watch above or below wrist bone

should you wear your watch above or below the wrist bone?

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So, Should you wear your watch above or below the wrist bone?

In this article, we will be discussing where exactly should your wristwatch sit on your wrist.

Should it be right at the point where your wrist meets your hand like in the older times when military men chose to wear their watches tightly? Or should your wristwatch lie below your wrist bone in order to provide you more flexibility? Let’s Find out?

Above the wrist bone

The general recommendation is that the wristwatch should be worn above the wrist bone.

Before we look at the reason behind this, it is important to know that the wrist bone plays a major role in the positioning of a wristwatch.

You must have seen the protruding bone from the side of your wrist known as ‘ulna’, which is the wrist bone.

It differs in appearance from person to person based on their body fat and muscle.

Usually, people who are chubby and well built have more muscle and fat over the ulna not making it very visible whereas skinny and lean people have an ulna which is much more visible and protruding.

This wrist bone is what acts as a stop at times when you are wearing a loose watch, making the watch prevent from falling down from the wrist easily.

This wrist bone is also very sensitive as it is a bone and a bone can hurt, bruise or break easily. 

Now let’s see a few reasons why you should wear your watch above the wrist bone:

To avoid Injury 

One of the reasons to wear your wristwatch above the wrist bone is to prevent the wrist bone from any kind of injury.

If the metal of the watch hits the wrist bone or bites into it way too strongly then the wrist bone might suffer a sprain or crack in case of an intense blow to it.

If the wristwatch is tied tightly around the wrist bone, the weight and pressure can injure the wrist bone and even cut off blood circulation and flow to the body.

This is one of the main reasons why a wristwatch is recommended to be worn above the wrist bone so that it does not exert a lot of pressure on the wrist bone.

Easier Movement 

We use our wrists and hand to perform a lot of day-to-day functions and chores.

If a wristwatch sits above the wrist bone or on it, it will cause restrictions as the wrist will find it difficult to bend and move freely due to the heavy metal of the watch sitting tightly right on the wrist.

If you put too much pressure, the wristwatch and strand might even break due to the constant movement. 

Type of Watch 

Metal bracelet watches are usually a bit on the looser side which means it sits on or below the wrist bone naturally. In this case, you don’t need to keep the watch above the wrist bone as it doesn’t put pressure on your wrist and doesn’t hinder your movement.

If you are working and your wrist is in movement, the wristwatch can easily slide back below the wrist bone because the watch is already loose.

Though, in cases of NATO or leather straps, the fit is tight on the wrist, wearing it below the wrist bone can be quite sensitive and dangerous for your wrist bone and the safety of the watch glass as well.

In such cases, it is better to wear the wristwatch above the wrist bone. Yet there are a lot of people who are used to wearing their watches tightly below the wrist bone, it is more about habit which makes it comfortable for them as they have been wearing it that way for a long time and are well adjusted to wearing their wristwatch below the wrist bone. 

But it is recommended to wear the dress watches above the wrist bone.

the bottom line:

As a general rule, you should be wearing your watch above your wrist bone as it doesn’t put pressure on your wrist bone and doesn’t hinder wrist movement.

But if are wearing a metal bracelet watch then you can consider wearing it below the wrist bone as well.

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