Do you wear a shirt under a hoodie

Do you wear a shirt under a hoodie?

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Do you wear a shirt under a hoodie? If yes, is it a short sleeve or long sleeve? Does it have pockets? do you allow the collars to show? These are questions that come up every now and then. 

A hoodie can be a great addition to your wardrobe when the weather gets cold. But, if you don’t know how to properly wear a hoodie, you might end up with a rather unflattering look.

In this article, we’ll show you how to wear a hoodie properly. We’ll cover all the basic rules you should follow when wearing a hoodie, and some more advanced tips that will make you look good and keep you warm! and will also answer the question of if you can wear a shirt under the hoodie.

do you wear a shirt under a hoodie?

You don’t need to wear a shirt under a hoodie, you can wear it on its own and that is how most people prefer to wear it.

If it’s cold or the hoodie feels uncomfortable to your skin then you can wear a t-shirt under your hoodie, it could also be a long-length t-shirt that shows from underneath as that makes for a good outfit and those who are into the street style would particularly like it.

If you are talking about a collared shirt then I would recommend that you avoid wearing it under a hoodie or at least make sure that it is not visible from outside.

Collared shirts and hoodies don’t go well together it was a popular style for a brief period in the 2000s but if you are someone who is even remotely conscious about fashion or how you look then you should avoid this outfit.

Shirts are meant to be more sophisticated and dressier and hoodies are on the other end of the spectrum and they shouldn’t be paired up together.

Pullover sweaters on the other hand are a different case and they work really well with shirts and if you want to read more about that you can read our article on wearing a shirt under a sweater

What should I wear under a hoodie?

Hoodies work great on their own and you don’t need to wear anything under them.

But if you want something to layer under it then you should go with a t-shirt instead of a collared shirt.

Pairing a long-length t-shirt is a popular trend these days and you can give that a try but a collared shirt doesn’t look good with a hoodie and should be avoided.

There are many other great layering options for hoodies, if you want to layer a shirt with your hoodie then you can wear it over the hoodie. Flannel shirts over hoodies go really well. 

Similarly, you can also wear a denim jacket or a bomber jacket on top of your hoodie which is another great outfit, especially for winters.

There are plenty of stylish layering options for hoodies but a collared and hoodie is not one of them. 

Most hoodies are a little from the inside and if you wear them on their own it might feel a little itchy to you, so it’s always a good idea to wear an undershirt or a t-shirt under your hoodie.

the bottom line:

Hoodies are as casual as a piece of clothing can get, shirts, on the other hand, are meant to be sophisticated and classy and these two are not meant to be worn together. There are many layering options for a hoodie, you can pair it with a t-shirt underneath or you can wear flannel or a jacket over your hoodie.

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