26 Different Types of Hoodies Perfect for Men and Women

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The reason why you have to hide your hoodie every time your partner is coming over is that you know they will look good in it. This is because all types of hoodies look good on both men and women. In this article, we will learn about all the hoodie types and more.

Types of Hoodies

1) Laced Up Hoodie

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There is a chance you will not buy a hoodie if it does not have laces on it. Laces have become such a huge part of hoodies; it is hard to imagine a hoodie without them. After all, almost all hoodies are laced.

The function of the drawstring is to tighten the hood during poor weather. The part at the end of the drawstring is called the "aglet." Some hoodies have laces made to hold earphones.

2) Pullover Hoodie

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Hoodie styles are mostly divided into two; those with zips or buttons and those without. Hoodies without zippers or buttons are worn in a similar way as the pullover, hence the name "pullover hoodie."

3) Button Up Hoodie

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Button-ups are fastened using buttons like one would a shirt. A button-up hoodie can still have laces on the hood for tightening during colder periods.

4) Zip-up Hoodie

Image Source: cottonon.com

Other than the pullover hoodie option, the zip-up hoodie is also a popular design. The style uses a zip to fasten the hoodie. Also, it does not ruin the dope haircut and is easier to put on compared to a pullover hoodie.

5) Varsity Style Jackets

Image Source: shein.com

The varsity-style hoodie is a mix of a college jacket and a hoodie. The features you might see on this type of hoodie include bright colors, bold letters, striped sleeves, buttons, and pockets.

6) Denim Hoodie

Image Source: coutie.com

Just like the varsity style one, the denim hoodie combines a denim jacket and a hoodie. This combination makes the denim warmer, as the hood could be furry or soft. The denim jacket is not warm enough for chilling weather unless it has a warm lining inside. The jacket collar of the denim adds to the hoodie aesthetic.

The denim hoodie is mostly zipped or buttoned.

7) Shirt Style Hoodie

Image Source: gq-magazine.co.uk

A shirt-styled hoodie is a cross between the hoodie and the shirt. Think of a normal shirt with a hood over it. This design is popular among fast fashion styles for a casual vibe like concerts, night outs, and dance crews.

8) Cropped Hoodies

Image Source: self.com

The cropped hoodie is the cropped-shirt version of a hoodie. This design is stylish and works perfectly with different combinations. The cropped hoodie can be worn without anything underneath to show the belly button while keeping the body warm.

The cropped hoodie comes in different designs, including the ripped and slim options.

9) Dress Hoodie

The dress hoodie is a dress with a hood on it. The dress is made of the material you would normally find on a hoodie and is a warm option, especially when going out at night. Most dress hoodies are rare pullover-style hoodies and rarely have buttons or zippers.

Image Source: luxarywedding.com

The dress hoodie is perfect for styling with knee socks when staying warm at home. The hoodie works for a casual outdoor vibe too.

10) Tunic-Style Hoodie

Image Source: shukrclothing.com

Just like the dress hoodie, the tunic-style garment is a bit longer than the regular hoodie. However, the hoodie is not designed to be worn exclusively as a dress. Fashion is limitless, and one could pull off the tunic hoodie as a dress and still look great.

11) Hipster Hoodie

Image Source: nordstrom.com

There is nothing more consistently hipster than the hoodie. A trend comes along, and you will find a hoodie for it. Most people who start a clothing business have a hoodie in their inventory, and such hoodies can be referred to as hipsters.

12) Hooded Sweatshirt

Image Source: vogue.com

The design we are used to is the hooded sweatshirt. This is because it is made of the material used on sweatshirts. The hooded sweatshirt is warm and works well for moderate weather. This is why it has become a basic style in most cities.

13) Fleece Hoodie

Image Source: ardene

The fleece hoodie is warm compared to the other different hoodie styles because of the material.

14) Baja Hoodie

Image Source: hippies.com

Baja hoodies are a perfect look for a campout or a road trip. The hoodies originated from Baja in Mexico and are stylish with interesting colors and stripes. They came in handy to wear on the beach in cooler seasons. The hoodie is still hip and stylish to have on.

