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Dating and meeting new people has gotten easier than ever before with the rise of dating and social media apps. Still, most men struggle to get a single date, and if you are thinking that its just you then you are wrong because according to a recent report more than 50% of young Americans are single.

If you are one of the guys struggling to find a girl then worry no more, here are some easy steps to get a girlfriend.

Online Dating

We are living the golden age of technology where we can do almost anything online and finding a date is one of them.

There are hundreds if not thousands of dating apps out there. And if you are reading this article then chances are you have already tried most of them with little to no results.

Here is the thing, dating apps do work but how well it works for you depends highly upon your looks. If you want to get dates from these apps you need to be at least above average in terms of looks and if you are good looking then you can’t really go wrong with dating apps, just put up a few pictures, write down a half-decent bio and you will get the matches.

If you are average or below average in terms of looks then you can still get same or even better results than the good looking guy but you’ll need to put in a lot more effort than him.

To improve your chances of success on dating apps you should follow these tips

  • Use a DSLR camera to take the pictures: If you want to have great pictures of yourself then you need to have a good quality camera. A good DSLR will drastically improve how you look in photos. So you should definitely invest in it or ask a friend who has one to click your pictures.
  • Write a good bio: Bio is really important and you should never leave it blank. Write a few lines about yourself and use some humour and Witt. You can get inspiration from Reddit but don’t copy someone else bio try to come up with your own.
  • Post photos which showcase your fun lifestyle: Avoid posting selfies and post pictures where you are showcasing your lifestyle while doing some cool activity which could be travelling, hiking, playing some sport etc.
  • Try to keep the conversation light and funny while messaging and try to set up a date as soon as possible
  • Get the premium or pro subscription: Most dating apps have the paid version which adds many features to the app, I would highly recommend getting that as it can drastically improve your chances of getting a match.

Online dating is great for people who don’t have much free time in their hands and who spend most of their day in their office. But for other meeting women in real life is probably a better option but you can still keep using dating apps for improving your text game and you might even get a few dates.

Recommended Apps/Sites:

1. This is probably the best dating site currently. It is the best option if you want to get serious and meaningful matches which could actually lead to something special.

The eharmony Difference? Deep compatibility! Try it Today!

2. Tinder/Bumble: These are also decent options as they have a large user base but fake and dead profiles are also a big issue here.

Meeting Women In Real Life

Every man should try meeting women in real life even if he s getting good results from dating apps. This builds your character and makes you more confident. It helps you learn how to interact with women which will help you throughout your life.

Follow these steps and I assure you that you will not only get a girlfriend but will become a much more confident and a much better person overall.

1. Improve Yourself

You need to work on yourself in order to become more confident and get a girlfriend.

You might lack social skills, you might not like your current physique, you might be broke or whatever your problem is just identify it and start working on it.

Every guy has a reason why he can’t get a girlfriend and it is important to work on it. Most people say that they are ugly and that’s why they don’t have a girlfriend which is bullshit, imagine if you had six-pack abs and you lived in a mansion and flown in your private jet would you still not have a girlfriend?

The truth is it takes a lot of efforts to improve yourself and to avoid doing that our brain comes up with excuses, there are no shortcuts in life, if you have a problem you have to face it and work on it to get through it.

If you are broke,learn new skills , get a job, work your ass off and change it

If you are fat or skinny, join the gym, workout every single day keep track of your diet

If you want to improve your communication skills you will need to go through a lot of uncomfortable conversations

Is it going to be easy? No, it will be painful and that is why most prople are mediocre, if it was easy everyone would do it.

Try to become the best version of yourself and see how your life changes for better.

2. Stop Being Needy

The most unattractive quality in a man is neediness. If you are needy then you will repel women no matter how successful, rich or good looking you are.

Don’t place women on a pedestal, just treat her like a normal human or like you would treat a friend. A lot of men think that if they do everything a woman likes she will start liking him which is not true, actually it’s kind of the opposite, if you d everything that according to a woman’s like and are too afraid to express yourself then congratulations you have got yourself in the FRIENDZONE

You should express your view and not try to be someone that you are not, women can sense if someone is being real or faking something, They know if you genuinely nice or just trying to be nice just to get I her pants.

If you just express yourself freely without being needy you will connect with people on a more personal level and the connections you will make like this would be more genuine.

Being Non needy is one of the biggest keys to attracing women.

3. Approach Women

If you ask men who havent had any girlfriend, how many girls thay have asked out in thier life, the answer for most of them would be ZERO

Most men are so afraid to talk to women that they never even make a move and spend their life figuring the reason why they don’t have a girlfriend.

If you want to get a girlfriend you need to talk to women there is no way around it. In the pickup community talking to women with the intention of dating her is called an Approach.

There are two types of approach cold or warm. If the girl you are approaching already knows you its a warm approach. If you don’t know the woman but she gives you some sign of interest like smiling at you, its still a warm approach in this case. But when you approach a completely unknown woman that’s what we call a cold approach.

If you want to improve your game you need to do as many cold approaches as possible. Make a target of doing 5 approaches every day, you can do it anywhere, in the streets, in the supermarket, in a restaurant or any place else.

When you start doing it you will get really bad approach anxiety but you need to overcome it, and slowly you will start to get better.

Once you have practiced cold approach for a few weeks, you will be so confident that you will never fear talking to any girl ever again.

Approaching is just a numbers game, the more women you approach the more are your chances of success. So do it as often as you can to get better at it.

Cold approach is much harder than warm approach so once you get comfortable with cold approaching you will find talking to the woman you already know way too easy.

4. Rejection Is Part Of The Game

When you approach women, you will get rejected a lot of times and its completely normal. You should not be too worried about it, think of approaching as screening women to find the one who is right for you and the ones that reject you are just not compatible with you.

Rejections are a very important part of pickup, you need to take the rejections positively and analyse what went wrong and try to improve it the next time you approach someone.

If you like a girl , go ahead and ask her out, the worst thing that can happen is that she will say no.

Remember every time you don’t approach a girl you are already rejected when you do the approach you are trying to turn that rejection into success if that happens great, if it doesn’t happen, you have lost nothing.

Apart from that, you should try to dress better and learn about fashion and style so that you can look as good as you can. Grooming and maintaining proper hygiene is again a very important thing which you should not ignore.

If you want to learn more about dating then I highly recommend reading Models by Mark Manson, it is easily the best dating book which will solve all your dating problems.

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