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Is Undercut good for thin hair? | Men’s fashion

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Choosing the right haircut is one of the most difficult choices men have to make for their appearance. A good haircut can improve your looks immediately while a bad one could end up making you look worse.

It can get even more difficult to find a good haircut if you have thin hair.

One common doubt that most men with thin hair have is whether an undercut is a good haircut for them or not and if yes then how can they style it.

In this article we will answer all your doubts regarding undercut and will give you some tips to style the undercut.

What Is An Undercut?


An undercut is a type of haircut where the hair on the sides is cut short while the length on the top is left relatively longer. It is one of the most popular haircuts among men and even in women. It’s extremely trendy yet timeless.

This Haircut has been around since ages, it was popular among men between the years 1910 and 1940s. Then it made a massive comeback in 2010 and has been in trend since then.

There are many variations of under depending on the length on the sides and the top, the most popular ones being fade, disconnected and classic.

Is It Good for Thin Hair?

The short answer is yes.

It is one of the most versatile haircuts out there, which suits almost everyone regardless of their hairtype or texture.

It is actually one of the best haircuts for thin hair as it makes the hair on top of your head look thicker since your sides are cut really short. It also works great for people who’s hair is thinning or have a receding hairline.

The fade undercut is perfect for thinning hair or a receded hairline and also works well for fine or thin hair. Another great option for thin hair is the classic undercut which is a perfect fit for fine/thin hair.

Best Undercut Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Modern Crew Cut

crew cut

The crew cut is a classic haircut with hair buzzed really short and in its modern variation the top is buzzed short and the sides and given a faded undercut look. This is a great haircut for thin hair as cutting your hair short will make your hair appear thicker and fuller. It is also a very good option for men with a receding hairline or has hair thinning.

In this hairstyle, you just need to trim the top to a number 3 or 4 or ask your barber to cut the top short using scissors and then get a fade on the sides (no. 0 at the bottom and gradually increasing to no. 1.5 or 2 )

It is very low maintenance and doesn’t require any extra time for styling, perfect for people who don’t want to spend half an hour every morning styling their hair.

Celebrity Hairstyle Inspiration: Zayn Malik, Justin Timberlake, David Beckham



Another great hairstyle for thin hair. It is very hard to achieve a good pompadour with thick coarse hair but it can easily be done with thin hair.

For this haircut, your sides can either be faded or you can keep them a little longer maybe like a no. 2 (classic undercut). The hair on top needs to be longer for this look. The length of your hair on top should be at least 3 to 4 inches for a good pompadour hairstyle.

For inspiration you can look at David Beckhams hairstyle, he is the best to take hair inspiration from for guys with thin hair.

Side Part

David beckham hairstyle side part

It is a simple time less hairstyle which is easy to style and look good.

Again the sides can be faded or can be left a little longer like the classic undercut.

It is a classic hairstyle which is great for men above 30. This can be a great hairstyle to pair with a formal outfit like a suit or tuxedo.

For inspiration look at David Beckham and Ryan Gosling

Messy Top Undercut

Messy Undercut

Keep the hair on the top a little short (not as short as the crew cut though) and get a proper fade on the sides.

Then by using a blow dryer add some texture to the hair and create a messy, spikey, sidepart kind of hairstyle.

The kind of texture you can achieve with the short hair for this messy look is just not possible for the thick hair.

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