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straight Fit vs regular fit jeans what’s the difference?

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Straight fit vs regular fit jeans, what exactly is the difference between the two?

For a layman with no prior knowledge about fashion, all these different terminologies can seem quite frustrating and confusing to understand while shopping.

It could be difficult to choose between a straight fit and regular fit jeans especially because they have so much in common.

The basic difference between straight and regular fit jeans is in the shape and fit around the waist, hips, thighs, buttocks, and ankles.

They seem identical at first glance but are quite different in their fitting based on these areas of the body.

Straight Fit Jeans

Straight Fit Jeans have a straight cut from top to bottom and do not taper around the ankles to fit the natural shape of your legs.

The straight-fit jeans have a constant width from to bottom.

Another noticeable thing with straight-fit jeans is that they do not cling to your body shape as much as regular fit jeans.

They can be considered more relaxed in their appearance compared to regular-fit jeans.

This is a classic fit and will never get out of style.

These are also the most common type of jeans around as they provide you the right balance of comfort and style.

Pairing Options with Straight Fit Jeans

When we talk about pairing outfits, a lot about our tops depends on the shape of the jeans we are wearing which can be a deciding factor in making or breaking a look.

Straight-fit jeans work well for formal outfits.

You can easily pair it with a button-down or henley or a sweater and you’ve got yourself a great semi-formal look.

It can also be worn with a simple white or black t-shirt for a casual day out.

And finally, if you are into streetwear then also it could be a great option for you and you can easily pair it with a sweatshirt or flannel.

Regular Fit Jeans

Regular Fit Jeans can be thought of as the most ‘natural’ genre of jeans as they fit exactly according to the natural shape of our bodies, unlike skinny jeans which hug tightly to our body, or flared jeans which are way loose than our body’s shape.

When we talk about straight fit vs. regular fit it is important to remember that both styles aren’t exactly poles apart but they do have a tiny difference in how they cling to the shape of our legs.

Regular Fit Jeans mostly are mid-rise and do not cut above our ankles, rather flow down to the tip of our ankle to give it a natural end instead of cutting the length off abruptly.

Pairing Options with Regular Fit Jeans

While wearing regular fit jeans, one can take the liberty of loose tops as the regular fit jeans do give a narrow appearance at the bottom.

This is more suited for casual outfits but can be used for formal outfits as well.

Again just like the straight-fit jeans they can be worn with a solid t-shirt for a simple casual look.

Another great outfit for these types of jeans is the denim on denim look, you can pair the jeans with a denim shirt or you can pair it with a white t-shirt layered with a denim jacket.

Hip to Thigh Ratio

 The basic difference between straight vs. regular fit is that straight fit jeans hug and cling to your hips, thighs whereas regular fit jeans flow naturally from the waist, providing you space around your hips and thighs. Regular fit gives you more breathing space compared to a straight fit.  

Leg to Ankle Ratio

 Another difference between straight and regular fit is the fittings of the jeans around your legs and ankles.

Straight-fit jeans are much narrower around your legs and begin to taper around your angles almost similar to the natural silhouette of your legs.

 Regular fit jeans are much looser and are larger in their diameter around the ankles and can even extend a little further down the ankles instead of tapering off right above the ankles, unlike straight fit jeans.

the bottom line:

Although straight fit and regular fit are very similar there still are a few differences between the two.

And depending on your style and comfort preference you can pick the right kind of fit for you.

And once you have made the choice you should check out these summer outfits for some inspiration.

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