what are starched jeans

what are starched jeans?

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Starched jeans are a type of denim that is processed using a special chemical compound that causes the fibers to become stiffer and less stretchy. This process has been used in denim since the early 20th century, but it was only recently that the technique became widely adopted.

However, over the past few years, the popularity of starched jeans has grown substantially, as many people have found it to be a comfortable and stylish alternative to regular denim.

In this article, we tell what starched jeans are and why people starch their jeans and will solve every double you might have regarding this topic.

what are starched jeans?

searching is the process of making the fibers of clothes stiff and shiny and in order to do that, a substance known as starch is used. This process has been used for hundreds of years and people have been using this technique since the 16th century.

When the fibers are soaked in the starch, they become much more stiff and resistant to stretch.

So starched jeans are basically the jeans that have been through the starch treatment which makes them stiff and adds a little shine to them. 

Why Do People Starch Jeans?

There is no exact answer for this question, there are various reasons why people like to starch their jeans.

The most common reason why people starch their jeans is because of the aesthetics, they like the structured, shiny appearance that starching provides to the jeans.

Apart from the appearance, starched jeans are resistant to dirt to a high extent so if you are someone who has to wear jeans in a dirty environment then starching your jeans will prevent your jeans from getting dirty easily, and even if it gets dirty you can just rub it off to clean it.

Another benefit of starching jeans is that it makes them wrinkle-proof which again is a problem that a lot of people face when they wear jeans for longer hours. 

Why do cowboys starch jeans?

Cowboys have to travel and work on the ranch where their clothes get dirty but they don’t have the time to wash them or get them dry cleaned so they starch their jeans which makes them look crisp and shiny and also makes them dirt and wrinkle resistant.

cowboys have to wear jeans while working physically exhausting tasks and on top of that, they spend most of the day working in a ranch or fields so their jeans get dirty and wrinkly very quickly, and in order to avoid that they like to wear starched jeans.

Apart from this, some cowboys do it for aesthetic reasons also, they like the stiff creased look of a starched pair of jeans and that is another reason why some cowboys starch their jeans.

Are starched jeans uncomfortable?

Jeans are not the most comfortable piece of clothing out there, in fact, some people find jeans so uncomfortable that they completely avoid wearing them.

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denim is already a very thick fabric which in itself can be really uncomfortable especially in hot weather, when you starch the jeans it becomes stiffer which can make it even more uncomfortable.

If you find jeans uncomfortable to wear then starched jeans would definitely be uncomfortable for you but if you are used to wearing jeans for long hours then starching it won’t really make much of a difference.

How do you starch new jeans?

There are a couple of ways to starch your jeans, and you can choose the method depending on the kind of results you want.

If you just want to make your jeans a little stiffer and add some shine without adding any crease to them then you can use the washing machine method.

In this method, you just have to turn the jeans inside out and put them in the washing machine, add some liquid detergent and put the starch in it, and wash the jeans, once done just let them dry and your starched jeans are ready.

The other method involves the use of iron and with this method, you can also add the crease to your jeans.

For doing this, you just need to create a starch solution and put it into a spray bottle, then lay down jeans on the iron board, spray the solution onto it, if you want a crease then you can shape your jeans in that way and after that just iron the jeans with medium to high heat setting.

The bottom line:

starching has been a common practice for centuries now, they make your fabric stiff and add some shine to it. Starched jeans are just the regular jeans that have been starched to make them stiffer and add shine to them, this also makes them dirt and wrinkle resistant.

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