what is the hole in boxers called and what is it for?

what is the hole in the boxers called and what is it for? (Answered!)

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Boxer shorts are the most popular type of men’s underwear, they are extremely comfortable and also provide great protection and support.

It is the choice of underwear for a lot of men but most of them would not be able to tell the use of a part of the boxer shorts.

The hole in the front of the boxers is a perplexing feature that can leave people wondering about its function.

What is the hole in front of the boxers called and what’s the use of it?

The hole in front of the boxers is called a Fly or a Dart, It is just a covered opening in the front of the underwear and its primary purpose is to make it easier for you to pee when wearing a boxer. 

People call it with different names like pee hole and air hole because they are not sure of its real name.

We see small things like these every day in our clothes and accessories and these small features are designed after a lot of thinking and they are there to serve a purpose or function but what exactly is it in this case?

We will answer that in this article. 

What’s the hole in the boxers called?

In clothing and fashion, people rarely use the correct technical terms for parts of clothes.

loops on the back of the shirt, the little metal thing in jeans, small pockets of jeans, no one knows what they are actually called what their actual use is.

Similarly, people use different names for the hole in boxers, some call them a pee hole while others call them an air hole but the real term the hole in front of the boxers is called a fly or a dart.

Just like pants and jeans, the opening in the front is called a fly as it serves the same purpose there too.

The design of the fly and the pouch has changed a lot over the years, it has become a lot more comfortable now than what it used to be even just a few years back.

In the past, the pouch area used to be flat. This design does not give the man a natural way for his penis to be contoured but these days the pouch is made of double layers which give more space and comfort and also provides better support.

Some flies have a button in the front while others don’t have any button and these are called open flies.

There are several types of different fly designs available in the market currently but vertical fly, horizontal fly, and Y-front fly are some of the most common fly designs in men’s underwear.

What’s the hole in the boxers used for?

The basic function of the hole or the fly is to make it easier for people to pee when wearing a boxer.

It is more convenient to just open the zip and use the fly instead of opening the button of your pants and then pulling down the underwear. 

It was introduced by the underwear manufacturers because It makes the elastic last longer, if there is no fly, then every time you go to pee you will be pulling down the underwear from the front which would make the elastic loose

Although most men don’t really use the fly in their underwear, according to research conducted by a popular men’s underwear brand, only 20% of the men who wear boxer shorts use the fly.

This just shows that most people find unbuttoning the pants and pulling down the underwear more convenient than using the fly.

But then Why do men still prefer buying the boxer with fly though? 

well, it just gives them more options.

sometimes when you are wearing a shirt or you are at an event you don’t want to take out the shirt,  unbutton your pants and then pull down the underwear, in these situations having a fly is a lot more convenient. Other than that the underwear with fly have more room in them which makes them a lot more comfortable and they also provide better support.

Why is there a pocket in men’s underwear?

Some people confuse the fly in the underwear as a pocket, the fly pouch these days are constructed with multiple layers of fabric which provides more space and support and a byproduct of this kind of construction is a small slot that resembles a pocket.

This kind of “pocket” in the front is there to make the boxers more breathable.

On the other hand, some underwear actually has a pocket in them and they are there to provide some extra storage space to keep small items like change though people rarely use these pockets as they are not very convenient.

How many men actually use the fly in their briefs?

So you might be wondering, do men actually use the fly in their underwear.

The interesting thing is that most men prefer buying boxers with fly in them but only one-fifth of men actually use the fly in their underwear.

A popular underwear brand conducted research and found that only 20% of men actually use the fly in their underwear while others find unbuttoning their pants and pulling down their shorts more convenient.

The reason why most men still prefer buying boxers with fly even though they don’t find them that convenient is that give them more options. If you are at home wearing joggers then having a fly in your boxers don’t have any advantage to it but when you go for a formal event where you are wearing a suit then boxers with fly come in handy because you can pee without having to untuck your shirt and then retuck it again.

The Bottom Line:

Men’s boxers have a hole in the front, people call it with different names like pee hole and air hole but it is actually called a fly, it allows men to urinate without having to pull down their pants and underwear. Only a few men actually use the fly in their boxers but most men prefer buying shorts with fly in them as they are more comfortable and give you an option to pee without pulling down the shorts if required.

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