how to keep beard hair form sticking out

How to Keep Beard Hair from Sticking Out?

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The texture of the beard makes a lot of difference in its maintenance and grooming.

The rough and prickly texture of beard hair can make you feel very uncomfortable and it looks unflattering when the beard hair sticks out from different directions.

In the case of unruly beard hair, the whole beard look can fall flat and make you look like you just came out of a jungle after ages so it is best to find ways to keep your beard hair from sticking out.

There are many things that you can do to fix this.

Here we bring all these solutions under one roof and tell you how to keep beard hair from sticking out. 

Exfoliate Your Beard 

Exfoliation or scrubbing is essentially removing the dead skin cells using some chemical or granular substance.

It is extremely important to exfoliate your face regularly in order to have healthy skin and beard

When you are exfoliating your face, it is necessary to focus on your beard and try to exfoliate it thoroughly right from the roots.

Exfoliation helps in removing dead skin cells that might accumulate in the roots of the beard hair and prevent it from breaking out or causing frizzy hair texture.

Scrubbing your face two or three times a week in a circular motion will help you get rid of dead skin cells and replace them with fresh new skin.

This also improves the circulation of blood to your skin and helps in keeping it fresh and free from pimples or acne as well. 

Oil your Beard 

If your beard is left untreated with no oil it can grow extremely dry and brittle causing it to stick out and ruin your look.

Not only that, such a dry beard can cause discomfort as it will keep pricking in your skin due to the harsh ends of the beard hair.

Applying oil to your beard every day before sleeping will give your beard moisture and keep it soft.

The overnight application also helps in preventing the beard from appearing too soggy if applied during the day or going out with it.

The oil deeply nourishes your beard hair from the roots, helps in softening it and tames it straight, and helps to keep beard hair from sticking out. 

There are many great beard oils available in the market which you can use or you can use essential oils like coconut or argan oil which works great too.

Comb Your Beard 

Brushing and Combing your beard helps in improving blood circulation and it also helps in distributing the oil evenly all over the surface right to the roots.

It also helps in taming your hair and training it to stick together in a straight pattern rather than sticking out in different directions.

It is recommended to use brushes with soft bristles instead of hard or rigid bristles.

A brush can help to cleanse out dirt, dust, sweat, debris from the beard and keep it smooth free of germs.  

Combing your beard will help to keep beard hair from sticking out as it forces the hair to form a particular shape in a specific direction based on the motion and direction of your brush strokes and evening out all the hair in your beard. 

You should use a brush to straighten your beard a few times a day, this will stop your beard hairs from sticking out and give you a nice straight beard.

Let Your Beard Hair Grow 

If your beard is not long enough then it’s natural for your beard hairs to stick out.

When you repeatedly trim your hair while it’s still just growing out, the blade turns the beard brittle and rough which in turn makes the hair poke out in different directions while being spiky and prickly in texture.

Once you let your beard grow naturally without interrupting or using blades and trimmers, the hair grows out soft and smooth.

Trimming your hair almost repeatedly can cause skin irritations and aggravate acne or pimples which all lead to the rough and brittle texture of the beard making it stick out unevenly.

Leaving your beard without trimming it and letting it grow out naturally for about four to eight weeks helps in keeping the hair soft, healthy, and straight, and even in texture and shape, and helps to keep beard hair from sticking out. 

Once your beard gets long enough it will get in shape and the hairs will not stick out.

Trim Dry Beard Hair 

It seems very appealing to trim wet hair just after showering as it appears to be easier and hassle-free but what actually happens is it leaves all the unruly hairs uncut.

Wet beard hair is usually all pressed together and uneven in length as well due to being slippery.

This causes the beard hair to be unevenly trimmed at places, giving it a very untidy appearance which can be one of the major reasons for beard hair sticking out.

To keep the beard hair from sticking out, dry out your beard hair completely, apply some oil, brush it out completely, then get hold of a trimmer and trim it accordingly.

You will be able to trim the hairs that stick out easily with the help of a trimmer or scissors.

Shampoo and Condition your Beard Hair 

There is no way you can maintain proper beard hygiene and health without shampooing and conditioning it regularly.

It is very important to wash and condition your hair at least twice a week.

If you do skip this part, your beard hair will become greasy, dirty which will turn the beard hair rough and make the hair stand out like needles.

The only solution is cleansing your beard thoroughly with the help of shampoo and then applying conditioner, leaving it on for some time, and then rinsing it off.

Cleansing your beard hair with shampoo and conditioner will not take up a lot of time and can be done easily within a few minutes. 

You should invest in a good beard shampoo and conditioner as it will help keep your beard healthy which will make it look great.

Maintain a Healthy Diet 

No matter how many external products you apply to smoothen your beard hair and keep it from sticking out, if you are not healthy internally then none of these external things will work.

This is why it is said again and again that a healthy balanced diet filled with green and juicy vegetables, fruits, and proteins is necessary to maintain overall health including the hair on your scalp as well the beard.

If you consume fatty, unhealthy junk food, your skin will dry out, become rough, in turn causing blockage of blood circulation to the roots of your beard hair as well, making it rough and uneven. 

the bottom line:

These were a few things that you can do to tame your unruly beard.

Essentially it’s about keeping your beard and skin healthy which will automatically make it look better.

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