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different types of turtlenecks

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The classic turtleneck is something that has existed as a staple clothing choice for both men and women for a long time now.

The modern-day turtleneck is usually pictured as a warm sweater or a top, though the interesting fact is the turtleneck goes back to the times of kings and court ladies.

The classic high collar was in fact a popular fashion choice in the court of Queen Elizabeth I as it was considered to give off a more royal look compared to other plain gowns and costumes.

The difference between the high neck or ‘turtleneck’ worn back then compared to now were the ruffles.

The ruffles helped the turtleneck to look fancy and flamboyant instead of plain. The more the ruffles, the more royal the ladies considered wearing them. 

Not just the elite courtrooms, ever since the 1950s to even the present times, turtlenecks are seen as a sign of royalty and sophistication which would explain why the elite game of polo also used turtlenecks for the players as it was seen to match the high-status game of polo.

Even in present times, turtlenecks have maintained their reputation among people not just for fashion purposes!

If one wants to hide any skin conditions, blemishes on the neck, they can easily cover it up with a turtleneck while looking flattering.

Classic Turtleneck 

This type of turtleneck is the default image that comes into your mind when you think of a turtleneck.

Classic Turtlenecks cling to your body shape along with a plain high neckline with no extra ruffles or layers other than the original fabric of the turtleneck.

A classic turtleneck has a wide variety of ways in which it can be paired and worn.

Other than being worn with trousers or jeans, a classic turtleneck can be worn under a blazer or even a suit which makes for a great formal outfit that will make you stand apart from the crowd.

A classic turtleneck can be layered with jackets, coats, pullovers, it can even be accessorized with scarfs or mufflers to make it more flattering. 

Cowl Neck 

Unlike the tight and slim fit of the classic turtleneck, cowl neck is a type of turtleneck that is loose and hangs around the neck in a loose fashion.

This is one of the most comfortable types of turtleneck as it does not cling or choke you.

The loose draping of the fabric even helps in enhancing your plain look, especially for women who do not want to focus on their chest area, a cowl neck, and its draping, ‘hides’ the area without making it stand out or appear too prominent as opposed to the classic turtleneck. 

Mock Neck 

Mock Neck is a type of turtleneck that does not go as high as the classic turtleneck but reaches only the adam’s apple of your neck.

If anyone finds the classic turtleneck too close and up or uncomfortably tight then a mock neck is the best alternative for them.

Usually, people who are tinier and smaller in size do not have sleek long necks, because of which the classic turtleneck almost drowns their neck and jaw.

Such men can opt for Mock Neck as this suits the short length of their neck without drowning them and helps in giving a flattering appearance overall.

Oversized Turtleneck 

A classic turtleneck fits your body and gives the neck a slim fit, whereas an oversized turtleneck almost covers up your jaw area as well, hiding the bottom area of your face and the tip of your chin.

These kinds of turtlenecks are usually worn in winter and are made of woolen material to protect you from cold and wind.

Oversized Turtlenecks are one of the most beautiful winter wear out there and make you appear extremely chic and stylish.

You can pair an oversized turtleneck with jeans or chinos along with some boots or sneakers, this is one of the most attractive looks possible during the cold winters. 

Cable Knit Turtleneck 

As the name suggests, cable knit turtleneck is the type of turtleneck that is made up of thick wool for the winters with patterns knit over it.

The patterns knit over the turtlenecks stand out rather than being even with the fabric of the turtleneck.

The patterns are connected throughout the turtleneck thus giving it the name of Cable Knit Turtleneck.

These are the best options for really chilly and cold winters when you want warmth and style as well.

The knitted patterns on the turtleneck set it apart from plain turtlenecks and give it a more cheerful appearance. 

Zip Turtleneck 

Zip turtleneck is a modern take on a turtleneck with a more sporty look given to a simple one.

A zip turtleneck is as high as a classic turtleneck with a sleek neckline up to the beginning of your chin.

The only difference is there is a zip starting from the bottom of your neck to the top.

Sometimes the whole turtleneck has a zip opening, which then becomes a sweatshirt for the winter.

Popular brands like Adidas and Nike use zip turtlenecks for their sweatshirts and jackets.

A zip turtleneck is easier to be worn as the neck area can be left open at times, someone does not want it completely covered all the way up.

Sleeveless Turtleneck

We are here to bust the myth that a turtleneck can only be winter wear with long sleeves.

Turtlenecks can be worn in other seasons as well!

Sleeveless turtlenecks are usually in the form of t-shirts worn in summer or spring paired with jeans or shorts.

They have high collars all the way up to your neck with no sleeves to give off the perfect summer vibes.

The material of the fabric is mostly cotton or polyester as any other top.

This type of turtleneck makes you appear trendy and appropriate for the season at the same time keeping the spirit of turtlenecks very much alive. 

the bottom line:

These are the different types of turtlenecks that can be worn by you based on whatever you prefer suiting your preference and style.

Turtlenecks are not just restricted to being sweaters anymore, turtlenecks come in the form of tops, crop tops, one-piece dresses, denim as well.

You can sport a turtleneck with any of these outfit choices whether you prefer the turtleneck to be slim and high or loose and flamboyant.

Based on these different types of turtlenecks, you can experiment with different styles by pairing them with different bottoms to create numerous outfits as well. 

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