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Best Independent Sunglasses Brands 2023

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Looking for the best independent sunglasses brands? you are at the right place then!

Most sunglasses enthusiasts may not know but the majority of the famous brands in sunglass are actually owned by big labels juggling multiple names under their umbrella.

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with owning sunglasses from these popular labels, though there can be no harm in discovering a whole range of new independent sunglass brands emerging fresh out of the industry through social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, or even pop up advertisements of their websites.

These independent sunglass brands are gaining quite momentum around the world because of several reasons. 

Since they are solely focused on sunglasses and potentially new, they interact with the audience and engage the customers through interesting and quirky social content.

They often post contests or giveaways which attract the audience and also spreads the words of the brand to others.

Unlike the popular, reputed brands which hardly have any interactions as such with the customers, in recent times, people are more attracted to these independent sunglass brands because they seem more ‘reachable’ and relatable to the masses, making them want to support the brand and purchase their products. Here are 10 such independent sunglass brands which have created a buzz among the audience and the fashion industry in recent times. 


MYKITA sunglasses

Set out in the city of Berlin, Mykita started its journey in 2013, it got its name from the place called Kita, which used to be a former children’s daycare center. Mykita proudly claims to combine and infuse handcrafted products along with a highly technological process. 

The specialty of Mykita sunglasses is the lightweight frames made from the finest quality of the product.

The emphasis of quality above design is the reason why Mykita is appreciated for its minimalistic approach towards sunglasses proving that even simple and subtle things, strong in quality can prove to be the best choices out there to satisfy the customers.

Mykita sunglasses are exported all over Europe, America, and some parts of Asia. 


krewe sunglasses

Krewe is an independent sunglass brand that follows the motto of culture and diversity of life.

Krewe sunglass brand states that their products are 100% handcrafted and they pay special attention to the most minute details.

Krewe sunglasses are inspected and examined in hand before the process of being put out in the market. 

This minute attention to detail in hand is the reason that Krewe sunglasses have a very limited collection and get sold out almost immediately.

This independent sunglass brand believes in the quality of the sunglasses, creating a small collection of sunglasses handcrafted to perfection and selling them out almost immediately instead of mass production. 


Warby Parker sunglasses

Warby Parker was founded by a college student with the aim of making eyewear accessible to all at a cheap price as opposed to the costly prices which all go directly to the pocket of the big brands and corporations.

It is probably the most famous independent sunglass brand in the USA at the moment.

Warby Parker glasses provide a hugely diverse palette and shades of sunglasses to choose from along with artsy prints like cheetah, zebra, or tortoise prints on the sunglasses. 


Garrett Leight sunglasses

There can be no better example of an independent sunglass brand like Garrett Leight named after its very owner.

It was founded in 2010 at Venice Beach and is said to be motivated by the people, the different places, and the experiences of California.

The casual, fun, and chill vibe of California is what is reflected and expressed through the sunglasses of Garrett Leight. These sunglasses are manufactured in China and then exported to different continents like North America, Europe, and Asia. 


eyevan sunglasses

Eyevan is Japan’s first fashion sunglasses brand founded in 1972 and heavily reflects the culture of Japan and the various aesthetics associated with the art of the country of Japan.

The material used in the making of Eyevan sunglasses is mostly acetate and titanium and truly reflects the perfectionism and highly skilled finishing associated with Japanese products and the country’s work ethic. 


9five sunglasses

Founded in 2008, 9FIVE has its headquarters set in the city of California. Being a fairly new sunglass brand, it has a countable number of collections that have garnered positive reviews from the customers.

The sunglasses are mostly coated with acetate and follow a color palette dominated by the color gold though there are certain collections with exceptions.

9FIVE exports and ships its sunglasses to the whole of Europe, UK, Asia, and Canada with an additional charge of international shipping. 


ILLESTEVA sunglasses

Illesteva has its roots in the city of New York founded in 2010 and is famous for being designed in New York and manufactured in Italy and France! Taking inspiration from downtown New York, its vibe, and culture, the sunglasses are designed using these passions into art and creativity.

Once designed, the sunglasses are exclusively handmade in the city of Italy and France and further shipped all over the world.

One major benefit of purchasing sunglasses from Illesteva is that they provide no extra international shipping charges even though they are dispatched mostly from the U.S. 


CUBITTS sunglasses

Cubitts is an independent sunglass brand founded by Tom Broughton with its roots heavily influenced by Britain and the classic British aesthetics in its sunglass designs.

Cubitts believes in the importance of affordable sunglasses and strictly opposes up-selling unnecessarily.

Each pair of sunglasses is minutely handcrafted and has limited collections which get sold out immediately.

Having received the ‘start-up of the year’ award, Cubitts has established itself as the strongest independent sunglass brand in a very short span of time. 


muzik sunglasses

Muzik is a Korean sunglass brand founded as late as 2013 yet extremely popular among the youth owing to its success to the K-pop celebrities like BTS, BTOB, and many more spotted wearing Muzik sunglasses.

This makes the sunglasses very high in demand among K-pop fans worldwide increasing sales.

Muzik offers quite modern designs which are already in trend in the market and plays to the strength of what the times and the masses what and wear at the moment.

They also offer international shipping through their official website accessible to customers outside of South Korea. 


rigards sunglasses

If we talk about an independent sunglass brand with the most unique and individual tone then the credit goes straight down to Regards.

They have dared to make experiments in sunglasses by using glasses made from wood, copper, or buffalo horn! 

Regards provide you with an opportunity to wear sunglasses which have never been seen anywhere before.

If you feel like experimenting and owning at least one pair of out-of-the-box sunglasses then these are the ones you should go for.

The bottom line: 

These were the best independent sunglasses brands that you must know about.

All of these brands have extremely high-quality products and unique designs which are almost impossible to find in large brands especially at the prices that these independent brands provide.

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