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Types Of Jeans For Men- Must have jeans for men

by Dylan Baker
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Jeans is probably the most basic part of every man’s wardrobe. It is the piece of clothing that men wear the most and that is why it is important to choose the best jeans. There can be hundreds of types of jeans and thats makes it even difficult to find the right one. We are going to tell you exactly what types of jeans you need in your wardrobe and will provide some recommendations as well.

Dark Washed Blue Jeans

This is the most versatile jeans and needs to be present in every man’s wardrobe. If you are buying your first jeans start with this one. It is the jeans that you can wear with almost any outfit, you can dress it up by wearing with a shirt or just pair them up with a simple t-shirt. You can wear these jeans every day for weeks without anyone noticing.

While buying the dark washed jeans stay away from any distressed or wash pattern. Buy a simple dark washed pair from a good brand. You can go for levis, gap, jack&jones, lee etc


Lee Mordern Series

Levis tapered

Levis slim fit

Levis Slim taper fit

Light washed Blue Jeans

This one is not nearly as versatile as a dark washed one but it surely is a worthy addition to every wardrobe. It gives you a variety of casual outfits options but it is kinda difficult to dress it up. It is a must-have for streetwear style outfits. If you are into streetwear you need to have one of these in your wardrobe, personally, I am not really into streetwear but I am a big fan of flannels and they go really well with light washed jeans.


Levis slim fit

Levis slim taper

Black Jeans

Next up in our list is a pair of black jeans. These are again a really versatile pair of jeans although not as versatile as the dark blue one. Black jeans can easily be dressed up by pairing with a shirt or it can also be worn with t-shirts. It is also a great option for streetwear style outfits. Overall it is a great pair that needs to be present in every man’s wardrobe.


Levis Slim Fit

Levis Slim Taper

Distressed Jeans

Now this one is specifically for the younger man out there. This is not a classic piece but is surely worth adding in your wardrobe especially if you are young. It is a must for guys in their 20s but guys in their 30s or even 40s can try these out. Let me be clear here it should not be your first choice while building a wardrobe but if you have your basics in place then surely this is the one you should look for. The colour and wash are totally up to you. The distressing level should not be too much. You can go for something like knee-slashed jeans or something with minor scuffs but nothing too crazy.

These were some basic jeans that I think every man should have in his wardrobe. These are the pairs that I recommend to spend a little bit of money on cause they are not going out of style anytime soon. Once you have these basics in place you can start experimenting with trendy design or colours, but remember to not spend too much on the trendy piece of clothing.

Another question that you guys might have is regarding the fit.

It is mostly up to personal preference but something to keep in mind is that your jeans should neither be too tight nor it should be too loose.

The jeans should not stick to your leg but there should not be much of extra fabric too.

In my opinion, jeans should be tapered but should have a little bit of room.

Another thing to keep in mind is the length of the jeans. The jeans should end right above your ankle and under no circumstance, it should get collected in the bottom, that’s just not acceptable.

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