how to wash painted jeans

how to wash painted jeans?

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Jeans are an absolute staple in every wardrobe, they are extremely versatile and can be worn with almost anything.

they are considered fashion pieces now and you can find so many different types of jeans available today that it can get difficult choosing one out of them.

One jeans that have become really popular over the last few years is the painted jeans, they are extremely stylish and you can also get them personalized based on your style.

But most people avoid buying these jeans because they don’t know if painted jeans are washable or not.

In this article, we will tell if painted jeans are washable and how you can wash your painted jeans.

Are painted jeans washable?

Yes, most painted jeans are washable and you can easily wash them without worrying about the paint getting off. You should try to wash painted jeans gently to avoid chipping off paint and avoid using harsh detergent on them.

Painted jeans that are available in stores are painted with acrylic paints and they then go through heat treatment which sets the paint on fabric.

The paint usually doesn’t chip off easily off of the jeans but you should be gentle when washing painted jeans as it could crack or damage the paint.

If it is DIY painted jeans then you should be extra careful when washing them as there is a high chance of paint coming off of such jeans.

How to wash painted jeans?

As we have mentioned above you should be very gentle when washing your painted jeans as the paint can easily be damaged.

There are a few different ways in which you can wash painted jeans and some of them are listed below:

Machine wash

You should be very careful when washing your painted jeans in a washing machine and if possible it is best to hand wash them instead of machine wash them.

If you are washing your painted jeans in a washing machine then there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

First of all, you should always turn your painted jeans inside-out when you are washing them in a washing machine it will protect the paint to a large extent.

Other than that you should avoid using any harsh detergents, bleach, or any other cleaning product with alcohol in it.

You should always use mild detergent when washing painted jeans.

Hand Wash

No matter how careful you are the chances of paint getting chipped off is still quite high in machine wash and that is why hand wash should be the preferred way for washing painted jeans.

Again you should avoid using any harsh or alcohol-based detergents and use mild detergents only when washing painted jeans.

You can rub any area that you think needs cleaning while avoiding the painted area.

If you want to keep your painted jeans in good condition for a long time then you should try to wash them with your hands instead of using a washing machine.

Spot cleaning

If your jeans are clean enough but there is only some small area that’s got some spot then you can consider spot cleaning instead of washing them.

For this, you can use a piece of cloth dip in some detergent mix, and just rub off the spot that needs cleaning and then you can rinse it using some water.

Will paint wash off jeans?

If good quality acrylic paint is used for painting then it would not wash off easily from the jeans.

The painted jeans that you buy have the paint heat-set so it won’t get off the jeans easily.

If you have got some paint on your jeans that you want to remove then it can easily be done using alcohol.

How do you keep acrylic paint on jeans?

If you want to keep acrylic paint on jeans then, first of all, you should use good quality paint and avoid the cheap low quality ones.

After that, you should use some heat to set off the paint, which will make it last longer.

And finally, you should be careful when washing painted jeans, it is best if you can hand wash them. And avoid using any harsh detergent or alcohol-based cleaning products when washing painted jeans.

The Bottom Line:

Painted jeans are really fashionable and they have been in trend for quite some time. But most people have this confusion around washing them. Most painted jeans are washable and if you use mild detergents and wash using the tips given in this article you will face no problem at all. 

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