how to prevent the collar from curling

how to prevent the collar from curling?

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There are many small things that most people don’t pay attention to but these small things are enough to make or break any outfit.

One really important thing in any formal outfit is the collar of the shirt if your collars are not crisp, you’ll appear lousy and it would ruin your whole outfit.

The problem that most men face is the curling of shirt collars and it can be really annoying to deal with.

Shirt collar can curl due to temperature, humidity, and other factors. Here we are providing some useful tips to help you get rid of this problem.

Why do my shirt collars curl up?

It is very common for shirt collars to get curled up and there is no particular reason behind it, it happens when you dry your shirt in a dryer or if the collar gets folded when the shirt is still damp and as it dries up the collars gets curled.

This problem is more common in shirts that have flimsy collars which are often found in cheaper shirts, on the other hand, if your collars are more rigid and made of better quality materials or have collars-stays in them then they won’t get curled that easily.

How do prevent shirt collars from curling?

there are multiple reasons behind collars curling but thankfully there are a lot of ways in which you can prevent this from happening some of which we have mentioned here:


You might have noticed that when you put the shirt in the closet after a wash the collars are straight but after some time it gets curled sitting there, it happens because of humidity.

High humidity can cause the collars of your shirt to curl up so if you are facing this issue and the humidity in your house is high then you should consider investing in a dehumidifier.

Washing and drying

This is probably the most common cause of the curling of collars and there are ways to prevent this from happening.

When you are washing or drying a shirt, you should close the top buttons as that would prevent the collars from curling.

When you dry a shirt in the dryer there is a very high chance of getting its collar curled so instead what you can do is, you can straighten the collar while it’s still damp, close the buttons and let it air dry.

collar stays

If nothing else works for you then you can always use some collar stays that will keep your collars from curling and will keep your collars straight and crisp.

How to fix shirt collar curling

If your shirt collars have curled up then there are a couple of ways to fix them.

The first and the obvious solution is to use an iron and straighten up the collars with the help of heat.

Just put your iron on a high heat setting, unfold the collars of your shirt and iron them once done, flip the shirt and iron the collars from the reverse side also.

Ironing your collars this way should solve the curling but if it doesn’t then you can use starch and then try ironing them.

 Apart from ironing, you can also consider using collar stays which will also solve the curling of your collars.

How do I keep my shirt collar straight?

If you dry a shirt in a dryer then you don’t really have much control over the collars of your shirt and it is very likely to get curled.

To keep your shirt collars straight you should close the buttons of the collars of the shirt when washing it or drying it in a dryer. 

Then after washing you should store the shirt with its top buttons closed, and it is best if the humidity in your house is not too high as that can also cause collars to curl.

And finally, if all this doesn’t work for you then you should get some collar stays and that should solve your problem.

How do I stop my polo shirt collars from curling?

Polo shirt collars curl for the same reasons as a regular shirt and you can prevent it from happening using the same methods as you would use for a shirt which we have mentioned above.

So you should try to store them in a less humid environment and while washing close the buttons and you can also consider air drying them instead of drying them in the dryer.

To fix your curled polo shirt collars you can try ironing them at a high heat setting. 

the bottom line:

Collar curling is a very common problem that all of us have faced at some point in time and it can be really annoying to deal with as curled-up collars make you look sleazy and non-presentable. there are multiple ways to prevent and fix the curling of collars and some of them we have shared above.

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