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what is the brad Pitt rule?

by Kevin Tunstall
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Do you ever find yourself dangling in the uncertainty of asking a woman out?

Asking out someone can be hard enough without the added variable of not knowing how they feel about you.

And unsure answers can take a serious hit on a man’s confidence.

Putting your feelings out there needs to be a task undertaken with the utmost care.

But do not fear, we are here to help you out.

If you are one of the people who has found themselves dangling in uncertainty about someone’s answer, the Brad Pitt rule might just be the thing to solve your problems.

So, here is a golden rule which you can use to examine how much of a chance you actually have with a woman.

What is the Brad Pitt Rule?

Let’s start at the first stage of the dating process.

Imagine this scenario: you meet someone special. You talk to them and find out that they have what you have been looking for for so long.

You vibe together, you have shared interests. You may exchange a few flirty glances or a few texts that could maybe mean something more. Clearly, they have grabbed your interest.

The most natural next step would be to take them out and see if the two of you might have a shot at something worthwhile. 

So, you take the next logical step. That is, you ask them out. And if you ever ask a woman out on a date, one out of two things will happen:

She says yes, in which case you are good to go. You can cue the romantic music and pursue your potential significant other.

The other scenario is that the woman says no. 

Hearing a no can be quite disheartening. It is never easy facing a rejection.

But, it is integral that you do not lose face all at once.

Here is where you need to analyze what she truly means.

And that is where the rule comes in to help you. If she says no, you ask yourself one simple question. 

If Brad Pitt were to ask her out to the same location at the same time under similar circumstances, would the answer still be a no? 

This trick may sound unconventional but hear us out.

For all your positives and charms, you are no Brad Pitt.

And we are not suggesting that you pit yourself against the Hollywood star.

While no one can compare to the Hollywood legend, that is not the point. The lesson to be learned from this is that if a woman is into you, she would try and accommodate you into her schedule.

The rule is to help you identify whether the person is actually occupied or if they are putting you off.

This simple query can clarify things for you.

It is always important to introspect things at your own level, especially to avoid getting hurt in matters of the heart. But beware! It is not to be applied without knowing certain precautions. 

Things to be kept in Mind

Learn how to take a no

This rule is not an excuse to cross a woman’s personal boundaries.

At the end of the day, a no is a no. If someone does not want to be pursued by you, there comes a point where it is best to give up.

You are better off looking for others rather than imposing yourself upon others.

And we do not live in the 18th century. A woman is allowed to decide who she sees as a potential partner and who she wants to reject.

Longing after someone unnecessarily will get you nowhere. After all, there is no point wasting anybody’s time. 

Do Not Overthink and Have Patience

If a woman says no but at the same time says that you should instead make plans for another day, then all is not lost.

She might have some genuine work to attend to or just needs more time to meet you.

The fact that she told you to change plans probably means that she is actually interested.

It is very natural for a woman to be cautious of getting too invested with someone new. In that case, it is best to be patient and give her some space.

Be a true gentleman and go ahead when the time is right for her.

Be Rational

Just because a woman would postpone some plans to meet the hunk does not mean that you should expect her to do the same for you.

You need to be understanding of people’s commitments.

No one likes a clingy guy.

Be reasonable and give genuine thought to things before making a move.

What Next?

If you find that the lady you are pursuing would have made changes to meet a popular personality but seems unwilling to do the same for you, it is time to move on.

If she is not interested, there is no point beating a dead horse. A clear no is your hint to “man up” and find other women to charm. 

The moral of this rule is to recognize your own worth and know that if someone was really into you, they would show it.

Everyone deserves visible efforts. No one should be able to push you around. You should know that you are a valuable human being with perks of your own.

And even if you are not a global heartthrob, spending time with you should be a luxury. 

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