is jomashop legit

is jomashop legit?

by Kevin Tunstall
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Everyone wants to own products from big brands and the globally renowned fashion giants.

But not everyone can afford it.

What if we were to tell you about an online business that could make these usually exorbitant items seem like things that fall within your budget? 

That’s exactly what jomashop does, and that’s where the question of legitimacy arises from.

You might have heard of Jomashop before, and you might have heard accusations regarding its validity too.

let’s see if jomashop is legit or not and how it manages to provide products at such low prices.

What is Jomashop?

Jomashop is an online shopping website.

Founded in 1987, the company’s headquarters are located in New York.

It offers an impressive, large variety of products from the fashion industry.

The best part is that it has products from nearly every big name in the industry, including premium brands like Gucci, Cartier, and Rolex.

Though the website is primarily known for its stunning variety of watches, for both men and women.

Sounds pretty much like a normal e-shopping website, doesn’t it? So why is there so much skepticism surrounding its legitimacy?

Why do people suspect it?

One of the biggest reasons people suspect the business is because of the massive discounts it offers.

A visit to the official website of this firm will give you a better insight into the very lucrative deals they offer.

A 60% discount on a Rolex would definitely raise doubts among the crowd. 

Yes, you read that right.

Jomashop sells the products at already reduced rates, and on top of that organizes many sales.

They sell high-end fashion products at basically throwaway prices. That would naturally make anyone suspicious.

On top of that, the business does not offer manufacturers’ guarantees on their sales.

At this point, you might be starting to believe that the whole thing is nothing but a big scam, right?

Surprisingly enough, that is not the case at all.

Jomashop is a very legitimate, very real business.

Let us walk you through how it is able to do all this without running itself into the ground.

How do they do it?

An important thing to know at this point is that Jomashop is not a normal online seller.

It is a grey market dealer. And while that might sound akin to a shady seller at first glance, it is actually a very different term. Allow us to explain.

What is a grey market seller?

A grey market seller is someone that sells authentic products at much lesser prices than the original brand or business.

This means that they offer even the most premium of products at relatively affordable prices.

How does it work?

A normal distribution chain works like this- the company produces its products and distributes them to its own team of retailers.

But sometimes, a brand might overestimate its demand and produce in excess of the actual demand.

In that case, to avoid a loss, a company may approach a grey seller.

They sell their excess products to the dealer in bulk at heavily discounted prices.

This is why the dealer is further able to sell products at very low costs and still earn profits. 

 In the old days, where these grey dealers had only brick and mortar stores, people rarely knew about their existence.

But with the emergence of online shopping trends, people are exposed to them, now more than ever.

How does Jomashop work?

The above mentioned process is exactly how Jomashop works.

It gets its products from manufacturer authorized dealers, who are looking to get rid of excess or outdated products, in bulk.

And since they themselves procure these items at wholesale prices, they are able to offer their customers huge discounts and still keep the business running.

Can Jomashop be trusted?

As we have already explained above, Jomashop procures only authentic products from the actual manufacturers themselves.

The items they sell are not fakes or counterfeits. You can be totally sure about the authenticity and quality of your purchase.

There is a catch though.

Unfortunately, as we mentioned before, the company cannot offer warranties on its sales.

This is because these products are not part of the intended distribution channels of the maker. And naturally, this would make you wary of buying things from here.

What if the product has damage or starts showing signs of defects after just a few months?

But not to worry. The business offers its own Warranty for a period of one to five years, depending on the product.

They also offer a 30-day return or refund policy.

And a simple Google search would show you that the customers have very positive things to say about the business.

They have ratings north of 4 stars out of 5 on trusted review websites like eBay and BBB.

Mostly everyone has been satisfied with the products they got. And on top of that, any damage was repaired and dealt with by the business.

The company also has very reliable and efficient customer service available for its buyers. 

This is not to say that there are no complaints. There are some negative reviews from customers as well but that is unavoidable when you work at such a scale.

However, the positive comments far outweigh the negative ones.

Should I buy from Jomashop?

It is completely reasonable to be doubtful of purchasing things from a grey seller.

Even if they offer things at massive discounts, you are still spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your purchase.

Plus, there is the issue of the lack of an original warranty by the actual brand.

We would say that Jomashop is pretty trustworthy based on what we have found.

Thankfully, Jomashop has a well-organized customer service section that is available Monday to Friday via phone as well as email.

People have given excellent feedback about the service of the website. You should be free to question them about their authenticity. You should only spend at a place when you feel sufficiently confident about it.

Jomashop also has a trade-in policy. It means that you can sell your own used watches or other products.

The business will assess the value of the product and offer you store credit for the same amount. Thus, you can save even more and get value out of your old possessions.

The bottom line:

In conclusion, while Jomashop appears to be a reputable online retailer, it is important to exercise caution when considering making a purchase from other sites such as, as their legitimacy and safety may be questionable.

The only reason why you might want to avoid jomashop is the lack of a manufacturer warranty which is again not a big issue as they provide their own warranty with all products.

Overall, we would give a thumbs up to the business.

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