how to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it

how to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it?

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How to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it?

Girls are very good at hiding their feeling and they could be doing it for various reasons.

They might have a fear of getting hurt, or what if you don’t like her? Girls tend to think more than boys, they just do a lot of overthinking, as they will worry about your reaction, they will have the fear to be judged, they worry about getting hurt, they will imagine things that might not happen in real life but, they do so and then freaked-out.

So, for knowing her feeling for you, you have to be very good at observing her and you’ll know what’s in her heart, and what she thinks about you.

What does she do when she likes someone? How does she express her love? What are some reliable indicators that a woman is interested in you?

Here are 17 signs that will tell if a girl really likes you but is trying not to show it.

17 Signs That she Likes You but Is Hiding It

There are various points to be observed to know if a girl likes you and is hiding it and those signs are as follows:

She is always smiling around you

If a girl likes you and is hiding it and you want to know then, the most important factor to be noticed is her smile.

when a girl likes someone his presence will automatically make her smile, her eyes will be full of joy and she does not do it to be polite but it’s her heart that is full of joy and butterflies that makes her do that.

It is a subconscious thing, and she doesn’t have much control over it.

No matter how hard she tries to hide it, her smile will let you know if she is into you.

notice her body language

Another common giveaway is her body language.

A girl’s body language speaks a lot about her feeling and her desires.

She might be very good at controlling her feelings but, she can’t control her body language because it’s the reaction of what’s in her subconscious mind.

She will have open and welcoming body language if she likes you.

Her feet will be pointed towards you, which shows that she is definitely interested in you.

She will not have folded hands, she might get nervous in front of you, her cheeks will turn red when you talk to her.

and finally, the most powerful body language hack, When you are in a group with her notice where she looks when she is laughing.

People always look at their favorite person when they laugh and if she likes you then she will definitely do it too.

she gives you attention

If she likes you, she will give you her attention.

She will always be available for you; she will text you very often.

Her need is to stay constantly in touch with you, to make moments with you, to be a part of your everything, she will make you feel special.

And if this happens with you, then that girl likes you very much. 

she’s always talking about you

She can’t resist without talking about you.

Girls might not tell you about their feelings but her girl gang will be aware of all that is happening between you two.

You’ll be the topic of most of her talks with her bestie and she will give each and every detail about you to her.

Her friends have to listen for hours if something happens between you two, be it be a fight or your change in behaviour or way of talking or the way you treat her.

And if you guys have mutual friends, then, you will get to know about how she talks of you. So, if she talks more about you then there’s something in her heart. 

she is very helpful to you

She is always there for you.

Her actions speak louder than her words.

If she likes you, she will show concern towards your everything, she will stand beside you in your hard times, she will send you soothing messages to make you feel good.

She will wish you luck on your important days. She will be concerned about your family and your problem; she wants you to share everything with her and she will take them all very seriously. 

Whenever you need help with anything, she’ll be the first person to come to your help.

If she often goes out of her way just to help you then it is a clear indicator that she likes you.

she gets jealous when you are with other girls

She will be jealous when you are around other girls.

No matter how good girls are at hiding their feeling but they are ever terrible at hiding their jealousy.

It is a feeling that is very hard to suppress.

Sometimes it is visible from her behavior or expression other times you’ll have to pay attention to the way she talks and the things she talks about to tell if she is jealous.

She will question you about what you were doing with that other girl, what you guys were talking about if that girl likes you, or are you interested in her?

She will show you hints through these questions that she is interested in you.

If she gets jealous seeing you with other girls then you can be sure that she likes you.

she remembers tiny things about you

She remembers every tiny detail about you.

She will even know those details about you that you haven’t told her.

She will remember every tiny, little, and unimportant detail about you that you might not remember that you have shared with her.

She does a lot of research about you and things related to you.

girls gather such information about you from their mother, best friend, friends, or siblings. 

If she remembers these small things then this is a clear sign that she likes you.

she lets her guards down with you

She is different with you. Her attitude and personality completely change when she is with you or around you.

She might be shy in front of her friends or some other people but she will be completely open when she is around you.

When she is with other people she might not talk about her personal life or she might not give her opinions on things freely but if she likes you she’ll let all her guards down. 

she makes plans for you two

She will ask you to hang out together if it’s been days since you guys haven’t seen each other.

And to not show you her feeling she might even try making group plans so that you don’t doubt her.

If she often makes plans for only two of you then she is certainly interested in you.

she values your opinions

If she is into you, she won’t mind taking your opinion on the thing which matter to her.

She considers you to be an important part of her life. She looks up to you.

If she is always asking for your opinion on things related to her then she definitely likes you.

she wants to know more about you

most women’s lives revolve around their families. If a girl is interested in you, she would undoubtedly want to learn more about your family and upbringing.

This is significant to her since, despite their immediate attraction, she seeks a partner with whom she can be compatible.

She’ll be thinking about whether your family would like her, whether her family would like yours, and vice versa in her thoughts.

She will ask you questions about you and your personal life to know you better.

And women only do such things when they are interested in a man.

she makes efforts to be with you

She’ll make an effort to become close to your friends.

This is critical. If you notice a woman trying to warm up to your circle of friends, she is most likely interested in you.

She can utilize her friendships with your pals to learn more about you and gain access to you.

She’ll be more likely to see you and interact with you if she becomes a member of that friend’s group.

And she will make efforts to spend more time with you.

her friends are interested in you

You might have heard girls tell each other everything. So if she is interested in you she must have told her friends.

Her buddies will make an effort to get to know you.

They’d have been told to look for evidence of compatibility as well as signs that you’re interested in her.

If she likes you, you’ll see that her friends will start interacting with you more and would become more interested in you.

This is a clear sign that she likes you.

she cares for you

She will be hurt if you are wounded.

Women have a high level of empathy.

When someone they care about is in pain, though, their empathy is amplified.

She will be there for you, offer guidance, and showcase her ability to care whether you are in physical or mental suffering.

Whenever anything bad happens to you, you’ll see that she feels bad and she will try her best to make you feel better.

If this happens then you can be sure that she likes you.

eye contact

If she is interested in you, you’ll often catch her looking at you randomly.

According to experts, you are comfortable with each other and appreciate each other’s presence if you maintain eye contact for more than three seconds.

You can use this to test if she is trying to hide her feelings.

If she avoids eye contact with you then it could be a sign that she likes you but is hiding it.

she plays with her hair

She’ll play around with her hair when she is with you.

She has no intention of doing this on purpose. When a girl likes you, she may feel a little nervous in your presence. Playing with her hair has a dual effect: it both relaxes her and draws your attention to her face. It’s a soothing, yet provocative, gesture.

This is again mostly done subconsciously and is a clear sign that she likes you.

she touches you

If she likes you she’ll touch you very often.

It doesn’t have to be anything sexual,

It could be a little tap on the shoulder. A gentle touch of her leg against yours. Her hand brushes against yours just a little.

All of these signs indicate that a woman is interested in you. They are, however, a test to see if you can also share the emotion.

According to body language specialists, we are only comfortable touching those we like. So if she makes physical contact with you and you don’t move or fidget, it’s a sign that you’re at ease around her.

If you find her touching you quite often then it is safe to assume that she likes you.

the bottomline:

Women are inherently complex and hard to interpret.

That, however, is part of their allure and what attracts men to them in the first place.

Women have a distinct mentality that differs significantly from that of their male counterparts.

To know if a girl likes you or not, you have to pay attention to her body language, her way of talking, she carries herself in front of you.

But using these 17 signs you can find for sure if she likes you and is trying to hide it.

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