Number 8 Haircut; How to Achieve the Best Outcome

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Hair styling, as part of grooming, has been around for many years. But, of course, your desired hair length isn’t achievable without the right hair clipper size.

Additionally, knowing the clipper sizes is important regardless of if you get haircuts at your barber or do it yourself.

What Is a Number 8 Haircut?

There are many haircut numbers. For example, a number 8 haircut is the highest of all hair clipper lengths. Knowing haircut numbers ensures you end up with the hairstyle you want. With a clipper number, you should know that the larger the hair clipper sizes, the longer the haircut.

Generally speaking, grooming has also been a part of fashion for quite a while. The right haircut and subsequent beard trim can boost your confidence, looks, and style. This article will discuss achieving different hairstyles, including the number 8 haircut.

The number 8 haircut is a classic one that leaves one inch of hair on the top of your head. It is long enough to pass a comb through it. However, it doesn’t take too much time from your morning routine.

Why Don’t People Opt for a Seamless Number 8 Haircut?

I like that this hair length also gives you ample styling options. However, the hair length is too long for the sides of the head.

So most people don’t opt for a seamless or all-around, number 8 haircut. I know I wouldn’t. This is why most barbers will give you a high skin fade with this haircut.

A number 8 haircut

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Additionally, I like that the difference in length between the sides and top gives your hair some definition. It also looks very pleasing and sharp.

The best part about a number 8 haircut is that you can easily cut your own hair. I prefer it because it is the perfect haircut for all seasons.

For winter, there is a mop of hair to keep my head warm, and in summer, it protects my head from the harsh effects of the sun.

Other Haircut Numbers

1) Number 7 Haircut

A number 7 haircut will be your best bet if you often change hairstyles. It’s 7/8 of an inch long and perfect for any hair type.

A number 7 haircut

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Not much of your hair is cut off, and you retain most of your volume. It’s the perfect hairstyle when you travel a lot. I don’t travel much, so a number 7 is not something I would usually get unless I’m going on vacation.

You can also go with a number 3 on the sides or a fade, as you still have enough volume left.

2) Number 6 Haircut

This haircut length is about three-quarters of an inch long. However, it is reserved for taper styling.

A number 6 haircut

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It leaves long hair lengths on the scalp. Usually, the top frontal part is reserved for the number 6 clippers, and the rest of the hair can be taken down in other clipper sizes.

3) Number 5 Haircut

With this haircut, the hair left is half an inch long. The hair can easily be parted from anywhere else on the head.

A number 5 haircut

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Most men prefer this haircut length because of how versatile it is. Additionally, you can create a fringe look from this haircut, and it will still look good.

4) Number 4 Haircut

This hairstyle makes your face look slimmer for men with a round face shape. Using number 4 clipper guards, leave medium-length hair on your head.

A number 4 haircut

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The amount of hair this haircut leaves on your scalp allows easy manipulation. So it’s easier to make other hairstyles with it.

5) Number 3 and 2 Haircuts

A number 3 and 2 haircuts are almost similar. However, a number 3 haircut, like the number 2 haircut, leaves hair on the scalp.

A number 3 haircut

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You can request your barber to go in with a number 1 fade for the best style and length. However, you should know that these haircut numbers are perfect for buzz, crew, and fade haircuts.

6) Number 1 and 0 Haircuts

A number 1 haircut

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When you want to get your hair completely shaved but not bald, a number 1 haircut will do you justice. The good thing about a number 1 haircut is you can pair it well with a zero fade haircut.

However, a number 1 will leave your scalp showing. On the other hand, a number 0 haircut will make you bald. If you want something in between, you can use a number 2 clipper on the top and a number 1 and 0 for the fade.

Clipper Guard Sizes

There are different clipper guard sizes, and they also come in different lengths. A clipper guard is an attachment comb, also known as a guide comb, that helps to measure the length of hair you are cutting.

They fit into the clippers’ blades. It is easier to achieve fade haircuts and crew cuts using clipper guards.

