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How to wear a denim jacket is a question most guys are looking an answer for.

Denim jackets are in trend for more than a year now and will remain in trend for at least one more year. It is a lightweight jacket which has been around for ages and is a classic.

It is one of the few jackets that can be worn in any season. Although it is extremely easy to pull off still people who haven't owned one ever finds it difficult to style.

To clear your confusion here we are going to tell you everything you need to know to look dapper in a denim jacket.

Types of Denim Jacket

There can be various types of denim jacket depending on colour, wash, distressed level or styling.

Let's start with colour. if it's your first denim jacket go with blue colour it's classic and most easy to style.

There can be various washes in blue itself you can choose any wash just remember that the darker it is easier it gets to dress it up.

The amount of distress you want is again a personal choice, the more distressed the jacket is the harder it gets to dress it up.

In case you already own one blue denim jacket, the next one I advise you to get is some different wash of blue. Suppose you have a light washed denim jacket and you need another one go with a dark wash.

Once you have both light-washed and dark washed blue jackets you can move to something like a black or different coloured denim jacket or you can experiment with the pattern or styling.


This is the part where most people make mistakes.

The fit of the denim jacket should neither be too tight nor should it be too loose. While buying a denim jacket try to size down. There is a high possibility that the smaller size will fit you better.

If the jacket feels a bit smaller to you or feels a bit tight then it is probably the right size for you.

Make sure the jacket is not baggy under any circumstances cause that just makes you look out of shape and very unstylish.

How to wear it

Now let us talk about the different ways in which you can style a denim jacket

Denim on denim

Most of you must have been wondering if you can wear a denim jacket with jeans, the answer is yes.

But you need to keep a few things in mind.

The fit should be on point for both jacket and the jeans, none of them should be baggy.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that there should be a contrast between jacket and jeans.

So let's say you are wearing a dark washed jacket then you should not match it with similarly washed jeans instead go with a different colour of a different wash type.

You can wear either a t-shirt or a simple shirt with it that's up to you.

For footwear either go with boots or some sneakers. Again create contrast with the colour of outfit and sneakers. If you are wearing blue jeans avoid wearing blue sneakers. Go with white sneakers to really make the outfit pop.

Denim with chinos

If you want to avoid all the hassle of denim on denim look go with chinos.

You can pair almost any colour chinos with a denim jacket. I suggest you going for darker colours like black or maroon and avoid bright colours.

You can either dress this lookup by wearing a shirt and chinos or trousers.

Or you can just keep it casual by pairing it up with a t-shirt or a casual shirt.

If you are trying to dress it up then go with boots or loafer and avoid sneakers and when going for a casual look prefer a good pair of sneakers or boots.

Denim Jacket with hoodie

Now, this is more of a trendy look while the others were more of classic style.

This is a great look for young guys out there especially teenagers.

It is as simple as it sounds just wear a denim jacket on top of a hoodie. since this is street style inspired look there are no fixed rules for this one.

For this look, your jacket can be a bit baggy if you like it that way but I would still advice you to get a fitted one as it would be much more versatile.

The colour doesn't really matter for this look just pick the colour that suits your skin tone and looks good on you.

Denim jackets I recommend to buy:

1. Levis light washed

2. Levis Sherpa jacket

3. Dark washed(blue)

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