how to know if woman is checking you out

how to know if a woman is checking you out?

by Kevin Tunstall
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In this article, We’ll tell you exactly how to know if a woman is checking you out

Women’s brains have always been a complete mystery to men, and it’s nearly impossible to decode female gestures and thoughts.

Girls do check guys out but they are very, VERY subtle about it.

However, there are some cues that will help you figure it out but they are not easy to catch unless you pay attention to them.

Next time you are out pay close attention to these 8 signs to know if a girl is checking you out.

8 Signs That A Woman Is Checking You Out

1. Look at her feet

This is a common body language hack. Whenever you are interested in someone your body especially your feet will point towards them.

The feet reveal a lot about a person’s interest. It sounds odd, doesn’t it?

This is because many people manage to hide their facial expressions but forget to focus on their feet.

Next time you are with a group pay attention to the feet of people and you’ll find whenever someone is interested in someone their feet will point towards them.

This trick comes in very handy in all social situations.

So, if her feet are pointed towards you then the answer is quite obvious, that yes if she points her feet in your direction, she is interested in you and she is probably checking you out. 

2. You catch her looking at you

This is one of the biggest giveaways that she is checking you out or she’s interested in you.

If you catch her looking at you once it could be coincident. But if you find her looking into your direction multiple times then it is a clear indication that she is checking you out.

Another thing to keep in mind is that women do it differently than men.

She will not be staring at you constantly, instead, you’ll find her looking at you using her peripheral vision or she will give multiple quick glances in your direction.

3. She is seeking attention

She is seeking attention. You might have heard of this sign, but you didn’t believe it exists. But it does, and it’s one of the most prevalent indicators that a female is interested in you.

It could be done consciously or even subconsciously by her, she would be laughing loudly or just talking loudly with her friends or doing some gesture or anything else to get your attention.

This could be a sign of her being interested or checking you out.

4. pay attention to her body language

Her Body language can tell you a lot about her.

But you’ll have to be really good at reading and analyzing the body language if you want to read her mind.

As we mentioned above feet placement can be a big giveaway but there are many other small signs that you should keep an eye for.

If she starts playing with her hair or biting her lips when looking at you then it is a clear sign of her being interested in you.

When you look at her, she will start adjusting, Is she removing her coat? Is she reapplying for her lipstick? Is she making her hair? Her attempting to correct her posture is also a sign that she is probably into you and was definitely checking you out.

5. Check her reaction when you are with another girl

When you’re among other girls, she gets nervous.

It’s also self-evident that if she’s interested in you, she’ll feel horrible if she sees you with other girls.

You know, she’ll be worried about the possibility of you liking another female instead of her in this case.

You’ll notice things like she rubs her arms, face, neck, or legs, She taps her fingers. Or her feet.

If she seems restless or keeps staring when you interact with another girl then she is surely interested in you.

6. she smiles at you

This is a very obvious sign.

If she smiles at you then she is definitely checking you out.

Some guys think it could have been a polite smile which might be true in some cases but more often than not she is checking you out.

If you catch her looking at you and then she smiles then you can be sure that she is into you.

7. Her friends look at you and giggle

If she is with her friends and you see them glancing at you and giggling then she is probably into you.

A lot of guys get nervous when they see the girl’s friends laughing or giggling while looking towards them.

But this is a great sign for you.

when a girl is with her friends and she is checking you out, she will tell her friends and usually, they react by laughing and staring at you.

If you notice this then you can safely assume that she is checking you out.

8. she will give you a wide berth when you pass by her

Okay, this is an interesting one.

So you are passing by her and she moves out of your way to give you wide berth, this could mean that she is interested.

If a girl is checking you out that means she likes you and when you move past her she will react in this way.

This is mostly a subconscious thing, she does it to get some response from you.

If it was any other guy she would not have done anything but because it’s you who she’s been checking out she will try to be hyperactive in order to get some response from you.

the bottomline: 

It is difficult to tell if a girl is checking you out but if keep an eye for these subtle signs then this could be done.

People can act weirdly when they know someone is looking at them therefore the best thing to do in this situation is to get out of your head and have a conversation with her.

Once you know she is checking you out, you should try to approach her without overthinking.

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