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Summer Style for men | Mens Guide to Summer Style

by Dylan Baker
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Summer is here, the temperature has started to rise which means its time for you to rise up your style game too. Most men just put on a t-shirt and shorts and that’s what they wear the whole summer but we don’t want you to look like most men. So, here is a complete guide on summer style for men.

Choose the material carefully

material of clothes are important part of summer style for men

This probably seems like a very obvious tip to most but this is where most men actually make mistake. If you want to dress well in summer you need to choose the dress materials carefully.

Avoid heavy fabrics at any costs as they are extremely uncomfortable to wear all day long. The lighter the fabric the better it is for summers.

Try to avoid synthetical materials too as they are not much breathable too.

Your best options are light fabrics like cotton and linen.

Go Colourful!

summer style for men is all about thebold colours

Summers are all about those funky colors.

Its time for you to go ahead and experiment with different colours.

Try to stay away from darker shades as they absorbs more heat and certainly doesnt look that good in summers.

Go for lighter colours but maintain some distance from neons or colours which are to flashy as they make you look like a child.

You must have a white shirt and a white tshirt in your wordrobe. You can also try a pair of white jeans or chinos as its in style as well. And if you feel adventurous you can try to pull an all-white look which is actually in-trend this season.

Try out some coloured chinos too, check out colours like maroon and olive.

Another colourful trend for this season is pastel sneakers. You can try blur, pink , green or yellow coloured sneakers to step up your style game.

Play around with patterns

Patterns are a big part of summer style for men

Patterns are all in this season. Big patterns, small patterns, simple patterns, obnoxious patterns all of these are in trend this season.

If you havent already then try to buy some articles with patterns this summer.

Try out stripes, vertical, horizontal or side stripes whichever you like try it out. You can go for striped shirts or t-shirts but striped pants are a bit much but if you think you can pull it off then why not.

Another trend for this season is floral patterns, again stick to tshirts or shirts for this pattern as well.

for formal shirts, small patterns are in style for more than a year now and will remain in trend this season as well so if you haven’t already then go ahead and try it out.


There is nothing much you can do clothing-wise during summers but accessories is something that can make you stand apart from the crowd.

Perfume: The most important accessory for summers according to me is a good deodorant and perfume. There is nothing more unattractive than a bad smelling guy. Invest in a good deodorant and perfume to become the most stylish guy in any room.

Watch: There is no substitute for a watch. It not only makes you look good but also makes you more productive. In my opinion, every man needs to own a good watch. If you are young start with a simple watch with a leather strap as it works with most outfits after that you can try fancy dials and straps.

mens style for summer with watches

Bracelet and necklace: They can make you look much more stylish especially in casual outfits. But the condition here is stay away from cheap items. If you are willing to try bracelets or necklaces just invest in a good one. and remember to not overdo it, wear only one piece at a time and keep it simple.

neckalace and braclets, summer style for men

Hats: According to me every guy needs to own a simple baseball cap. You can just put it on if you are having a bad hair day or just don’t have time to make your hair. And otto mention it protects you from harsh sunlight. Go for a plain and simple cap instead of something with logos or writings on it and avoid bright colours.

wear baseball caps , summer style for men

Step-up your footwear game

Once you have got your clothes and accessories figured out its time to move to your footwear.

For formal shoes go with monkstraps or simple lace-ons and avoid boots.

For casual outfits sneakers is the way to go. And under no circumstance wear slippers or sandals, those might be comfortable but makes you look shit.

If you need something comfortable try slip-on or espadrilles these are extremely comfortable shoes for summers and a much better alternative for slippers or sandals.

Other than this you must have a white pair of sneakers in your wardrobe for summers.

Once you have these you can try some other sneakers but these are the basics. Some other good options are vans oldskool(black) or some athleisure sneakers from Nike or Adidas.

Another trend you can try out is bulky sneakers, it is extremely trendy this year but is kind of difficult to pull off but if think you can do it then just go ahead and try it out.

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