how tight should watch be on your wrist

how tight should a watch be on your wrist?

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How tight should a watch be on your wrist? 

When it comes to the fit of the watch, many people have conflicting opinions simply based on personal preferences.

Some want it to be tight around their wrist, some want it to be loose and dangling whereas some do not mind a few adjustments here and there. 

Though making sure the watch fits you according to your wrist size is important for numerous reasons.

First of all, if the watch is too loose you do not want to take the risk of it sliding from your wrist, smashing on the floor, and breaking the glass.

If the watch is too tight, it might cause a lot of discomforts, you might even have to deal with bites or rashes on your skin from the leather strap or metal digging into your skin.

If the wristwatch is too tight it will mess with the blood circulation in your body causing major problems. 

So as a general rule of thumb, your watch should have enough space to slide one finger between the watch and the wrist, if it’s more than that it will keep moving up and down on your wrist, and if it is less than that then the watch is too tight and will cause discomfort

Standard Size 

The generally accepted standard for a watch fit is that the wristwatch should not slide up or down more than the measurement of an inch on your wrist. 

One of the instant hacks to check whether a watch is of the correct fit is by sliding your index finger under the strap of the wristwatch. If your index finger passes through easily and reaches the other side then the wristwatch is too loose than the considerable size.

 If your index finger is unable to even slide a little bit inside the strap then the watch is too tight.

 The correct size would let your index finger slide just an inch under the strap but not allow it to move freely all the way onto the other side. 

You can use this hack while buying wristwatches at a store to instantly find out whether the watch sits correctly on your wrist or not and then instruct the shop to fit the wristwatch according to your measurements. 

type Of Watch 

To answer the question of how tight your watch should be, we have to consider the kind of watch we are talking about.

Watches with leather straps or NATO straps are easier to fit according to your wrist size but watches that have metal bracelets need a little more effort into fitting according to your size. 

A leather watch or NATO watch can be adjusted and changed to your size to fit well by adding holes into the strap if the strap is too loose on you or loosening the strap if it is too tight on your skin. 

A metal bracelet watch has to be adjusted according to the links. A metal bracelet watch is usually looser in fit than other watches because of the metal. It is supposed to hang a bit looser leaving a bit of space between your wrist and the bracelet. 

the bottom line:

We told you the simple method to check how tight your watch is and based on that you can judge which fit is right for you.

Though, how tight does one prefers their wristwatches also depend on personal preferance, some prefer it a bit loose while some like the wristwatch to be as secure and tight as possible.

You should try different fits and see which one feels the most comfortable to you and just stick with it.

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