exception. You can pair black jeans with almost any color you can think of.

A Navy shirt can be paired with black jeans and looks absolutely fantastic. This is a killer combination for night-outs and parties that you must give a try.

You can pick jeans based on your personal style and preference. Black jeans don't look good if they are loose so I would recommend going for slim-fit or tapered fit jeans instead of going for loose-fitted ones. 

You can also consider distressed jeans as they look really good in black and would work well with a navy shirt.


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Another color that is extremely versatile just like black is grey, it is again a neutral color and works with almost every color.

Grey jeans look great with a navy shirt and they can be worn to almost any occasion. Gray jeans can work with pretty much any color but it works best with darker colors like navy or black.

Similar to black grey jeans don't look good if they are a little loose so I would again suggest you stick to a slim fit or tapered fit.


Image source: stylevore.com

White and navy are a classic combination and most of you must have worn navy pants with white shirts but this combination also holds well when the colors are reversed.

Navy blue shirt works really well with white jeans, white acts as a blank canvas and you can pair it with basically any color you want.

White jeans are in trend for quite some time now and they aren't going anywhere, so if you don't already have a pair you should definitely consider getting one now.


Image source: beyoung.in

Yes, you can wear blue jeans with a navy shirt but not all jeans would work well with navy.

The thing with blue jeans is that if you pick a shade that is too similar to navy blue then it would look really weird when paired with a navy shirt.

So you should avoid the dark-washed blue jeans the ones that look similar to navy blue color.

Apart from that, all other blue jeans can easily be paired with a navy shirt. Be it light-washed or medium-washed blue jeans all of them would work well with a navy shirt.


Image source: michael84.co.uk

You might have never heard of this one before but beige and brown jeans have become quite popular recently.

If you are someone who likes to keep up with the latest trends and isn't afraid to try something new then you can get a pair of beige or brown jeans.

These work really well with a navy shirt and can be a good alternative to chinos.

The bottom line:

A Navy shirt can definitely be worn with jeans but it doesn't work with all jeans and so you have to be careful while selecting the color of jeans to pair with it. With the help of the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to pull off this look without any problem.

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