how to stop chasing women

how to stop chasing women?

by Kevin Tunstall
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A lot of men don’t know how to stop chasing women.

You need to know when to stop pursuing a girl. If she is not interested in you, chasing her will only push her away.

But it could be difficult to understand when it to stop chasing and more importantly how it could be done.

In this article, we’ll explain when and how to stop chasing women

When To Stop Chasing women?

There are multiple different reasons that could indicate why it is time for you to stop chasing girls.

Some of those are:

You are not the type of guy she is looking for

Most girls have a set of requirements that they look for in a guy before they start dating.

If the girl you are after has some requirements and you know that you don’t fulfill them then it’s time to stop chasing her.

This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you, but you just aren’t compatible with her.

You might be rich, you might be cute, you might be charming, you might be intelligent, you might be perfect in every possible way but, she will not be attracted to you if you don’t fulfill the traits she wants, no matter what you do for her.

So, this is the time you should stop pursuing her. 

She only texts you when she need something.

If she only texts or calls you when she needs something then you’ve got a problem.

This is not only a sign that it’s time to stop pursuing her but there is a very good chance that she is using you.

If she avoids having conversations with you and seems disinterested then maybe it’s time to give up

She will always sound busy, no matter what and when.

Whenever you’ll plan to hang out with her she just denies and blame it on her work and busy schedule. This is the point when you should back off. 

She is not yet over her ex-boyfriend.

Some people take more than usual to come over their past relationship and she is one among them.

No matter how hard you try to love her and you are there for her but, she will unsee your efforts. 

If you have realized that she is still not over her ex then it’s best that you leave her alone.

She is too nice to reject you

Remember, your heart will always know that she is not into you irrespective of the fact that she flirts with you.

The relationship you are sharing with her is not heading anywhere, and it’s exactly the same as what it was a few months back. 

You are trying to date her but she always calls you her friend, this means that she is not interested and is just too nice to say it directly to you.

If this is the situation you are in then you should stop chasing her.

It’s a clear NO.

There’s nothing you can do after receiving a clear no from her.

If she had feelings for you, she would have asked you to stay. But, she didn’t.

You should now stop chasing her.

She doesn’t have feelings for you and now if you still chase her, you will be termed as a creep or a stalker. 

how to stop chasing women?

Increase your self esteem

Men who lack self-confidence often chase women as they are always craving others’ approval.

True confidence, on the other hand, is inbuilt. It is based on self-acceptance and originates from the inside.

Men with high self-esteem do not chase women.

guys with low confidence continue to chase girls who are not interested in them as they can’t take rejection.

If you cant stop chasing women then the first thing you should do is work on your confidence and self-esteem.

Do whatever you can to improve yourself.

Work on your body, get fit, learn new skills, work on your career. Do everything that improves your confidence.

Work on your goals and ambitions

The devil’s playground is an idle mind.

If women are your top priority in life then you need to seriously assess where your life is going.

You need to have big goals and ambitions and you should work hard towards achieving them.

If you don’t have any ambitions then you’ll keep chasing girls as it’s all you’ll think about all day.

The issue is that chasing girls never gives you any satisfaction.

You will always have an empty feeling in your stomach.

In actuality, it is the lack of direction. Spend some time making a list of 100 things you want to do, or become.

This will force you to think outside the box to come up with new ideas that excite you.

Work on this list and then sort it into priority order.

Start working on the tasks on your to-do list and see how your life changes.

Women will find it difficult to resist you since you will become such a captivating man.

Meet more women

This might sound counterintuitive but meeting more women will help you stop chasing women.

Men usually chase girls because they lack the abundance mentality.

You have to realize there are billions of women in the world.

If a girl is not interested in you, accept the rejection and move on.

Try to interact with as many women as you can without any expectation.

This will help you build the abundance mindset which would change your life around and help you stop chasing women.

Don’t waste time on uninterested girl

Most of the time, males pursue women who aren’t interested in them.

But it’s understandable. Rejection, or the threat of rejection, can be damaging to one’s ego.

However, our ego can be harmful. It has the potential to push us to behave in ways that are detrimental to our self-esteem and image.

A woman who consistently rejects your advances isn’t trying to be difficult to get.

She simply isn’t interested.

I would advise you to take a break and concentrate on women who want to spend time with you.

You’ll get a lot more out of choosing the appropriate women than you will from chasing after women who aren’t worth your time.

It’s fine if not everyone finds you attractive or interesting. You didn’t come to this world to please or date everyone.

Don’t put girls on a pedestal and find the girl who truly values you and pay attention to them.

Give her time to miss you

Attraction and affection can be cultivated both in person and virtually.

A handsome man with an abundant mindset will not spend his days chasing after girls. On the contrary, he’s far too preoccupied with his own goals and accomplishments.

You’ll have a woman chasing you if you can make her miss you.

You can only make her miss you if you leave her alone for a while.

She’ll reach out when she starts to miss you. All you have to do then is set a date, and she’ll be all over you.

The more you chase her more she will move away from you.

Reward her with your attention and compassion when they reach out.

If you learn this approach, you’ll never have to chase girls again

Dont spend whole day talking to girls

By texting and calling too much, far too many men unknowingly push women away.

They keep chasing her which makes her like even more and this cycle continues.

Texts are far too easily misunderstood.

What you might find amusing could be off-putting to a female. That is why I recommend that you just use your phone only to set dates.

It’s fine to speak with her now and then. Keep it short and to the point.

When she calls or phones you, speak for 10 to 15 minutes before hanging up.

You shouldn’t spend hours talking to her over the phone.

It’s too simple to turn into a weak, desperate man who lacks patience.

In a relationship, patience is, ironically, the most important quality.

Spend your day doing something productive which adds value to your life instead of wasting your time talking with some girl.

If you want to talk more set up a date and spend time with her.

the bottom line:

It will be difficult to overcome the habit of chasing girls at first, but if you stay strong and committed to your word, you will succeed.

Once you change this habit your life will change for the better.

And when you start focusing on your life you’ll see that women will start chasing you instead of you doing that.

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