All clipper guard numbers are usually graded in inches or millimeters. Therefore, they aren’t graded in their actual sizes. However, you might notice that they are graded from 0 to 12.

For example, a number 8 Wahl clipper guard size will give you a 1-inch long haircut. This way, the clipper guard sizes aren’t directly correlated to the haircut numbers. Number 1 to 3 hair clipper guard sizes is the most common in barber shops or salons.

Additionally, it is recommended to check the haircut number against the clipper guard sizes. Using the corresponding number should give you the desired haircut length.

Most clipper guard sets come in 8 sizes. Each clipper size represents the amount of hair that will be left. A general rule of thumb is to note that the larger the number, the longer the haircut.

What Hair Types Are Compatible With a Number 8 Haircut?

Most hair types are compatible with a number 8 haircut. However, the type of hair on your head determines your choice of texture. Texture can revitalize your hairstyle, and it is important not to overlook it.

There are three major hair types;

  • Curly hair
  • Thin hair
  • Thick hair

Texture 1: Layered Texture

A layered texture involves using multiple bits in your clipper set. It is done for thinning hair to give it the illusion of volume.

Layered texture to give the illusion of volume

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Usually, short-length strands stay on top of longer strands to make the hair more puffy and voluminous. In addition, the difference in the length of hair strands boosts the hair follicle.

Texture 2: Choppy Texture

The choppy texture works for every type of hair. It does wonders for volume, and the results are outstanding.

Choppy texture for a puffy look

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You get a well-done puffy appearance, and you still retain enough length to wear your hair any way you please.

Texture 3: Razored Texture

Curly-haired people will greatly benefit from this hair texture. Since people with curly hair have voluminous hair, this hairstyle makes it such that it looks flatter on the top.

Curly hair is harder to manipulate than other hair types. Therefore, a razored texture takes down some of the body, not volume.

Common Terminologies Used by Barbers

Here are some common haircut terminologies your barber might use:

a) Fade

A fade haircut is where hair is kept short on the sides and long at the top. It involves gradual shaving down the back and neck for different haircut lengths.

With a fade haircut, you require clipper guards to achieve the look. Additionally, this haircut seems to “fade out” from top to bottom.

b) Taper

The taper is also confused for a fade haircut. However, a taper can be achieved with shearing scissors only. A fade cannot be achieved without hair clippers. Some people might confuse a taper for a fade. However, they look different and are of different lengths.

c) Neckline

There are three main necklines:

  • Round
  • Blocked
  • Tapered

The barber generally offers a blocked neckline for people with a thin neckline. As a result, it looks like a thicker neck.

This haircut is generally short-lived because hair grows quickly. Growing hair disturbs the overall appearance of the neckline. The round neckline is similar to the blocked hairline when hair starts to grow back.

A tapered neckline generally has a shorter length, and new hair growth doesn’t distort the style.


i) How long is a number 8 haircut?

Haircuts with a longer top and a buzz cut on the side require a number 8 clipper guard. A number 8 clipper is about 5.3mm in length.

ii) What is the longest hair guard?

The sizes and lengths differ between each clipper set. For example, some clipper sets come with 8-10 clipper sizes.

Therefore, a size 8-10 is the longest hair clipper guard in most sets, depending on the type of set you have.

iii) How should I ask for a crew cut?

There are two ways to ask for a crew cut. Firstly, you can ask for a low, mid, or high and tight haircut. However, if you want to be more technical, you can ask for a 2-1/2 an inch length on the top and short tapered sides.

iv) How should I communicate to my barber about what I want?

Firstly, you need to be specific about how you want your new haircut to look and how much hair you want to part with.

Next, tell your barber a little about your lifestyle. This will help him to determine between a high-maintenance or low-maintenance cut.

It is also helpful to bring a picture and tell your barber about your last haircut.

The Bottom Line

Knowing the right clipper sizes will go a long way to achieving the desired haircut. Additionally, you can easily cut your hair thanks to different clipper sizes.

Furthermore, if you are unsure about cutting your hair, a little practice will serve you well for years.

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