how to wear nike air max with jeans

how to wear air max with jeans?

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Nike Air Max is one of the most popular lines of sneakers they were first launched in 1987 and they were made for running but they quickly became popular as a lifestyle shoe and to date, you can see celebrities and fashion icons wearing different air max sneakers.

There are so many different variants available of air max but all of them have the same kind of silhouette and they all can be styled in a similar way so the tips shared in this article can be applied to almost all varients of air max.

In this article, we will tell you how to wear Nike air max sneakers with jeans.

Can you wear Air Max with jeans?

Yes, you can definitely wear Nike air max shoes with jeans, in fact, these are probably the most popular lifestyle sneakers around currently and they are most commonly worn with jeans.

Air max never really picked up as running shoes but because of their cool designs, they quickly became popular among the fashion enthusiasts, and to date, they are some of the most loved lifestyle sneakers.

how to wear air max with jeans?

Air max has a classic silhouette with great designs and they go really well with jeans, you can wear them with a simple outfit to add a bit of flair to it or you can also wear them with street style outfits or trendy pieces.

The air max shoes are extremely easy to style and you will not face any difficulty pairing them with any type of jeans but there are a few things that you should keep in mind when pairing them with jeans.

The fit of the jeans is probably the most important aspect of this outfit, if you want to pull off the air max and jeans combination then you must pay attention to the fit of your jeans.

Air max work the best with jeans that are not too loose, so the best options are skinny fit and slim fit jeans, if you want something looser then you can go with tapered jeans but straight cut or baggy jeans don’t go well with air max and you should avoid wearing them.

Other than the fit the length of the jeans is also important, it’s best if the jeans are of ankle length as it allows you to showcase the sneakers that you are wearing but avoid wearing jeans that are too long.

As I have said above the air max are quite versatile so you can pair them with almost any colored jeans without any problem.

And finally talking of socks, the best option is the no-show or loafer socks as they look the best with sneakers like air max. 

Air max 90 with jeans

nike air max 90 works absolutely great with jeans, they work with all sorts of outfits be it a classical styled simple outfit or a street style outfit.

The air max 90 are available in a lot of colorways and depending on your taste and style you can pick the right ones for you.

If you want a standout piece then there is air max 90 in vibrant colors like orange or yellow but if you want something simple then you can also get them in colors like gray and white. 

air max 95 with jeans

Air max 95 is one of the sneakers from the air max lineup that has a very unique design that not everyone likes but it is definitely a great choice for those who want something different, it is one of those sneakers that will make you stand out.

These sneakers are better suited for street-style kinds of outfits, so if you are into that then this would be a good choice for you.

If you are looking for sneakers that you can wear with a shirt and jeans then this is probably not the one for you, but if you wear hoodies and t-shirts, jackets, etc then air max 95 is a good option for you. 

air max 97 with jeans

Nike refined the air max 95 design and came up with the air max 97 which follows the same design language but has a more muted design which is a lot more versatile.

These are also in trend for the last couple of years and you must have seen many celebrities rocking these.

You can easily wear them with any outfit and they will instantly make any outfit more stylish. 

air max 270 with jeans

These are another popular variant of the air max, they were released only a couple of years back and since then have been popular among sneakerheads.

Air max 270 has more of a sports shoes-like style which makes it suitable for athleisure style outfits so if you are into that then this would be a great option for you.

Frequently asked questions:

can you wear air max 90 with jeans?

Yes, you can wear air max 90 with jeans and you can use them together to form a lot of different types of outfits. Air max 90 are available in different colorways and you can pick the ones that work with your style.

can you wear air max 95 or air max 97 with jeans?

Yes, both air max 95 and air max 97 work really well with jeans, they both have a very similar design which is very unique and that will make you stand out. Both of them work really well in casual outfits, especially the street style outfits that go well with air max 95 and 97s. 

can you wear 270 with jeans?

Yes, air max 270 can be worn with jeans, these sneakers work best in athleisure style outfits and you can make a lot of them with jeans.

the bottom line:

Air Max is one of the most popular lines of sneakers ever and they have some really great sneakers that can be used in various different outfits. Almost all variants of air max work really well with jeans, especially Air max 90, 97,95, and 270 are some of our favorites that are great options for pairing with jeans. With the help of the tips mentioned in this article you will be able to pull off this combination without any problem.

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