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straight fit vs slim fit pants

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Straight fit vs slim fit what’s the difference and which one should you pick?

People are often confused between different fits of pants with different names especially because some of them look so similar to each other.

This can further confuse us when we have to select pants while shopping as the different names and similar styles can leave us puzzled. 

That is why it becomes important to know the basic difference between different kinds of pants out there. 

In this article, we will cover the basic difference between straight fit and slim fit pants and we’ll also try to help you pick the right one for you.

straight fit vs slim fit pants

Straight Fit Pants 

Straight Fit Pants have been in vogue for ages ever since jeans became a thing.

They are mostly the most common fit of pants that regular people stick to because of the sense of comfort and familiarity. 

Straight Fit Pants are exactly what the name suggests, straight in shape!

They do not cling to your body and shape, rather provide a loose shape but not as loose as regular fit pants. 

Straight fit pants sit somewhere between regular fit and slim fit pants.

Straight fit pants do not taper off around your knees and unlike slim fit pants do not get narrower in shape downwards, rather maintain a more ‘straight’ shape throughout the length up to the ankles. 

The width of the straight-fit pant is constant from top to bottom.

Slim Fit Pants 

Slim Fit Pants have become unreasonably popular ever since the early 90s and seem to never have gone out of style ever since. 

slim fit is generally more popular among the younger generations as a part of a common trend everyone sees around the media and the internet. 

It is a more modern fit whereas the straight fit is a classic fit.

Slim Fit Pants are tighter and cling to the shape of the body as they gradually move along downwards. They become narrower as they reach the thigh area and cling to the legs until they completely taper off around the ankle. 

Slim-fit pants are more tapered towards the ankle as compared to straight fit but it is not as narrow as the skinny fit.

Body Types: 

When we speak of pants, it is natural for people to wear whatever they want to and appeal to them.

In addition to that, there are certain types of pants that compliment particular body types more than others and help them increase their overall outfit potential and appeal instantly. 

We will be talking about which body type looks the best with straight fit vs slim fit pants and how to decipher which one you should stick to. 

Athletic or Skinny Body 

If you are someone who is into physical activities and has an athletic or skinny physique then out of straight fit and slim fit, slim fit pants would prove to be the better option to go for! 

The physique of your legs, toned calves, and shape will be complemented by slim-fit pants as they cling to your legs and define the shape of your legs very nicely. 

If you have skinny legs then wearing a straight fit will make your legs appear even more skinny so it’s better to go for something more tapered like the slim fit in this case.

If you find the skinny fit pants too tight and think straight pants are too baggy for you then slim fit pants are the perfect choice for you.

Muscular Build or Chubby Body 

If you belong to the curvier side or are very muscular, then slim-fit pants would probably be too tight for you.

Usually straight Fit Pants are the perfect choice for these body types as this gives off a looser fit and does not highlight particular areas like thighs or ankles in too much detail and tightness. 

Straight Fit Pants will be able to give off the illusion of your legs being longer and well- proportioned as they even out the overall shape because of a straight appearance. 

People who do not want anything clinging to their body or find it too uncomfortable can stick to straight-fit jeans. 

People who also do not like the too loose and baggy appearance of pants can stick to straight fit pants because the straight fit is the one at the center of being the best of all the worlds in the world of pants! 

right fit for pants

These are some general suggestions which of course can be broken.

If you are muscular or on the heavier side you can still opt for the slim fit pants, in fact, they can help you boost your style but you will have to make sure that it is not too tight for you.

Similarly, if you are skinny, you can also try straight-fit pants but again you have to make sure that it’s not too baggy for your legs.

Outfit Ideas 

When it comes down to making outfits with slim fit and straight fit pants, one must be aware of the fact that almost all outfits work equally well for both types of pants. 

One can pair plain t-shirts with both straight fit and slim fit pants along with a cool pair of sneakers. 

One thing to consider would be that pairing a loose-fitting t-shirt with straight pants might give you a baggy appearance, if you are thin and skinny you might want to avoid pairing two loose clothing items together as you might give off the impression of drowning in too much material. 

It is usually the best thing to do by sticking with one clothing item baggy and one clothing item fit. For example, if the pants are slim fit then the top could be a bit loose as both tight top and bottom will make you seem “squeezed in”. 

It is all about balancing the top and bottom, if the top is loose the bottom would be better off a bit in shape and tight and vice versa. 

the bottom line: 

This is all you would need to know for your perfect pair of pants the next time you go shopping.

Both slim-fit and straight-fit pants can be a great addition to your wardrobe but you should keep the differences in mind before you pick one.

Now that you know the difference between the slim fit and straight fit, You should also consider reading about straight fit vs regular fit pants.

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