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How To Add Volume To Hair: Men’s Hair

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Do you want to achieve volume in your hair? but no matter what you do your hair keeps lying flat? Well, to help you guys achieve volume in your hair we have compiled some of the best tips to volumize your hair.

Using these tips all of you can get some volume in your hair irrespective of your hairtype.

1. Wash Your Hair

Your scalp produces oil and when it gets combined with dirt, sweat, and pollution it makes your hair sticky. Sticky hair tends to lie flat on your head and it is difficult to achieve volume in them.

To fix this issue, you should be washing your hair regularly along with a good conditioner.

when you use a harsh shampoo or dont use a conditioner your gets too dry which causes your scalp to release even more oil.

Try to wash your hair every other day with a good shampoo and apply a conditioner afterwards.

Don’t make the mistake of washing your hair too often.

If you wash your hair too often it will cause your scalp to get really dry because of which it will produce even more oil.

It will create a cycle, your hair will start getting greasy soon after washing your hair and the more often you wash them the greasier they will get. So avoid doing that.

So, wash your hair atleast twice a week but dont do it more than 3 or 4 times per week.

2. Use A Blow Dryer

The best tip I can give you for adding volume to your hair is use a good blow dryer.

Blow drying your hair will add volume to your hair and will help set your hairstyle for a longer period.

Our hair usually has a natural direction of parting, If you want to get more volume then blow dry your hair in the opposite direction to that your hair naturally parts into. Suppose your hair parts to the right naturally then while blow-drying, part it to the left and once you are about to finish then you can part it back to the right.

If your hairstyle doesnt last more than a few minutes then you should finish up the blow drying with the cold setting. Use the blow dryer on the heat setting normally as you do and once your hairstyle is almost done switch to the cold setting and it will help you lock your hair into position for a longer period of time.

If you dont have a blow dryer o need a new one check out our list of best blow dryers for men.

3. Use The Right Hair Product

Using the right hair product is also a very crucial for avoiding your hair from lying flat.

You should avoid any type of oil-based products like pomades and instead use products like wax, mousse or clay. You can also try products that are specifically made to add more volume to hair. Apart from this matte products usually are better than the shiny ones for achieving more volume.

Another thing guys usually do wrong is that they use too much of product. No matter how good the product is for volume if you use too much of it it will make your hair sticky and flat. You should be using a coin-sized amount and rub it completely in your hands before applying it to your hair.

4. Use Dry Shampoo

Sometimes our hair gets really oily just after a few hours of washing them.

A simple hair hack to get rid of the oil and add more volume in your hair is to use a dry shampoo on them. A dry shampoo cleans up your hair without having to wash them. It is like a powder that absorbs the oil from your hair thus making them easier to style.

It is a great way to get some volume in your hair when your hair feels greesy and you dont have time to shampoo them. But you should know that it is not a replacement for an actual shampoo. It gets rid of the oil from your hair but a dry shampoo doesnt cleans up your hair so the dirt remains in them. So it is only a temporary fix and you should still be washing your hair regularly.

5. Condition Your Hair With Oil

One reason behind having flat hair is unhealthy hair. If your hair looks frizzy, dry have split heads then your are in bad condition and you need to fix that in order to achieve a good hairstyle.

The best way to Get healthy hair is to regularly appling oil masks. You can apply the mask 30 to 60 minutes before you wash your hair and it will nourish your hair and will make them healthier.

I recommend using coconut, argon, and castor oil. They will nourish your hair and make them thicker and stronger which is really important for a good hairstyle. You can just mix these oil up in the ratio of 3:2:1 which is 3 parts of coconut oil, 2 parts argan oil, and 1 part castor oil. If you can’t get anyone of these then that’s fine too but remember to not apply castor oil without a carrier oil which could be either of the argon or coconut oil.

Do this regularly for a few weeks and your hair quality will improve drastically and it will get much easier for you to get volume in your hairstyles.

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