15) Fitted Hoodie

The fitted hoodie is slim and is designed for mobility in the gym or during workouts. The hoodie is not to be confused with the slim-fit hoodie, which is meant to fit slimmer bodies. Made in a lighter sweatshirt style, the fabric is not as heavy as that you will find on a normal hoodie.

Image Source: thelineup.com

If you have something to show off, like muscles, this is the hoodie for you. Plus, since it is light, it is the one you can use on an evening walk.

16) Boho Style Hoodie

Image Source: electrothreads.com

Just like the Baja-style one, the Boho hoodie looks colorful and has interesting patterns. The Boho hoodie has a free-spirited vibe and incorporates designs from different cultures and trends.

17) Oversized Hoodie

Image Source: roxy.com

If you want one for movie nights and random plots, oversized hoodies are for you. The baggy hoodies have enough room for comfort, and the hoodie's pockets are large enough for your phone and maybe even a wallet and accessories on a night out.

The oversized hoodie is like the classic pullover hoodie with no zipper or buttons on it.

18) Sleeveless Hoodies

Image Source: en-sa.namshi.com

The sleeveless hoodie is also known as the tank hoodie. The design, also known as the "gilet," comes in handy in a lot of situations. You can use the sleeveless style hoodie on your way to or from the gym to show your toned muscles or have a shirt underneath in your casual errands.

If the fitted hoodie improves mobility, the sleeveless hoodie completely frees the arm for maximum mobility, especially during a workout.

19) Designer Hoodie

Image Source: farfetch.com

Hoodies can be colorful, stylish, and experimental. Whether the hoodie is tied to a designer brand or part of the merchandise, a hoodie can be simultaneously stylish and trendy.

20) Fur Hoodies

Image Source: vogue.com

Fur hoodies are trendy in cold weather and climate because of the very warm material they are made of, which can be game fur.

21) Snood Hoodie

Image Source: boohooman.com

The snood hoodie is designed with a snood between the neck and the hood area. The hoodie is for cold weather as the snood covers the mouth and nose to keep the face and neck warm. The snood hoodie is stylish too.

22) Athletic Hoodie

Image Source: fitnessgearusa.com

The athletic hoodie is lightweight compared to other hoodie fits. A regular athletic hoodie would not be very helpful in chilly weather.

23) Knit-Hoodie

Image Source: aran.com

The knit hoodie is another stay-warm hoodie that works perfectly in cold weather. The knit hoodie can be in the form of a zip-up style, buttoned, or a pullover.

24) Button-Up Cardigan Sweater Hoodie

Image Source: lovetteclothing.com

A cardigan hoodie is not the most obvious hoodie style, but you will see it once every while.

25) Flannel Button-Up Hoodie

Image Source: ubuy.com

The flannel style hoodie is styled as a flannel shirt and a hoodie. The flannel-style hood works for casual events and day-to-day activities. It is unisex and is one a couple can share.

26) Slim fit Hoodies

Image Source: gq-magazine.co.uk

The slim-fit hoodie is made for slim-bodied people. If you want to look sharp in a hoodie without it looking too baggy, the slim fit is for you.

Hoodie Materials

    1. Cotton
    1. Polyamide and Cotton
    1. Polyester
    1. Fleece
    1. Polyester and Fleece
    1. Spandex
    1. Acrylic

Frequently Asked Questions About Hoodies

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i) What is the difference between a sweatshirt and a hoodie?

The hoodie and the sweatshirt could be made of the same material. The difference between the hoodie and the sweatshirt is the hood: one is a hooded sweatshirt.

ii) Do you wear a t-shirt inside a hoodie?

Some people find it comfortable to wear hoodies without anything else inside except a vest. Others prefer having shirts underneath for maximum warmth. If you have a fuzzy fleece-style hoodie, it is probably comfortable to have a shirt on to absorb any sweat.

A knitted hoodie may cause itchiness to the skin, and wearing a shirt underneath would be comfortable.

Final Thoughts

Whether you prefer zip-up hoodies, tank-style hoodies, thick flannel work jackets, or the women's cardigan style hoodie, you can never miss a hoodie for you.

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