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School or college farewell is a big day in every student’s life. It is the day you realize that you have finally grown up and realized that its time to get out of the pampered environment and step into the real world.

It is probably the last time you will see your friends before you all move on with your lives and everyone wants to look their best on the last day in their school or college.

But dressing for the farewell can get really confusing so, to make your farewell a bit less painful we have compiled a few tips for you to absolutely kill on your farewell day.

Dress according to the dress code

Most schools and colleges have themes decided for the farewell party.

It can be ethnic wear or formal wear or anything else, just make sure you follow the dress code.

It is cool to stand apart of the crowd and be different but when it comes to party its not that good of an idea instead follow the dress code so you don’t make a fool of yourself by dressing completely different than everyone else.

In case your school or college does not specify any dress code then you should communicate with your friends and decide what they are going to wear if you don’t do this you will end up wearing a kurta when everyone else will be wearing a suit then no matter how well you are dressed you will look stupid.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to stand apart and be the showstopper on your farewell, there are many small things you can do to look way sexier than all your peers but first, make sure you dress according to the dress code.


Once you have the dress code figured out its time to choose what to wear and that’s where all the confusion begins.

Now to make things a bit easier let me get one thing out of your way- casual clothing. A farewell is an extremely formal event and there is no way I will advise you to go to a formal event dressed casually, this means you cant wear your t-shirts, flannels, jeans, or fancy jackets.

Now some of you might be thinking of wearing sneakers with a suit but in my opinion, it is not a good idea. This combo looks good, no doubt but I don’t think its good for a formal event like a farewell and in addition to that, I think its really difficult to pull off this look especially for teenagers.

I always advise young men to build on from basics, first master the basics of fashion like a suit and other pieces of classic clothing, and then you can start experimenting with trends. So I would advise you to skip casual clothing on your farewell and stick to formal outfits.

Wearing Indian ethnic wear

firstly, if it is not the dress code then avoid wearing ethnic wear and stick to suit as it is much easier to pull off and more suitable for a farewell.

In case ethnic wear is the dress code for your farewell then there are a few things to keep in mind to look the absolute best version of yourself.

Firstly make sure the fit is absolute perfection, both kurta and lower should fit you snuggly and there should not be any extra fabric. The length of the lower is usually long in ethnic wear but there should not be too much fabric collected at the bottom.

Another thing is that the dress should not be too tacky, you should not be wearing a dress that looks like a “sherwani” instead try to wear something simple like a kurta with some simple pattern on it and wear a Nehru jacket with it. And when it comes to colors avoid too bright colors and go for something simple.


1.Blue Patterned Kurta (India)

2.Green color Kurta Set(India)

Footwear: for footwear, the best option would be Kolhapuri chappals but if you don’t want to put money into them then you can also go with your regular formal shoes.


1.Kohlapuri Chappals(India)

2.Arrow brown shoes(India)

Wearing Western Clothing

If ethnic wear is not the dress code for farewell I would highly recommend you to go with western clothing more specifically a tailored suit. Now, this might seem really simple to you, just put on a suit and you are good to go but trust me it is not that easy. there are quite a few things to keep in mind while wearing a suit

Suit Fittting:

Getting a new Suit

If you don’t already own a suit I would recommend you to get one custom made for yourself.

If you buy a good quality one from a store it would cost you at least Rs 3k -4k and then you’ll need to get it tailored for your body, a better option, in my opinion, is to get a suit custom made from a tailor that will fit you perfectly and make you look way more stylish.

If you are low on a budget get it made from your local tailor it would cost you somewhere around Rs 3000 which is an investment worth making.

If your budget is a little bit more go for some high-quality fabric and if you can invest more I would recommend getting it made from some big store like Raymonds or Diwan Saheb etc and when it comes to suits the more you spend the better it is.

What if you don’t have enough money to get a suit tailored, In that case, I would suggest you get a suit from your local shop as it would be the cheapest option and take it to your tailor for making it fit your body perfectly.

In case you don’t have enough time to get the suit tailored then I would advise you to get a good quality suit and get it altered slightly and it would work too.


Manq Formal Blazer(India)

If you already have a suit

In case you already own a suit it needs to get tailored most probably.

