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Are you wondering if you can pull off a goatee? This beard style is not hard to grow or maintain but is one you need to give good thought to before choosing. The goatee style is not ideal for all face shapes, but if you reckon you’d look good with it, I recommend growing it long and maintaining a short stubble. For this look, I will share long goatee with short beard styles you can rock. But first,

What Is a Goatee Style?

What Is a Goatee Style?

Image Credits: themodestman.com

The Oxford Dictionary defines a goatee as chin hair that can grow long. It is also called a pointed chin beard and is aptly named for its resemblance to the tuft of hair on a goat’s chin.

There are several ways to rock a goatee style. For instance, the style is commonly grown short with clean-shaven facial hair, including in the cheeks, soul patch, mutton chops, mustache, and even neck. However, you can grow your goatee long with other facial hairs.

Before growing the goatee, there are a few factors you would need to consider. Firstly, consider your face shape. While a long goatee will look good on most men, it tends to make your face look longer, so it might be best to avoid it if you have a long face. In addition, I would advise growing a goatee only if you have rounded or broader face features because the extra length on the chin will give you a more angular appearance.

Secondly, consider your facial hair color. A long goatee short beard style is supposed to highlight most of your facial features, so I suggest only growing it if your facial hair color differs from your skin complexion. If your facial hair color is close to your skin color, this beard style will look less prominent and give you an unkempt appearance.

Finally, choose the best long goatee with a short beard style to grow. As I mentioned above, there are different ways you can grow your long goatee with a short beard by playing around with other facial hairs. Here are some of the best long goatee beard styles you can grow now.

1. Scruffy Goatee with Short Beard

Scruffy Goatee with Short Beard

Image Credits: instagram.com

If you are looking for the easiest goatee styles, this look is easy to pull off with minimal maintenance. It includes a short stubble that grows for about two weeks before you trim it. It provides the best contrast to a long goatee and prominent mustache.

2. Goatee with a Chin Strap Beard

Goatee with a Chin Strap Beard

Image Credits: hairstylecamp.com

Suppose you don’t want to grow your goatee very long, especially if you will struggle with combing, trimming, and styling it. Then, a chin strap beard with a short goatee is a good style to test whether a longer goatee is the best beard style for you.

This look requires you to maintain most facial hair with clever styling to make your goatee and stubble stand out. It will give a more rounded look compared to a longer goatee, but it is also a versatile beard style that you can wear with almost all hairstyles and clothes.

3. Long Goatee with Short Sides Plus Chin Puff

Long Goatee with Short Sides Plus Chin Puff

Image Credits: hairstylecamp.com

A chin puff and goatee style resembles an actual goat, so I have included this look on the list. Combined with a short beard and an optional mustache, this is one of the most masculine casual looks you can go for.

Grow your goatee and soul patch at least two inches long while maintaining a short beard on your cheeks. Since the chin puff is a cool way to elongate your chin and facial features, you can decide to grow it thick and wide for a rounded look or narrower for a diamond look.

4. A Long Goatee with a Circle Beard

A Long Goatee with a Circle Beard

Image Credits: lovehairstyles.com

This beard style is a more rounded look that connects the long goatee to the mustache along the sides of your mouth to create a circular shape. It is easy to grow and maintain and is ideal for all hair types. The look is always better when the goatee is a few inches long, so you can style your mustache as desired. You can still grow a soul patch, but ensure you keep the stubble short so the look can elongate your face shape.

5. A Disconnected Goatee with Short Beard

A Disconnected Goatee with Short Beard

Image Credits: gq.com

Unlike the circle beard style above, the disconnected goatee allows you to grow most facial hair, including stubble and soul patches. However, the long goatee does not connect to the mustache along the sides of the mouth. Still, it is a versatile look you can wear with most hairstyles and clothes.

6. A Van Dyke Goatee with Short Stubble

 A Van Dyke Goatee with Short Stubble

Image Credits: machohairstyles.com

A traditional Van dyke beard forms a T around your mouth and chin, and it is a look you can rock with a shorter beard on your cheeks. If you want to grow this beard, make sure your mustache and soul patch is prominent and the goatee long. In addition, the mustache should not touch the goatee, so you must keep your look fresh and well-trimmed.

How to Grow A Long Goatee with Short Beard

How to Grow A Long Goatee with Short Beard

Image Credits: wallpaperaccess.com

Have you weighed your options between a clean-shaven and beard style and opted for the latter? After choosing the best long goatee style from the options above, you can start growing your beard and long goatee immediately. As you already know, a beard needs good care, and this look is no different.

You need to maintain your facial hair growth at different lengths to pull off the look, so it makes sense to have the best products, including;

  1. A beard trimmer. It is best to have a beard trimmer to keep your facial hair styles at ideal lengths. As you buy, look for a durable model, preferably waterproof and rechargeable or with a long-lasting battery. Here are the best beard trimmers for long goatees and beards to buy today.
  2. Beard oil. The best beard oil keeps your beard and skin moisturized to prevent itchiness, dryness, and dandruff. You will groom your long goatee with short sides with a few drops of beard oil daily once your beard starts taking shape.
  3. A beard balm or wax. When you have trimmed your beard style, the next thing will be to moisturize and style it to appear well-groomed. I recommend getting a beard wax over a beard balm for styling because the wax is designed to provide a better hold to prevent stray hairs from sticking out. While you can also use the beard balm for styling, it is designed to moisturize and nourish your beard, so you might end up with a few stray hairs.
  4. A beard brush or comb. Getting a beard brush or comb for the job is vital to maintain a well-groomed look. I recommend getting a brush for your short beard, while the comb will detangle the long goatee while distributing the oil for a clean look.
  5. A beard wash. A long goatee is a bushy beard, which calls for the best care. I recommend using a full beard wash to clean your long beard style at least once a week. A beard wash contains the best ingredients to nourish and keep your extended beard shiny. It is best to avoid using your hair shampoo to wash your beard, as it will dry your facial hair and skin.

When you have these beard-grooming products, you can start growing your long goatee with a short beard as follows;

Step 1: Start growing your beard. It is best to start with a full beard so you can later style it to your best long goatee with a short beard style. Normally, your cheeks will be covered in facial hair in about 4-8 weeks. Remember to apply your beard oils daily for the best beard health.

Step 2: Once your stubble reaches the desired length, use the beard trimmer to even it out. At this point, you can decide on the long goatee beard style to design before you trim the beard. However, remember not to trim or even out the goatee as you’ll want it to grow longer for the best look. You can also leave your mustache in place if you want to grow one.

Step 3: As your goatee grows, it is best to style the beard daily so you can also design the direction you want your hair to grow. Start by moisturizing your beard, then apply a beard wax for styling. Then, use the beard brush to style the stubble, while you may need a comb to detangle and style the extended goatee.

Remember to style your mustache’s direction if you decide to grow one. You can also use beard scissors to trim and mustache wax to style it to complement the goatee.


The long goatee with short sides is a great beard style to rock today. It is easy to maintain and style and can boost your confidence with a more defined chin and rugged look. In addition, it is a good style for men with a patchy beard since you don’t need to grow it that much.

However, it does not work for all face shapes, so it is best to grow it when you need an elongated face appearance. Additionally, as one of the most masculine longer beard styles, it needs maintenance once the goatee starts to take shape. If you want to grow one today, I hope this beard growth guide provides the best ideas for your pointed beard.

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