shaving tips for asian men

Shaving tips for Asian men

by Dylan Baker
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Most Asian men struggle with shaving. it is one of the trickiest things in a man’s life, it seems extremely simple but it is just too easy to get something wrong in it.

For Asian men, beard is a major pain point, as most of them don’t have great beard genetics.

Based on my experience of many years and after doing some extensive research on proper shaving techniques, I have come up with 7 shaving tips for Asian men that would definitely make shaving easier and more comfortable for you.

Keep reading to find out the best shaving tips for asian men

1 shave after a shower

shaving after a warm shower will help you get a closer shave and it will also reduce the chances of you getting a cut or razer bump

A warm shower opens your pores and will make your beard hair a little softer which will help the razer cut them more easily which will result in a closer shave without causing any irritation

It also provides hydration to your skin which again would help in a more comfortable shave

you should also wash your face using a good facewash right before a shave to get rid of the dirt and bacteria which could irritate your skin.

2 Use the razor gently

you should never push the razor hard , always glide it gently over your skin

If you are using a good, sharp razor then only a little pressure is enough for a good shave, you don’t need to apply too much force

applying too much pressure can damage your skin and cause several problems.

3 Use a good shaving cream

using shaving cream or butter is really important to get a comfortable shave without irritating your skin.

It hydrates your skin and makes your facial hair softer which helps you get a close shave without any cuts or razor bumps.

Not using shaving cream is bad but using poor shaving cream is even worse, shaving creams that contain surfactants and mineral oil are bad for your skin and should be avoided.

Also, avoid the shaving foams that are sold in aerosol sprays. Instead, go for shaving creams that do not contain harmful chemicals.

another option is shaving gels or butter which does not lather up and are transparent in nature so you can see your skin while shaving, these are also more gentle to your skin.

4 pay attention to your razor

buying a good quality razor is important but keeping it in a good shape and changing it regularly is even more important.

never shave with a blunt razor, always make sure that the razor blades are sharp before you start shaving as it can cause some serious damage to your skin

another important thing to note is how and where you store your razor, ideally, you should keep it in a clean and dry place so that it doesn’t develop any bacteria over it.

and after every 5-8 shave change your razor or replace the blade

5 shave along the grain

beard hair can grow in different direction and the direction of growth varies from person to person.

You should always try to shave along the grain i.e. along the direction your hair grows, and never go against the growth as it can cause irritation or may develop ingrown hairs.

If you want a closer shave then you can go in the opposite direction but do it only during the second pass.

6 do not hurry and give your skin a break

You should always shave slowly and gently

if you shave in a rush then youll probably end up getting a cut or razor burn.

don’t shave over the same area multiple times, do it once and if you feel the need then maybe go for another pass. Moving the razor over the same area, again and again, will not give you a close shave but will irritate your skin.

If you are in a hurry then using an electric shaver would be a better and safer option.

7 use moisturizer

When you shave you remove the layer of dead skin from your face. This makes your skin more sensitive for some time and you should be careful with what you put over it right after a shave.

If you finish your shave with just plain water then your skin would get dry and irritated.

This is the reason why most men use aftershave. It helps to calm your skin and also disinfects the cuts in case there are any.

But most aftershaves are alcohol-based and filled with chemicals that can irritate your skin and make it overly dry.

You should either use some aftershave that doesn’t have alcohol or you can just use some good moisturizer that would hydrate your skin and help it heal faster.

Another good post-shave product is aloe vera gel which acts as a natural moisturizer and helps calm the skin.

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