For jacket ask your tailor that you want it to be slim fit, when you button it up you should be able to fit only one fist between your body and the jacket nothing more, nothing less. The sleeves should also fit your arms and the length should be little above your wrist.

Once the jacket is in place move to trousers, like any other formal trouser, it needs to be tapered and should not have extra fabric and the length should be right above your ankle.

Colour and design: since it is going to be the first suit for most of you guys I would recommend you go for a classic single-breasted suit and for colors go with something like navy, charcoal, or black. Your color preference order should be navy>charcoal>black and then other colors or patterns. Avoid getting suits with patterns, these are trendy but should only be bought if you already have your basics in place. Never go for tacky or oversaturated colors while buying suits.


So you have got your outfit in place but so does every other guy in your school or college have, to make you stand apart from other average guys we’ll need to add some accessories.

Tie: let us start with a tie. Now let me make it clear for you it is not necessary for you to wear a tie since you guys are young you can easily rock a suit without a tie but wearing one will make you look more mature and will make your outfit more formal.

If you are wearing a tie goes with the classic knot. For color, don’t try to match the tie color with your suit jacket or with a shirt. Instead, go with colors that are complementary to the color of your shirt. for example, blue and green.obviously don’t go with this color option but the rules remain the same.

If it works for you, you can try some patterns as well but again make sure you don’t go overboard with it.


  1. Louis Philippe(India)
  2. Exotica Navy blue(India)

Pocket square: If you want to take your outfit to the next level then this is a must for you.

A pocket square is a very simple way to add personality to your outfit.

Again go with colors that compliment your shirt, jacket, and tie (if you are wearing one).

Never match your pocket square with your shirt instead go for some complementary color. You can match it with your tie but again I would recommend you to keep it different.

The pocket square is something I would let you play around with try some pattern or design it will make your outfit pop but if all this sounds too confusing to you then simply just get a white one.


  1. White(India)
  2. Printed(India)

watch: It is probably the most stylish accessory a man can carry.

Now again this is not a necessary one but if you can get a good formal watch then I would recommend you to wear it.

Go for either the leather strap watch or with metallic strap one and avoid fabric straps.

The dial should be simple and should not be too colorful.

Also check out our aticle on Best Watches for students


  1. Tommy Hilfiger White Dial(India)
  2. Fossil all black (India)

Socks: For socks either go with no-show socks or some good quality socks and play around with pattern and color, you can match it to your pocket square or your tie, but under no circumstance, you should wear white sports socks or socks with brand logos on them.


This is probably the most important accessory I would recommend to all of you.

Get a good perfume and wear it, there is nothing else that can make you stand apart like a good perfume. A perfume projects its smell, the longer it does it the better it is. But you need to be cautious while using it, choose perfume according to occasion and weather, and make sure not to overuse it.

There are many good budget options available in the market.


  1. Davidoff Cool Water(India)
  2. Nautica Voyage(India)
  3. Club De Nuit Intense men(India)

Belts: Either wear a good leather belt or just wear the suit without a belt.

Suit looks pretty good without a belt so if it is not necessary then avoid the belt.

Never wear a fabric belt or belts with obnoxious patterns on it. And please for the love of God don’t wear belts with brand logos as buckles.

Wear the Right Shoes

This is actually pretty straight forward if you are not wearing a tie you can either wear loafers or lace-up formal shoes. But if you are wearing a tie I would suggest you wear lace-ups instead of loafers. Go for either black color or brown and avoid shoes that are too shiny. Try to match your shoe color and shade with your belt if you are wearing one.


  1. Invictus Brown Penny Loafer (India)
  2. Arrow Brown Lace-On(India)

Groom Properly

Now you are dressed properly and have your accessories on, but one important thing left is to groom properly before the farewell.

Get a haircut 3-4 days before your farewell, get your sides short (you can also get the faded cut), and keep whatever length you want on the top.

If you have a beard trim it down the day before and shape it up properly especially around the neckline.

If you can’t grow a proper beard then it is better to just shave it off.

Use a deodorant to avoid smelling like a sweaty animal and finally cut your nails down and clean them up.

and go through our articles on how to add volume to your hair and best hairstyle for round face men

Follow these tips and you are ready to kill it in your farewell.

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