how many T-shirts should a man own

how many T-shirts should a man own?

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T-shirts are a man’s best friend. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. There are literally hundreds of designs available. It’s no wonder that men often have an extensive collection of them.

There is one problem, though: How many t-shirts should a man own?  

how many t-shirts should a man own?

A t-shirt is a very versatile garment that can be worn in many different ways. It is a very useful piece of clothing that is often seen being used as a layering piece.

It is essential to have a good selection of t-shirts in your wardrobe because they can be a great way to make a statement or create an outfit. However, when it comes to quantity, it can become a bit overwhelming.

Most men are confused about how many t-shirts they should have, and to be honest, there is no correct answer to this question.

Every man needs at least 3 or 4 t-shirts in his wardrobe. No matter what your age is or what your dressing sense is like you still need to have a few basics in your wardrobe.

All men should have at least one black and one white t-shirt( ideally more than one as they are worn very often) once you have these two then you can consider getting a gray one and finally you can get one which is a bit colorful or has some fun patterns on it. 


Black t-shirts are an absolute necessity for every man, you can wear them just with a pair of jeans for a great casual outfit.

you can also use it for layering under jackets or flannel shirts or hoodies etc.


White T-shirts are the first T-shirt you should buy if you don’t have one already, these are extremely useful in casual outfits.

you can wear a white T-shirt on its own or you can use them for layering. 


This one is not necessary but can be a great addition to your wardrobe. After you have bought a black and a white T-shirt after that you can consider buying a gray t-shirt.

This is again a good option for layering and can also be worn on its own, it also works well with chinos.

“Fun” T-shirt

Once you have got your basics in place which are black, white, and gray(optional) t-shirt then you should consider adding a fun t-shirt to your wardrobe.

A fun t-shirt can be a solid t-shirt of any color other than black, white, or gray, it can also be a patterned t-shirt, you can go with stripes or floral patterns or any other pattern you like.

The kind of color or pattern you pick in this one is up to your style and comfort, if you are a young guy who often dresses casually then you can go with a floral pattern tee or a tee with some vibrant color but if you are on the older side then you should go with simple designs like stripes and stick to colors that are not too vibrant like navy blue or olive green.

How many plain T-shirts should a man own?

As mentioned above there are a few basic t-shirts that are a must for any wardrobe and once you have the basics in place then it is up to you to decide how many more t-shirts you need.

There are two basic plain t-shirts that everyone needs a solid black t-shirt and a white t-shirt, so these are the two plain t-shirts that every man should own.

Once you have these two then you can consider getting a gray one or something more colorful like blue or red but these are all optional.

How many polo shirts should a man own?

Another very common type of T-shirt is the polo shirt, which works really well in both casual and semi-formal outfits. These are not as necessary as the simple round neck t-shirt but once you have the basics mentioned above in your wardrobe then you should definitely consider adding a polo shirt to your wardrobe. In my opinion, every man should have at least one polo shirt in their wardrobe as it works great in many casual and semi-formal.

The bottom line:

Every man needs t-shirts in his wardrobe they are the foundation of any good wardrobe but there is no exact number of t-shirts that a man should own. Though it is recommended that every man should have the 2 basic black and white t-shirts which they can use in casual outfits and for layering. Once you have these two then you can get a gray one and you can also look into getting more vibrant colored t-shirts.

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