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10 best Korean sunglasses brands

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What are the best Korean sunglasses brands?

There is no denying the fact that Korea has established itself in the front seat when it comes to dominating the fashion industry with its high quality, innovative and stylish products.

Sunglasses from Korean brands are extremely popular among other countries as well because of the unique designs they come up with which provide the customers with something new and fresh never tried before. 

Though there exist uncountable fashion brands from the Korean market overseas, there are only a few top brands that provide the best quality products worth the price and money.

We will be talking about 10 such Korean sunglass brands which have managed to make a reputable name for themselves in the fashion game all over the world.

So let’s dive right into the best Korean sunglass brands out there in the market! 

Gentle Monster 

gentle monster logo and models wearing gentle monster sunglasses

Gentle Monster has managed to emerge as a high-end Korean sunglass brand in the span of just 10 years! Celebrities like Taeyong from the K-pop band NCT and Jimin from BTS have been spotted wearing sunglasses from this brand often. 

If we talk about their signature look, most of the frames have a typical thick frame usually in the color palette of darker shades and bulky in size and shape. Gentle Monster has an online shopping website available for all the countries outside of Korea as well. Their store is not just restricted to Korea but has franchises in other countries as well if you ever consider walking into the store you easily can!


Muzik sunglasses

As the name suggests, Muzik is a Korean sunglass brand that takes inspiration from music, art, and aesthetics to create designs that are abstract and edgy.

What sets Muzik apart from other brands is the fact that they are much more expressive and individual. It is this very reason which makes Muzik a popular hit among the females and celebrities like SM Entertainment’s artists IU as well as the K-pop idols from SNSD. 

 Muzik has an online website available for foreign customers, very user-friendly for international customers as the details about the products are provided in English. 


models weaing monomos sunglasses

This Korean sunglass brand is synonymous with the names of several Korean celebrities.

Founded in 2015, Manamos rose to fame and popularity when a lot of Korean celebrities were spotted wearing this brand.

Soon the fans and customers started looking for the exact replica of the sunglasses worn by their favorite stars.

This is one of the main reasons for the popularity of Manamos as the customers can look for the exact model of sunglasses worn by a star and purchase it for themselves.

The most notable celebrities who helped in causing Manamos’s success are K-pop groups IKON, Seventeen and Taehyung, and Jimin from BTS. 


stealer sunglasses

Stealer belongs to the club of recently launched Korean sunglasses brands.

In Spite of being new, it has managed to gain popularity among young people and youth because of its quirky designs. Stealer takes inspiration from the retro style of the 70s with pops of different colors along with angular frames. 

Stealer is a Korean sunglass brand that takes its creativity up a notch by providing UV resistance and flexible frames which are tough to break and can stay with you for a long span of time with assurance. 


caliphash sunglasses

Caliphash is a brand that has its own set pattern niche and does not follow other vogue and trends when it comes to sunglasses. It follows a uniform theme of tranquility and darkness. The entire sunglass collection has the same vibe and shade with a few minor variations in size and frame thickness. 

A famous Korean rapper Jessie has represented this brand as its face along with celebrities like BamBam from the K-pop group GOT7. 

Projekt Produkt 

projekt produkt sunglasses

 This Korean sunglass brand provides a wide range of diverse sunglasses to choose from. Rather than sticking to one particular style or design, they provide variety that reaches a larger diverse audience.

They sell sunglasses in all colors, sizes, shapes, metals, transparency making them very varied from one another. 

Projekt Produkt has international franchise stores in different countries that can be accessed by foreign customers. 


Carin is yet another Korean sunglass brand that is recognized by almost every other person of Korea which means it is quite popular among its Korean citizens already.

It caught the eyes of the international customers when in the recent music video of BTS, Jimin was spotted wearing a pair of Carin sunglasses.

 A Korean drama, Vincenzo showcases its leading lady wearing a wide collection of Carin throughout the show, making it quite popular and wanted by international fans.

Carin aids to the wants of the international fans via an international shopping website and platform. 

Lapiz sensible

Lapiz sensible sunglasses

Lapiz is famous for its strong image of “rebellion” which has always been a hit among the youth and the younger generation.

Almost all of its advertisements and campaigns show quirky, bright colors popping out with models who ooze the cold, rebellious vibes making it an instant hit. 

Lapiz sells a wide range of oversized sunglasses, angular in shape and size, and also gives off a strong message of, “Live in the moment”, which has come to be seen as its tagline.

Lapiz is not only restricted to its Korean market popularity but has also expanded its growth in Japan through various collaborations with renowned designers and artists. 

Stephane Christian 

Stephane Christian sunglasses

This brand is different from the few brands we talked about above because of the difference in its image and motto.

Stephane Christian gives off the vibe of sophisticated, classy, and minimal rather than bright, vibrant, or loud.

The color palette is usually toned down along with metal and acetate frames quite regular in shape and size.

It proudly states that it is a fusion between the retro and the modern along with inspiration from the French panache of art and culture. 

Stephane Christian is a popular hit among the working men and women who have business meetings and professional work to handle while wearing the classy and subtle range of these sunglasses. 


Grafik Plastic sunglasses

Grafik:Plastic is another Korean sunglass brand that has gained popularity because Korean celebrities frequently wearing their sunglasses.

They are quite new and fresh with a limited collection of sunglasses.

They definitely are on the way to rising as a reputed brand of sunglasses with more time and newer collections along the way.

You can easily visit their website and social media handles to get your eyes on the latest updates about their collection. 

the bottom line:

You no longer have to sit at home, crying about these Korean sunglasses brands worn by your favorite K-pop celebrities because now you can order your own pair of sunglasses from a wide range of Korean brands based on your choice and wish! With all the information available to you, you can easily check the online websites along with the walk-in stores based on your convenience. 

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