How to wash a bomber jacket

how to wash a bomber jacket

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Most people believe sending their bomber jacket to the dry cleaners is the only way to get it clean because most of them don’t know how to wash a bomber jacket.

Drycleaning a jacket does end up costing a lot of money, which could easily be saved by washing it by yourself.

Bomber Jackets can last for years depending on how well you maintain them.

Properly washing, cleaning, drying, and storing them well over the different seasons will keep your jacket look brand new.

With the help of this article, you’ll be able to wash your bomber jacket at home with no issues.

Read the Labels of the Bomber Jacket

The first and foremost thing to do before washing your bomber jacket is to read the label and instructions attached to the jacket carefully.

It will usually range from warning you to not bleach the material, providing you with the exact temperature to wash your jacket in a machine to even specific details about ironing the bomber jacket based on the quality and fabric of your bomber jacket.

You should read the basic instructions on the label to understand the quality of your fabric before jumping on to washing your bomber jacket.

Once you get a clear idea of the temperature, bleach, ironing, and whether the bomber jacket can be hand-washed or machine-washed, we move on to the other steps of washing the bomber jacket.

Consider the Material of your Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jackets usually belong to the fabrics of Leather, Suede, Nylon, Woollen, or Fur. Differing on their quality, each fabric needs different degrees of the cleaning process.

1.  Leather and Suede

 If you want to know how to wash bomber jacket that belongs to the category of Leather or Suede, you must know they need to be kept away from water!

 There are special cleansing items like Leather Conditioner available on any online shopping site to remove stains from the bomber jacket.

2.  Nylon, Woollen, Fur

 You can use mild detergents along with stain removers to wash these materials either through washing machines or hand-washing them.

In the case of a fur hood, remove the fur from the jacket and wash it separately on its own.

 The detergent should not contain too many harsh chemicals and bleaching agents, it should be gentle. You can buy a mild detergent based on the label and usage attached with the detergent powder.

Machine-Washing a Bomber Jacket

When we are using a washing machine to wash a bomber jacket we have to take various factors into consideration, since washing machines can be harsh in their cleansing process.

 1.  Setting and Temperature

The washing machine should be set to a mild cycle along with the temperature of the water being cold.

This will help in keeping the bomber jacket away from a lot of jerks and motion and avoiding the risk of tear and damage.

2.  Drying the Bomber Jacket

If we use high temperatures to dry the bomber jacket, the jacket might start shedding its skin if it is made up of sensitive materials like nylon!

The safest option would be to use a slightly cooler temperature to dry the bomber jacket.

Air-dry the Bomber jacket instead of putting it into the mode of the spin- cycle. This can damage the sensitive material of your bomber jacket. Air-drying helps in retaining the pigment of your jacket without fading it away.

Hand-Washing a Bomber Jacket

Hand- Washing the Bomber Jacket is the safest way to wash it because it does not have the added risk of damage caused by the machine.

Washing a Bomber Jacket isn’t very different from how we normally wash regular clothes.

  • fill the bucket with cold water.
  • Add a mild detergent to the water and mix it well.
  • Dip the Bomber Jacket into the bucket.
  • Scrub the spot with any stains using hands or stain remover.
  • Leave the Jacket in the soaked bucket for a few minutes.
  • Take the Bomber Jacket out and rinse it under running tap water.
  • Squeeze off excess water from the Jacket.
  • Hang it outside to let it naturally dry.

Precautions before Washing Bomber Jacket

The following precautions should be considered before you move on to wash your bomber jackets in order to ensure the safety of your jacket.

  • Make sure to check the pockets for any kind of items including money, objects etc.
  •  Make sure all the zips and chains in the entire bomber jacket including the insides are closed to ensure that the zips do not get damaged while washing.
  •  If your bomber jacket has buttons then make sure to button up all of them in order to avoid losing them.
  •  If your bomber jacket comes with a hood, detach the hood from the bomber jacket and wash it separately instead.
  • avoid using harsh detergents
  • avoid using warm water
  • dont use water on leather or suede material

the bottomline:

 The process of washing your bomber jacket depends on the kind of fabric and quality of the bomber jacket. Based on the cleansing technique for your preference, it is better to regularly clean and wipes your bomber jacket by wetting a small cloth and wiping it over the jacket.

In case of stains, it is more advisable to immediately apply stain remover on the affected area so that the stain does not darken over time. With the proper care and attention, your bomber jacket can easily last for a long time.

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