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Men’s Fashion For Summer- Trends and Outfits

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Don’t know what to wear during the hot summer days. Well, you are in the right place then, This is your guide to men’s fashion for summer.

Here we are going to list out all the essentials that you need during the summer season and will also let you know about the on-going trends and how to style them.

1.Get those polos on!

wear polo tshirt, mens fashion for summer

Polos can be a great option for those hot days when you don’t want to wear a shirt but still want to dress a bit formal. You can pair them with shorts, jeans, chinos or even trousers. If pairing with a trouser go for loafers and in other cases, you can put on your sneakers.

It is a great option for both casual and slightly formal occasions. You can wear a polo with jeans for lunch or a party and you can wear them with chinos or trousers for the office or a date.


Tommy Hilfiger

2. Buy Some Shorts

mens fashion for summer shorts are a must

Shorts are an essential part of any summer wardrobe. These are not only extremely comfortable in the hot summer days but are also very stylish if you know how to wear them.

You can wear shorts in many ways.; you can pair it with a long line t-shirt for the street-inspired look or you can pair it with a nice button down for a classic semiformal look or you can just rock it with a basic round neck t-shirt.

The important thing to remember while styling shorts is the fit, the length should be right above your knees and it should not be baggy or too tight.

Colours are mostly up to personal preference but for starting out you can go with maroon, grey, black or navy blue.

Every man needs at least a couple of shorts in his wardrobe. It is a perfect option for a day out with friends or for a Sunday brunch.



Calvin Klein

3. Play with patterns and colours

play around with patterns and colours, mens fashion for summer

Well as we already know summers are all about colours. This summer patterns and bright colours are on trend.

Try out some colourful tshirts, chinos or shorts.

You can also try some shirts with big patterns on it or you can een go for colored sneakers.

Some patterns that I would recommend you to start with are basic stripes(horizontal or vertical), checks (flannels) or small patterns.


J.Crew Striped T-shirt

4. Step Up Your Footwear Game

mens fashion for summer isincomplete without good shoes

Shoes are a very important piece of any outfit. If you don’t get the footwear right your outfit can be completely ruined.

For summers the most important piece of footwear is sneakers and loafers. Sneakers are going to be your best friend in the summer season, you can pair them with all casual outfits and even with some semi-formal or formal outfits. similarly, loafers can be easily worn with most of the casual outfits and is a great match for almost any formal outfit.

Other than these two you might need a monk strap or lace-up shoes for some very formal events and then you are all set for the summers.

For your sneakers, you need at least one clean white pair and after that, you can try other colours or designs. And for loafers start with penny loafer as they are easiest one to pair and are extremely stylish.


Adidas stan smith sneakers

Vans Old Skool sneakers

Cole Haan black penny loafers

5. Pants

mens fashion for summer be careful with the pants

No matter how stylish or comfortable the shorts are we cants wear shorts everywhere and that’s why you need pants.

There are many pant options for summers like jeans, chinos or trousers.

Let’s start with jeans, For summers, you should focus more on the lighter shades instead of dark-washed ones. And avoid acid-washed jeans. You should also try out black or white jeans both of which are great options for the summers. other than these you can try out distressed jeans if you are into that but go for mild distress level or the knee slashed jeans. If you want to know how you can style different types of jeans check out this article.

For chinos, firstly it should not be baggy and the length should be right above your ankle. You can also play around with colours here, I would suggest to try out, maroon, navy blue or green other than your basic beige and black.

Trousers are something that you should avoid wearing in summer unless you have to wear them and instead wear chinos. Keep the fit perfect and try to avoid heavy or non-breathable fabrics. Go for cotton or linen trousers in summer as they are more breathable.


Levis DarkWashed Jeans

Tommy Hilfiger chinos

6. Accessories

accessories can elevate your whole outfit easily without putting in many efforts. Some accessories that I think are essential for summers are

  • Watch
  • Baseball Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Perfume

These are the absolute basics that every man must have other than these you can try out things like bracelets or necklaces.

Watch: For summers you need a simple watch with a basic dial and a simple strap without too many colours or patterns.

There are several great options available in the market but most of them are very expensive, But if you are on a budget then your best option is Vincero watches, they make very high-quality watches that are extremely fashionable and made by keeping looks in mind and they are affordable too.

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Baseball hat: This is one of my favorite accessories this not only makes you look better and sportier but is also a great thing to use when you are having a bad hair day or you don’t have enough time to style your hair. Avoid patterns or logos and bright colors.

Sunglasses: You can’t really go wrong with this one. These not only protect your eyes from UV rays but also makes you look great. Make sure to avoid glasses with too many patterns or too bright of colours, stick to classic colours and styles. Also chose the right pair according to your face shape. Recommendations: Rayban Clubmaster

Perfume: A good Perfume is something that every man needs. It can make you more stylish and good looking instantly. It becomes even more important during the summers, so invest in a good perfume.

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7. Grooming

There are some basic grooming habits every man must incorporate in his lifestyle.

Get a fresh haircut every 2-3 weeks. This makes you look fresh and clean. Even if you are growing out your hair keep your sides clean. This season side fade is still in trend like it has been for the last couple of years. If you haven’t already tried it, now is a good time. Get the sides faded and the top length is mostly up to personal preference.

For facial hair, the rule is simple either keep a full beard or shave the whole thing off. If you can grow a decent beard then you should keep a stubble, if you cant then keep it clean shaved.

Other than these maintain basic hygiene like take a shower daily, use deodorant, keep your nails short, and use mouth wash to avoid bad breath.

Also check out our article on best beard trimmers.

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