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How To Wear Sneakers- Men’s Guide To Sneakers

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Sneakers are easily the most popular type of shoes currently. They are a must for every wardrobe, and every man should have at least one good pair of sneakers in his collection regardless of his age.

There are so many different types of sneakers that it gets confusing for men to choose from (check out best sneakers for men) and once they pick a good pair then they start to wonder how to wear the sneakers?

We will make things easier for you and will give a complete breakdown of how you can wear sneakers and style them with different outfits.

In order to tell you different ways to style sneakers we first need to tell you ehat the different type of sneakers are.

So lets see what are some of the most common and popular types of sneakers and the best ways to style them.

Canvas Sneakers (Everyday Sneaker)

Converse, vans how to wear sneakers

These are your beaters which are very affordable and can be worn everyday. Brands like converse and vans are famous for making these sneakers.

You can get converse all-stars or vans authentic/ old skool for around 50 bucks which is quite affordable and their quality is pretty decent too. These are classic sneakers and will never go out of style. You can wear them for years to come.

They work great with both jeans and chinos. You can wear them with formal trousers as well but thats a risky move.

These are easy to style and can be paired with almost any casual outfit. These work best with Slim fit or tapered pants so avoid wearing pants that are loose at the bottom. Another thing to keep in mind is the length of your jeans or chinos it should end right around your ankle, if its a little longer than that then you can roll it up but it should not be too long and the fabric should not collect on the shoes.

Canvas shoes look great when worn with the no show socks.

Colors like black, white, and blue should be your first preference in canvas shoes as they can be paired with different colors easily. Once you have the basic color you can try some other funky colors and designs as well. Both converse and vans have some great pattern designs that you can check out.

Athletic Sneakers

athletic sneakers from adidas and nike ; how to wear sneakers

Athletic sneakers are exactly what it sounds like, they are the sports sneakers which also look good, unlike your conventional sport shoes. The popular ones come from brands like Adidas, Puma, Nike, etc.

These are getting increasingly popular and are an essential part of the streeetstyle wardrobe.

These are usually paired with jeans but can also work with chinos but jeans work better. The fit should be skinny or slim and it must not be loose otherwise the outfit will look out of place.

Athletic sneakers look really good with distressed jeans and chinos so that is one look you should definitely try.

It can be paired with tshirts, flannels, button downs etc .

Athletic sneakers are extremely comfortable to wear and are good for casual running and exercises too. Many of the athletic sneakers are made while keeping running in mind which is what makes them so much comfortable.

Color isn’t a big issue here you can choose whichever you like, these are not as versatile as the canvas or leather sneakers but are definitely a great addition for your wardrobe especially considering that it can be worn as a workout shoe as well.

Slip-On Sneakers

Slip-ons are not as popular as the other types but are a great type of sneaker to include in your collection. These are usually great shoes to wear if you need to go out for a quick supermarket trip or for a casual outing. These are great for summers and are perfect for a beach outing

The most popular ones are from vans but you can also try out the espadrilles which have a really cool look and are great for summers.

These works great with shorts and can be paired with jeans or chinos. However they are not a good option for winter outfits.

Some Slip-on Sneakers to check out:

Leather Sneakers(White Sneaker)

white sneakers and how to wear sneakers

These kind of sneakers are more suited for the conventional or classical style as oppose to the streetstyle.

The best color is white for a leather sneaker. It is the most versatile sneaker you can own. A white leather sneaker can be paired with literally any outfit be it casual or formal.

You cant wear a white leather sneaker wrong. Tapered Pants looks better but a sligthly loose one would also work with them.

If you want you can try other colors of the leather sneakers as well but you should definitely pick the white ones first and then look for other colors.

Top Leather Sneakers:

Designer Sneakers (Trendy Sneakers)

how to wear sneakers- gucci, balenciaga

These types of sneakers come in different designs and colors. It could be based on the silhouette of any other type of sneaker but it could be completely different too. That is what makes these sneakers so cool, they are different and unique which gives a pop to your outfits.

These are made b designer brands like dolcy&gabana, gucci, balenciaga Lv. Brands like Adidas and Nike also drop many designer sneakers in collaboration with celebrities.

There is no particular rule to wear these sneakers as they dont really fit the classic style rules.

You can wear them with jeans and chinos and even trousers in some cases.

The advice I can give to style these sneakers is to keep the outfit relatively simpler when pairing it with a designer sneaker. The sneaker is already flashy so when you pair it with a simple or even dull outfit, it neutralizes the whole look which makes it look well put together.

Here are some great Designer Sneakers:

If you want to buy new sneakers check out best sneakers and for outfit inspirations have a look at summer outfits.

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