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50+ flirty questions to ask a girl

by Kevin Tunstall
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Are you looking for some flirty questions to ask a girl?

Talking to girls can be intimidating but having some questions and topics in mind can help you calm your nerves.

Asking a girl the right set of questions will not only make her aware of your intentions but also set the right tone for your conversation.

In this article, I have curated a list of 50+ best flirty questions that you can use to make your intentions clear to her. 

Flirty Questions To Ask A Girl:

  • Youve got a beautiful name, what does it mean?
  • Has anyone told you that your smile is worth dying for?
  • Do you like kissing?
  • which body part do you like to be kissed the most on?
  • how will you react if I kiss you right now? 
  • What do you prefer a simple or a tight hug?
  • What is your love language, and would you like to know mine?
  • What attracts you the most in a guy is it a body part or personality?
  • What attracted you to me?
  • What according to you is an ideal relationship? 
  • Do you think I’m falling for you, I like you?
  • how will you react if I say I Love You right at the moment?
  • What does your perfect date look like?
  • do you like me flirting with you?
  • How did you felt when I first touched you?
  • What has been the most interesting event in your life today?
  • Do you like to have a great night?
  • Do you like private gatherings or large-scale events?
  • Would you prefer to do things alone or with others?
  • Do you enjoy making new friends?
  • Are you quiet or outgoing ?
  • Do you intend to marry one day?
  • Have I made you blush?
  • Who would you choose for a dinner date if you could have supper with everyone in the world?
  • Which type of guy do you prefer: lovely guys or bad boys?
  • What attribute in a man do you admire the most?
  • Do you think it’s a man’s job to ask out your crush or do you think it’s a woman’s role?
  • Do you think it’s possible to fall in love at first sight?
  • What would you do if your lover suddenly turned overweight?
  • Which alcoholic beverage, and why, best describes your personality?
  • Do you like it when guys initiate the conversation, or do you sometimes initiate it yourself?
  • Are we the most powerful duo in history?
  • What would you like for breakfast in bed if I made it for you?
  • Do you believe your family and friends will like me as well?
  • What is your biggest fantastical fantasy?
  • Can you tell me something that no one else knows about you?
  • Have you done anything unexpected recently?
  • What is the most romantic trip you’ve ever wanted to take?
  • What was the most breathtaking view you’ve ever seen?
  • Do you enjoy raunchy conversation?
  • Do you wish we could go back in time to a time when the internet didn’t exist?
  • You must be bombarded with strange men attempting to DM you?
  • What has been the most humiliating experience you’ve ever had?
  • What’s the most intoxicated you’ve ever been? What went wrong?
  • Which is the most cheesy pick-up line you’ve ever heard?
  • What would you do if you could switch genders for a day?
  • Which celebrity would you choose to play your role in a biopic based on your life?
  • Which would you choose to give up if you had to choose between books and sex for a year?
  • Would you rather spend five years fully alone or never be there for five years?
  • Would you rather not be able to orgasm or have it be too simple?
  • How much time do you devote to preparing for tonight?
  • Would you go to heaven if it existed and you died tomorrow?
  • Do you believe there is a reason for your existence? Is it all a meaningless, never-ending loop?
  • If you only had 10 days left to live, how would you spend the time you had left?
  • Do you believe that individuals fall in love because the proper person has come or because the time (regardless of who it is) is right?

the bottom line:

Keep these questions in mind the next time you approach your crush, go on a first date, or just want to connect deeper.

There’s no need to keep a cheat sheet in your back pocket or recite them like a robot, but by asking a few at the correct times, you can move things along, stimulate her interest, learn more about her, and lead things down a sexual road.

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